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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Simon Raubie

I add my thoughts to thousands of others. I shook Pres. Hinckley's hand at the 1985 dedication of the Jhb, South Africa Temple and could feel the love of God in him. I later had the opportunity to meet him when he was Prophet. Not only was his office great, but so was the man. He has left a lasting impression on my soul.


As a single mother with four children, I looked forward to President Hinckley's messages on a regular basis, as I knew his word was true revelation direct from God. Between reading scriptures and listening to our prophet's counsel, our family has witnessed many miracles, had wonderful health and felt comfort and love when needed. My children are now grown, and we contribute our family closeness to the many nights reading from President Hinkley's book of thoughts about many subjects, along with the scriptures. My children have been able to meet and shake his hand when they were young, which still impacts them even today. Gordon B. Hinckley is a true prophet of God, and will always be etched in our minds as one of the greatest. We will miss him greatly and are ready to embrace our next prophet, seer and revelator. Daytona & Family from Eagle, Idaho.

Gary D. Maness

My family will miss him very much. He is a great leader and a very loving human being. My love to his family. My family and I have learned so much from him. I will always cherish the moment I was able to shake his hand after he spoke to us at the Redlands Stake Center years ago. He had a great sense of humor. He was always saying somthing funny. I loved that about him.

The Maness Family.

Sandy in Montana

Though I am not a member, I feel awful about the loss of this great man. He was an incredible leader, full of faith, and a very intelligent man.
I am so happy that he is with his wife... and the Lord.
How blessed this world has been to have him around for so long! His works will surely last forever!


Branden Lish

Thank you President Hinckley for all of your guidance, love and service. We love you! May God bless your family, now and in the future. Love,

The Branden and Carson Lish Family

Octavio Fern´┐Żndez, de Chile

Estoy profundamente agradecido de Nuestro Padre Celestial por haber vivido durante el tiempo del Presidente Gordon B. Hinckley y sentir su inmensa fuerzae espiritual

Cindy M

Thank you for your wonderful sense of humor,humility, and the love you expressed to everyone. It was truly felt. You were an inspiration to all. We will miss you. You are truly an incredible man and I'm sure your celebration with your sweet wife continues. Thank you President Hinckley.

Lafayette, Louisiana

President Hinckley was a great man not because he was the prophet but because he was simply great. He taught me so much.

Jr, Faye and Victoria

I have been truly blessed in all the milestones of my life with the inspiring words and actions of our dear prophet. He will be greatly missed, but I know he is so happy to be reunited with his sweetheart on the other side. President Hinckley, thank you for your wonderful example and your dedication to the Lord and His work. We will long to hear your voice one more time at General Conference, but know your spirit will still be felt. Til we meet again...

Ofa lahi atu,

Vea Family

Wendie Rehrauer

While i am not a Mormon, I loved and respected President Hinkley. He brought all religions together. He helped us non Mormons understand the Mormon church. He was a man that wanted to help all people and that he did. He will always remain a hero to me.

Steve Ligon of Virginia

I was shocked to hear of President Hinkley's passing on NPR this morning. What a blessing it has been to sit at his feet for the past 13 years. I will miss him, but his influence for good will always be a part of me, and I will always be grateful for his influence on my family.


Thank you President Hinckley for all you have done for the Church and its members. What an amazing man to pattern our lives after!

Tony Webb - Florida

I share my tears of joy that you are with Heavenly Father. You are inspiration for all humanity to follow in your loving and charitable footsteps. Godspeed.

Iowa Keelers

We have heavy hearts this day to hear of the passing of our beloved prophet, President Hinckley. Our family has been blessed with his tender words and remarkable vigor to endure to the end. What a great example we have had in these latter days to emulate. We will miss your sweet countenance and inspiration. Thank you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that loved him, especially his family and friends.

Portland, Oregon

We love you dear President Hinckley and will miss you.


I just cried after reading the comments from "Sky" at Lone Peak High School and how the students are going to be in their Sunday best at school as a tribute to President Hinckley who loved everyone, but especially the young people... Like Moses, Isaiah, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and all of the prophets of the past and the prophets who again walk the earth, President Gordon B. Hinckley served our Heavenly Father with love and diligence until he was called home. What an example for us to follow... "By their fruits ye shall know them..."

Tess Ralphs

You had the most amazing righteous glow! I shall never forget you! Thanks for dedicating all of those temples! I hope you enjoy the sweet reunion with your wife and beloved friends/apostles.


Like so many othe converts to the church President Hinckley is MY prophet. He is an inspiration to the world of how to truely love one another as brothers and sisters regardless of ethnicity, religion or ability. He loved us all and serviced joyfully and tirelessly on our behalf. What a wonderful world we would have if we could all try to embody the pure love of Christ as our beloved President does. I pray that his family will be comforted by Heavenly Father with the assurance that our dear President is with his eternal companion in Christ's arms. He will be missed dearly and I hope we will all strive to honor him by carrying on his noble work.

Sad from western NC

Even though he served his Lord for so many years and reached his 97th year on this earth, it's so hard to say goodbye to such a loving prophet. I'm so thankful I lived during his years of service. I truly loved this giant of a man.

Holly from Seattle

I thank the Hinckley Family for sharing their father with us. I thank the Lord for blessing and prolonging the life of our dear Prophet. He was a man of vision, revelation, boldness, optimism, wisdom, and every other quality a prophet needs. He helped me seek out our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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