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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Saints in Scotland

Just getting the news in Scotland. Heartbreaking for us, mixed with joy for him. His guidance and leadership has influenced our lives forever.

Roy Morris

We feel sadness for the loss of our beloved Prophet but feel comforted by the knowledge that he is now reunited with his eternal companion. He can now continue the work on the other side of the veil.

My prayers will go out to his family.

Remembering Gordon B. Hinckley

In 2002, we were able to attend the last dedicatory session of the Nauvoo temple. My 10-year-old daughter's heart's desire at Nauvoo was to meet and shake hands with the prophet, which we didn't think very likely.

The day following the dedication, we returned to the temple to take pictures. When we arrived, President and Sister Hinckley were exiting the temple. Among all that crowd behind the barricade, Sister Hinckley noticed my daughter, nudged her husband, and said, "Aren't you going to shake that little girl's hand?" President Hinckley walked toward my daughter, invited her past the barricade, and took her hand in his. He asked her name, and then asked where she was from. When she told him she was from Utah, he looked surprised, raised an eyebrow and, with a twinkle in his eye, exclaimed, "Utah! Where's that?"

God bless our prophet dear.

Anne Flinders
Orem, Utah


"We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet ..... To Guide Us In These Latter Days"

Marshall in Europe

Pres Hinkley will always be the prophet of my youth. I will never forget his example, resolve, love, work ethic, faith, and admonitions as the Lords prophet here on earth. His efforts have touched, and will continue to touch, the lives of millions. I will greatly miss him.

Skabelund Family

Thank you President Hinkley for your example of living the way the Christ wants us to live. We hope everyday to "Do the very best that we can". We love you! We thank Thee O God for this prophet! Our prayers and thoughts are with the Hinkley family.

Jeff Griffeth

Let us all join together and honor the man who gave us so much by being better Latter-day Saints and people. His legacy will outlive us all! Let us attend the temple and keep our covenants.

We love you President Hinckley!!

Allen Jones

We will miss this great man of God, a Prophet and servant of Christ. We should honor his life by serving and loving each other.

Sister Johnson, Grafenwoehr, DE

I love President Hinckley. I thank God for THIS prophet!


walk the walk everyday in everyway..not just general conference ..then back to your ways. that's what brings your good church down. times are changing fast and nature is giving her warning, look for what this man was trying to help with. pray , help each other along the way. Just look at SLC and how vast it has become ..stay safe!

Chris Olsen

I am saddened for our loss of a wonderful Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, but rejoice in knowing that he was well recieved by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and his family. My prayers go to his family here on earth that the Lord will bless them with peace. I know that the Lord will direct the Elders of the Church in confirming our new Prophet, Seer and Revelator.
How wonderful it is to have a small taste of how many people of this world loved him. What a great idea it would be to record everyone's comments and be able to present it to Pres. Hinckley's family. So that their generations to come will know what a wonderful man he is and was.


God be with you 'til we meet again! Thanks so much President Hinckley!

Lia, Portugal

We will miss him so much but I know that he is doing fine. He must be very happy to be reunited with sister Hinckley.

I'm so glad that we all had the chance to get to know President Hinckley. We will never forget him!


Thank you Pres. Hinckley for being a true prophet of God. Thanks for your unwavering faith, your humor, warmth and love. Thanks for having touched my life! Youve been such an outstanding example and will be greatly missed.

Ryan family, Evans

What a kind, giving, loving Prophet. He always gave of himself in the Lord's work. After all these years of working for the Lord, how appropriate that he was called home to the Lord on the Sabbath. The Lord's day of rest. We will miss you and all you stood for. We thank your wife, Marjorie, and the rest of your family for sharing you with us. You impacted us all and we do Thank God for a Prophet.


What a wonderful lifetime of devotion and example. He will be so missed but so remembered. Our prayers are with his precious family who supported and shared him with the entire world. Our prayers are also with our new church leadership. May the many who will hear of the passing President Hinckley have a greater desire to learn the goodness and peace that comes from hearing and following the words of a living prophet.


Wow....one thousand comments so far, and not one of them is unusual or interesting. Just cliches....a mish-mash of words like "wonderful" and "will be missed" and stuff like that. I posted an interesting comment earlier this evening, but I knew there was no way that it (or this) would be posted...Because it is unusual, and it is interesting.

As for Gordon B. Hinckley, he now realizes how many Mormons are actually pretentious fakers...pseudo-Mormons....he notices that out of one thousand comments here so far, not one single one them mentions the Book of Mormon.

Barbara Oyler

How sweet all your reunions will be. Thank you for your wonderful example and dedication to the Lord.

John Musonge

It is a great lose indeed that our president is no more. I will always remember him for his good advice.
May has soul rest in peace with the Lord.


I am sad but SO happy that he is reunited with his Savior and his dear sweet wife.
My prayers are with his family.

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