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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ailton S. de Abreu

Thanks for President Hinckley for your life!!! your exemple, you words!!! We love you!!! Ns do Brazil o amamos muito, obrigado por sua dedicao e por seu amor!!! Nos vemos em breve!!!

Carrie Severn

President Hinckley was solid as a rock in these times of uncertainty and I will miss his smile and his wonderful sence of humor. My testimony and my faith are stronger as I have listened and learned from the council he has given the church and the world. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and to love others as Christ loves them. We will meet again, until then have a wonderful reunion with your family, loved ones and our Savior.

Arnold and Susie, Ph

My wife and I are saddened by his death. But death is part of life, part of that wonderful plan.
We will always remember his leadership, the principles taught and emphasized, and the joy he brought in our lives. He helped us to draw ourselves much closer to God. My wife and I will also remember how he made us smile during conferences.We know that he is now with his wife, reunited happily again.
He will always be a living inspiration for us. Truly a man of God :-)

Riley Family in Orange CA

President Hinckley was a great leader. He taught us so many things. He also was a great example of spirituality with a sense of humor. He was a prophet for our time. God be with you 'til we meet again.

Greg Sipple- CALIF

In my life time, I have never met a man that has touched my life as much as he touched mine with his words of wisdom, his amazing sense of humor, his compassion for the peoples of the World. How great shall be your joy President Hinckley as you now meet your loving Savior. I Love you my dear Prophet and hero. You will live in all of us ..as we Go Forward in Faith.


In the world we live in, our faith is always being questioned. If only our critics could see the love that WE ALL have, maybe they could understand us a little better. Please, don't ever forget this love. Your comments brought me to tears, and I know no one could read this without feeling the spirit. How firm our foundation, and we thank thee oh God for a prophet who led us in these latter days.


Good bye, President Hinckley, I will be glad to tell my kids what you had taught us.

Thomas family in Illinois

We have fond memories of President Hinckley's visit to Chicago. His mark on the church and the world still will be evident decades from now. He was a man unafraid to say what God wanted him to. Bless him for that.

Eliza Jensen

We wore you out! Thank you for your love, efforts and example. May we ever try harder! My thanks to the Hinckley family for opening up your private lives and sharing all that you are and try to be. We love you ALL! Praise be to Heavenly Father for his tender mercy...Gordon Bitner Hinckley, a blessed Prophet.

J Kopp

I am sad to see him pass to the next station of life yet I celebrate his life and know that he is still involved with the preparation of the return of the Savior. We will see him again I'm certain.

Let's dedicate our lives as he dedicated his, in service to others.

Everyone's Prophet and Grandpa

He was such a kind person and great example. He made me feel like he was my own Grandpa giving freely of his wisdom and insight. He always made me feel loved. I will miss his humor and inspiration. We thank Thee oh God, for a Prophet! Shauna Ploeger

Joanne Clark

My life has been strengthened so much by President Hinckley's courage, faith, love, humor and example. I am thankful he is with Marjorie again and all the others he will be meeting. I also feel close to him. He has helped our family to carry on and stand a little taller. It is a truly a prophet.

Wilford & Nadine Teerlink

We are saddened at the news of Pres. Hinckley's death. Our father knew him personally and played with him as a child. What a wonderfull life he led and what a great example to all of us. May our Father in Heaven bless and comfort his family.

Stevensons in Austin

President Hinkley was a Prophet of God and truley acted like one. My life and the life of my children have been blessed by his example and great leadership. I will be praying for his family.

Sue Crisp

He led us in rightousness. "And they shall rise up and call him blessed". He has now gone home.

lilia from BULGARIA

I am so SAD.....He was a wonderful prophet and person. He was the best expamle not only for the memebrs but for everyone.
He will be missed....

Erik in DC

It is hard to be sad when talking about a caliber of man who blessed our lives so much as he is among many other great leaders of the Church. The Savior lives and is truly the Head of the Church. However, President Hinckley will be missed here and will forever be remembered as an inspiring example of someone who exercised extraordinary faith.


Sei que ele sempre estara em nossos coraao!!

Virginia Talbots

Sad new for us but I can only imagine the applause on the other side. I am sure that so many were as happy to see him again as we were sad to lose him. He will be missed.

Ann Marie Curling

I was baptized into The Church on January 15, 1995, so Howard W. Hunter was my first Prophet, but given the fact that he died so soon after I was baptized I never really "got to know him" very well. It was different with President Hinckley. He's been the Prophet my entire marriage, and during all of my children's lives. Ever since I heard of his passing "Til We Meet Again" has been playing over and over in my head, and it's so appropriate given the plan of salvation that all LDS share we will all be together again one day. I'm sure that he and Sister Hinckley are rejoicing in their reunion today. We love you President Hinckley and we'll miss your sweet disposition dearly.

With Much Love to the Hinckley Family in their time of grief,

Ann Marie Curling
Cadiz, KY

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