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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Carr Family

Thank you, President Hinckley for your wonderful guidance, your Christlike love, your optimism, your incredible lifelong example of what a Christian truly is! What a priviledge it has been to know you, one of the "Great and Noble" of Heavenly Father's children! Until we meet again with those who love in faith and truth in worlds without end, may you and your family be eternally blessed! You will be greatly missed! Now we need to "forget ourselves and go to work!"


I will miss you. May we honor your memory by following those ideals which you taught us. Thank you President Hinckley for your love, and for directing this great church. Thank you for furthering the work.

brody R

carry on brother.

we love you...

Percy Santizo

We thank thee oh God for our prophets!!!!
Pres. Hinckley we will miss you.


I will miss you. May we honor your memory by doing those things you asked us to do. You are a wonderful man and I thank you for your dedication and leadership.

Oris Family Texas

We are deeply sad for the loss of our beloved Prophet and grateful for his service to the Lord. He has been such a wonderful example to us all. Our prayers and love go out to his family.


RIP Prophet Hinckley thanks for all your hard work you did on this earth and Gbless your family during this time. Ja

Ailton S. de Abreu

Thanks for your life Presidente Hinckley, your words, your exemple!!! Ns do Brazil o amamos muito!!! Em breve nos encontraremos!!!

Kevin Lee

We shared our love and appreciation to the prophet in tonight's FHE. We missed him.

Ken Riggs Family -- Tennessee

Thank you for your special witness of our Savior Jesus Christ. You have touched our lives with your service and devotion. Our conversion is sweeter, our belief in Christ stronger. How happy are we for your sweet reunion this morning with Sister Hinkley, your remarkable family members, and close associates! Your legacy will shine forth as a beacon to usher the Church -- this great work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- into the future lives of those who will come to know Jesus Christ, his truth and doctrine, and his work upon the earth. You will be greatly missed, our beloved prophet and friend, Ken, Jacqueline, Jeffrey, and Juliana Riggs.

Sr. Ray

My Prophet, My Prophet Father...I am so deeply grateful for him. He has endured and now has his reward. He is welcomed home by his beloved wife. Loss and sorrow fill me, yet I rejoice for him. All is well, all is well. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, all is well!

Jennifer Anderson

This is sad for us, but is a happy moment for our beloved prophet as he reunites with his beautiful wife, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and many others. I will always cherish his sweet spirit and will remember the love he had for ALL of us for the rest of my life. What a remarkable man, leader, husband, father and friend. I hope and pray that we can all strive to emulate his teachings and compassion for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Leander, TX

Beloved prophet, humanitarian and servant of our Father in Heaven. Our family loved you dearly, and you will be missed.

amy m.

Thank you President Hinckley! I was so proud of you as leader of our Church. Thank you for your loving warmth. May we all take courage from your example and strive to live as you did, full of joy and love of the Lord.

wet 10

President Hinckley was the Prophet of God. I had the chance to personally hear him speak on several occasions, from Ricks College, to a Mission Conference, to General Conference. What memorable opportunitites those were. Lets go forward with Faith, just as he has gone forward into the next life!


Thank you so much for what you did.

M.L. Bowen

When President Hinckley was sustained as President of the Church, the Spirit bore powerful witness to me that he was a prophet of the Lord. That distinct witness has stayed with me ever since.

Mere words could never express the feelings of my heart this morning. He has impacted my life, and the lives of so many others, for incalculable good. This disciple of Jesus will be dearly missed!

Hudson, WI

President Hinckley will be missed by all. The world has lost a great prophet and example, yet we look forward to following the next prophet with the same dedicationto move the work forward. Best wishes to the Hinkley family, you are in our prayers at this time of loss.

Jacque H

What a wonderful man, he will be greatly missed. As a convert to the church he has been an inspiration and the only Prophet I have known. He is with his eternal companion once again.

Willingham Family

Conference will never be the same. You were a great inspiration to us all. Especially those of us who like to say a joke.

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