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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B, Frisco, TX

A giant has departed from among us. What an amazing example, what a marvelous man. I will sorely miss him.

Julie C.

At BYU's graduation this past April, what a treat to be sitting there, and have the Prophet walk in with Vice-President Cheney. We were able to stand and clap and cheer for our beloved Prophet. He truly made us want to be better, and for that we are grateful. Thank for for your example of service. Thank you for your love. Thank you, Hinckley family, for sharing him with us for so many years. Our prayers are with the leaders of the church. They have our love and support.

Sharon Walker

Dear Prophet, we will miss you. I feel a sadness in my heart but a joy knowing you are with the Lord and your lovely wife. May your family be comforted at this time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful testimony all these years which has been a strength for so many. You brought smiles to many faces. You have left us with so many wonderful memories. We love you and will remember you always.


President Hinckley is the only prophet that I can remember in my life. I loved him and appreciated his great sense of humor and ability to connect with the people of the world. I am so grateful to have had the priviledge of living while he was the prophet. My sympathies go out to his family and to all of us who loved him. Let us not forget his great teachings and honor him by living in the way in which he so gloriously exemplified.


President Hinckley was always so optimistic and kind to everyone. His sense of humor and his wisdom will truly be missed. It's wonderful for him to be with his wife again. The reaction from people around the world is a tribute to him. He truly loved EVERYONE! We will miss him terribly. Thank you, President Hinckley!

Scott and Nicole-Arizona

President Hinckley will surely be missed, what an example for the world. He has been the only prophet I have got to know since my husband baptized me. We love you and miss you.

Scott, Nicole, Mikayla, Toby and Lauren P.

Aalona Ohana

We love you President Hinckley. You will always be in our heart.

Me Ke Aloha


Praise to an amazing man! He will be remembered for the eternities! We love you and thank you for all your hard work! We know you are rejoicing with your wife! Much love to the Hinckley Family!

Rich Jarman

Pres Hinkley was a great man to look up to...I was able to see him in Greenville, NC when he came to visit at the campus of ECU. It will always be a day that I will never forget. Our family is sad to know he is gone, but know he is with his sweet wife and eternal companion.


We Thank Thee O God For This Prophet.


He will be dearly missed. I had wished to see him during conference in the fall, but I'm sure he's happy to be with Mrs. Hinckly now.


I just finished crying at my desk as I heard the news and reflected on what President Hinkley has meant to me. He will have to forgive me for disregarding his council to give our best to our employer for 30 minutes this afternoon as I go back and listen to his confernce talk on-line over lunch and reflect on the the things that I learned from him.

Reeves Family

Your example to all of us will cause us to stand a little taller...you will be remembered with love. Thank you for your dedication to the Lord. We miss you.

Thank you

President Hinckley is truly an inspiration. Anyone who knew him regardless of faith could only see a man of kindness, integrity, and power. Thank you, President, for your wonderful life and beautiful example. I hope to meet you someday.


ele foi um exemplo na minha vida!

Alisa L.

We thank thee oh God for a Prophet... President Hinckley we love and miss you deeply! These comments are a testimony to the great man he was and the life he lived. The comments and his passing fill my heart with immense love and great sorrow at his passing.

Hughes Family, So. Cal

How greatful we are for the peace and comfort the gospel brings to us. We are also greatful for the organization of the church and the priesthood keys that are on the earth to continue to guide us. The work goes forth on both sides of the vail.


God Bless President Hinckley

Dave - AZ

We love and will miss you President Hinckley! You are truly one of the greateat men ever to live. Til we meet again!

A Change

You helped me. You gave me hope. You taught me devotion. You showed the way. You were a light that showed the way to "Him." Thank you, President Hinkley. Thanks for taking care of my daughter. Thanks for being personally involved.


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