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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Lawrence Judd

He was a great man among great men.
He would say, "Just do your best." He was an inspiration to me.

Chris Provo

I love President Hinckley! He has changed my life and motivated me to be the best I can. I'm so grateful for him and for his life of service and humility. I'll miss him dearly!

Allan Pratt

I saw President Hinckley only once when he stopped in Vancouver on his cross Canada tour several years ago. I was privileged to be in the choir that day, and had a clear view of him as I was at the same level as the stage. The Spirit bore clear witness to me that day that I truly was seeing a Prophet of God.

He was in our area a couple of years ago to select a site for the new Vancouver BC temple. He had viewed a number of potential sites, but wasn't satisfied with any of them. They were driving near one of the chapels and he had the Stake President stop. He announced that this spot was the right place. The properties weren't even for sale, but that was only a minor detail. Construction is now underway at that site.

Imagine the surprise for the families decorating for a wedding, when they stopped at the chapel for a washroom break!

Imagine also the joyous reunion that has taken place with his beloved companion.

What an example of a Christ like life.

Jerroleen Sorensen

My heart is with his family. I loved him as a Prophet and as a great human being. I will miss him very much. Few people have as great an impact on so many lives as he has had during his time on earth. He is a great example of humanitarianism and love for his fellow travelers. God bless him always.


I can not see my previous comment; my apologies if this is a duplicate.

I read President Hinckley's book (Standing for Something: Ten Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes) and was inspired by the simple, direct and honest message. I am grateful that I can be beside my Mormon girlfriend's side in her time of need and found my eyes full of tears also for this kind, focused, productive man who did so much for LDS & his works benefitted more than just LDS folk.


He was an outstanding man - truly a prophet of God. I will miss his gentle and sweet spirit - and his sense of humor. His teachings are a treasure to me,he will always be in my heart.
God be with you, til we meet again.

Petra Suess, Freiburg, Germany


He has been the prophet of my generation. I gained a testimony of the gospel under his leadership of the Church. Pres. Hinckley you will be missed by millions across the globe. Including this young member from Brazil.

Sri Lanka

all the church membrs are a little sad here bacause we love him we all are pray for his family have comfort.

Debra James

I keep imagining his excitement at seeing Sister Marjorie again and his eagerness to meet Joseph Smith and the other great leaders of our dispensation. I know I should not be sad, but nevertheless I am.
Saints all over South africa awoke to the news early this morning and my cellphone never stopped for an hour. President Hinckley was loved and revered the world over.
Our condolences to the Hinckley family and a great big thank you for allowing us to share your beloved father.

The Loks from Hong Kong

The shock came through to this part of the world on a Monday morning. We couldn't believe what has been forwarded to us from numerous related emails, but that was all because Pres. Hinckley was ever so vibrant, lively and loving and it was strange to think of him as someone who has passed away. We would sadly miss him, but at the same time we are sure that he is now in good hands.

Thank you, Prophet, for all your have done for the Church and for the mankind.


This was the only prophet I can remember since I am a youth. I absolutely adored president Hinckley and I will miss his talks, spirit he brings everywhere with him, his humor and much more. He has done so much for the church and I just want to say I love him and I will miss him. Now he is with his wife and family that has passed on before. President Hinckley, I will miss you and thanks for all you have done for me and my family. You are an amazing man!


We love you President Hinckley. Thank you so much for the love you showed to us. Thank you for your hard work. You have blessed the lives of millions. I look up to you with all my heart. Continue to serve President Hinckley! The Lord has great plans in store for you still. Thanks again for the love you've spread throughout the world and especially for the love that you entered into my heart. We love you. Live well

The Edgar's

I love the sound of his voice, his unique inflection, I always knew he loved us. I would like to have him forever, but we knew he would leave soon. He is no longer the last leaf on the tree, and it is now still and calm. I would have liked to be present at his home coming, what a grand event.
Thank You President Hinckley. Love the Edgar family

Moulton Family from Alaska

He has been always special to me. He was a inspiration to us all. He set great and wonderful examples for rest of my family. when I found out that he passed away, and I told my children and I cried right away. It helps them to understand how important our prophet was to me. We knelt together to pray for his family to be comforted tonight. Our love goes out to his families and close friends. He passed away peacefully and went off to be with his wife. We will always remember him and keep him in our hearts.. We love you, President Hinckley..

Fletcher Family - Japan

What a sad day for the Church and the world; your leadership and strength will be missed.

Thanks for helping all of us ... stand a little taller, rise a little higher, and be a little better.

We love you!


What a great man of God that has left this world so much the better. What a tribute and honor to him to see so many people share so many kind words about this incredible person. Thanks for your leadership and love!


So long dear friend. Until we meet again. God bless you.

Scott K.

So many accomplishments, highly esteemed in the eyes of men.... But for all he did, he never led a soul to Christ. He led them to a Church. A man made, human controlled and operated organization. He never possessed real Bible Salvation. And like most he'll be preached into heaven by other men. mean to say? no, just the plain truth.

Matthew & Samantha Skelton (UK)

We express our sincere sorrow to President Hinckley's loving family at home, within the church and in the worldwide community to which he dedicated his life's work. He is a great prophet and a remarkable man. He will be missed here and yet welcomed joyously on the other side.

Linda & Derek

Truly a Great Phrophet of this dispensation. A great man with a great heart and love for the members.
Thank you for guiding us and ever uplifting us.
May you find great Joy with your loved ones where your work will continue with just as much love and dedication that you demonstrated here in this life.
God Bless.

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