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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Patterson family, Mesa AZ

We will miss our beloved prophet. We are so blessed to have been blessed with him as our prophet for 13 wonderful years. Hinckley family you are in our prayers. Thank you for your years of service President Hinckley

Terry family

You'll live on in our hearts. We love you. Thank you. We'll miss you.

Miles & Karen Monson

Thank you Hinckley family for sharing him with us!


The sorrow is mixed with joy knowing that he will be reunited with his dear sweetheart.

Kevin Ball and family

He was a great man loved by all he knew. We will miss him dearly and will always remmember him and and what he has done for us and the rest of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My heart goes out to President Hickley's family. Hes in a better place.

Arafiles Family

Maraming salamat po President Hinckley, We will all miss you. from your beloved Philippines.

Deepest Sympathy

Dear Hinckley Family,
God bless you beloved Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. He has blessed countless lives. He lived a wonderful life. My family is so grateful he served as our prophet.

The Boones

The most important man in the world died today. We are so thankful for the life that Gordon B. Hinckley lived. He was funny, thoughtful and a great leader. I am so thankful for the knowledge we all have...we know he has many others waiting for him on the other side, but he will be greatly missed here.

The Murrays of Woodland

I was baptized 6 short years ago. President Hinckley has been the only prophet I've known. I never knew before that someone could be so full of love, or that I could so love someone I had never met. I know he is glad to be with his wife, but I, and we, sure will miss him. I would have loved to shake his hand just once...

Cindi in Virginia

What a precious, precious man. Truly a prophet of God who lived his life as an example for us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. I am confident that he is happy in every way!

MD Miller's

Thank you President Hinckley for you inspiring life. We will truly miss your spirituality and humor. Love you always.

The Woods

President Hinckley is the only prophet I have ever known. I joined the church in 2000. I got to be in the same room with him at the dedication of the Lubbock, TX temple. I felt his spirit and have no doubt he is/was a true prophet of God. This is both sad and happy. At least now he is with his sweet bride. He will be greatly missed. I loved him so much!!!

Ceidy M Viveros de Hernandez

I feel some strange in my heart. thank you for all that you do,, We"ll miss you, forever. and we love you forever.

Eastern Astons

President Hinckley, we will always remember your dynamic optimism and inspiring example. Tell Sister Hinckley hello for us. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the Hinckley family.

Brooke Larsen

I miss you president hinckley. I never personally knew you, but you've always been a role model to me throughout my whole youth. Since I'm only 14, your really the only prophet I ever knew. I love you so much. I'm glad you're with your wife again, though. As I write this, tears roll down my face as I think of how you'll never speak in another general conference again. I will miss that. but your talks to the youth will always be with me throughout my life.
I love and miss you

Wendy Bentley, Naperville IL

He was one of the best! Our prayers are with the Hinckley Family at this time. What a glorious reunion he is having with his wife and loved ones at this moment. We cannot wait to be united with him again someday! Well done, thou good and faithful servant!
The Bentley's of Naperville, Illinois

The Douglass Family

We love you and are grateful for your long service to our Savior. The reunion with your beloved wife must be joyous!


We love you President Hinckley and will miss you very much. You were and are a great example of what a Latter-Day Saint should be.


I will deeply miss this wonderful man!

Puni Tuia

You will be missed greatly...RIL...

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