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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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G Focosi

Having recently lost my beloved Mother, my heart goes out to the family of this great, great leader. Your loss is the greatest. He will be sorely missed by Church members worldwide. May Heavenly Father hold us all in the hollow of His hand at this sad time. Well done, thou good and faithful servant ... Well done, indeed ...

Karen - Ogden

I am so happy for President Hinckley and Sister Hinckley. What a great reunion for them. I'm sad for us, but thankful we had the blessing of his guidance for so many years.


I am NOT LDS. But I wanted to say that I am very sorry for the LDS church, he was a very good man and will be missed by all of us in Utah, LDS or not. R.I.P President Hinckley. Good luck in your endeavors Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints !

The Berg Family of Washington

What a great man and servant of Jesus Christ! We will truly miss our Prophet, Seer and Revelator. We love you President Hinckley and are so happy that you are reunited with your beloved wife. Your work and example have inspired us to strive to be more Christ like. I am sure the Saviour has already spoken these words to you, "Well done thou good and faithful servant." Your legacy will be an eternal light to the generations who follow.

Adri´┐Żn Jaramillo, Guayaquil, E

It is an unexpected news. His life is a touchstone of righteousness, faith and moral values that have led it to be well-known and respected throughout the world.
The strengthen the family, the construction of temples throughout the world and missionary work are part of this valuable legacy that we leave. During the days when the Temple was dedicated in Guayaquil, I saw and feel that the spirit of peace that emanates from his being and have the same confidence in my heart that I am watching the Prophet of God on Earth. Loor our beloved Prophet!

Non-Mormon Christian...

Sorry to hear about the loss. I'm sure Mr. Hinkley was a good man. Would Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborne, or some of the other great Christian Leaders who have LED MILLIONS to the saving power of the cross through Jesus Christ receive as much fanfare?

Shanthi Arul, India

The demise of President Hinckley brought tears to my eyes, but what joy it gives to know that he is now in the arms of his beloved, in peace, surpassing the aches and pains of being trapped in a mortal body; to live in eternal unity with happiness and love. What a great reunion!!

Thank you President Hinckley for your love and labor,
We love you and will always miss your presence.

eric j.

digamos aleluya por haber conocido a uno de los grandes profetas del seor ,la paz sea con ud. pdte hincley
lo amamos y esperamos vernos con el padre en su gloria

Bill Tilton

This man has truly been an inspiration for all latter day saints and many other people of the world. I had prayed that he could have remained longer with us because of the man and the leader he was but we all knew his life was complete and he had many on the other side waiting for him to come home. We love you President Hinckley and thank you for what you have done in our behalf. The world truly has been blessed by you and the work you did.

Bill & Erleen Tilton
Gilbert AZ

Irma Donnell

why don't you just take ONE of the messages posted....and repeat it 1,120 times?

It would serve the same purpose.

Sort of like printing thousands of copies of one Hallmark Card.

Hundreds of people are struggling to word their condolences "just right," and in fact, "it just doesn't matter."

Here's one you could duplicate 1,120 times...and it would serve the same purpose as 1,120 generic-sounding condolences.


We are greatly saddened by our loss of our wonderful, kind and loving man who has held high the lamp of Christ. We shall always try to be and do as you would have us do. God bless us all as we go forth in faith with your incredible example. Thank you for everything - you are a great man and a wonderful prophet. We love you very much, appreciate your untiring efforts and wonderful soul.
Through sunshine and stormy weather you have given us courage, hope and a taste of our Father's love

Reed D. Andrew

Aw, shucks ... I'm going to miss your humorous quips. Thanks, President Hinckley, for not retiring to an RV 32 years ago. To serve the Lord as you did is an amazing accomplishmenet and example. You helped millions stay focussed to the gospel and to enjoy a good laugh during general conference twice a year.


What a Grand Man! The heavens are rejoicing at his arrival as we mourn his departure.

Dan & Becky Rogers
Mesa Az

John Burgeson, Pinellas Park, FL

I solemnly testfiy that I personally know that this great and wonderful man was truly a Prophet of God. He was one of the greatest men to ever draw breath upon the face of this earth at any time in our history. The world has lost a giant. I have lost a hero and a friend.

Wyoming Ogdens

My children cried when we found out.

Liz Corbett

I can't believe he's gone! It's a huge loss for nto only the chuch, but the world too. At least he gets to be with his wife again. It must have been so lonely for him. I think the church as a whole benifitted so much from his leadership and he will be dearly missed.

Rest in Peace President Hinckley and thank you so much for everything.



Well-deserved eternal rest for a man who worked so hard throughout his long life, now rejoined with his beloved wife in the arms of the Lord. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.


The world is a little sadder and heaven a little gladder this day...We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet!


What a great loss. I already miss him so very much. This morning I have thought much about him and have committed myself to working harder to do the things he taught us. There is no doubt of his eternal reward. May we all live as he taught so that we can be where he now is some day.

Bishop Family

My daughters (7, 11) prayed for you and Sister Hinkley last night. You were "their prophet" and we all love you.


President Hinckley was an amazing example. We will miss him but we are overjoyed for the reunion he is having in the spirit world. May the Lord comfort his family and his church.....

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