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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Dennis Carey

Truly one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth! Our children grew up in the Church during President Hinckley's tenure, and were always glued to the television when he spoke. Heavenly Father has welcomed home one of the most faithful servants.


What a great man. He will deeply be missed

Caroline Kwok

He will be greatly missed among the Chinese (and i am sure the rest of the world). I am amazed at his spirit, at his vitality. And his amazing memory!
I am glad he's been the "light" of the world!


We will certainly miss you! Such a great man of integrity, love, and humor, always leading by example.

Anna McIntire

President Hinckley personally touched my life with great impact. I read his bio and gleaned the courage to move forward in Faith, no matter what. He also reminded us with the 9 "Bs", and to Stand A little Taller and Stand for Something. He was so well read and knew so much that he could speak to anyone from a common everyday person, to celebrity and presidents, kings and princess'. He was a Man for All Seasons, and leaves a legacy of so much. I knew when the Perpetual Education Fund was announced I would be a part of it, I am thankful to have served a mini-mission with the young Saints in Monterrey Mexico. The leadership that may come as a result of this world wide program will raise up many leaders of countries for future generations. I am sure he has already been told, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into my rest." and reported to the Savior of his accomplishments with deep humility-- so characteristic of Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley. I will miss your influence and reminders, our prophet dear. Lindon, UT


ive always wanted to meet this amazing man and a few days ago i asked my mom how you meet him and she didnt really know how. i was excited that maybe i would meet him soon. but i guess iwill just have to wait a little longer.... i love this man with all my heart and i have never personally met him, he truly was a disciple of the Lord. i cant wait to meet him someday.

Nathaniel Grimmett

It's been almost 12 years since President Hinckley first was president of the church,shortly after I was born. Everything I learned was from this great man and I can't believe he's gone but he and his great words of wisdom will live on in all of us, let's not forget one of the greatest men in history.
Nathaniel Grimmett
age: 12


I will truly miss his sweet smile and his Wise words. I am very happy that he is finally with his sweetheart. Our love to his family.

Rodgers Family

What a glorious reunion that must be with he and his beloved wife? His extended family and friends as well.

A great man, loved by millions.

President Hinckley, we pray for your family. We will miss you. We love you. God Bless you and your family.

Rodgers Family

lei in texas

my heart is sadden by this news...what a great PROPHET and example he was...I surely will miss him...our prayers are with his family.

elder Michael Hanna

I am so happy for him to return to his beloved wife.
We are so blessed to have been with such inspiration and example, may we all carry this fine life with us!

Emily Eyre

President Hinckley was one of the most influential people of my lifetime. His humor and leadership, as well as his immense love of the gospel are some of the things I will carry with me the rest of my life. I will miss him so much, but am just so grateful the Lord blessed our lives with this amazing man. God Bless You, President Hinckley, for he has already blessed us.

Allister Teo of Kch, East M'sia

We are shock to hear the news. We will miss him and his counsels. We may not have met him in person, but we learned so much from him, through his teachings, his writings and books and through the many conferences that he spoke. He is truly a prophet called of God. We loved him and we will miss him dearly. Allister

the chapman family

We add our love and graditude to the many before us. We really thought this dear prophet would lead us into the Millineaum! The Lord allowed him to remain with us for so many years. May his dear family be blessed in the days ahead. We pray for President Monson!


Gordon B. Hinckely was president when I became a member 11 years ago and because of his Christ-like love, demeanor & humbleness, among many other fine qualities, my conversion was made easy as trust in the restored Gospel thru the LDS church was very clear especially under his leadership. He will be missed, yet loved eternally. We members have deep testimony of Truth and feel peace knowing he is with his beloved wife Marjorie in the glorious Kingdom. His influence for good in this world is a true treasure.

'til we meet again, dear Prohphet.


He was a good man.

Nate & DJ

Praise to the man! A true and mighty prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ. He will be missed, but we are grateful that he is, no doubt, happier now.

Cynthia B. Forsyth & family

Our family is saddened to hear of your passing, but pleased that you finally made it to the other side. Because of your example to the world, we have all had more courage to share the Gospel. Because of your efforts, we live much closer to a Temple. Thank you so much for your service. Happy Trails, our dear Prophet.


I was sad tonight to hear of President Hinckley's passing, yet couldn't cry because I know he's finally with his beloved Marjorie, whom I also miss. I watched a wonderful 1-hour special on him tonight and during that I cried tears of joy for his lifetime of devotion and service to the church and the world. What an exemplary man. I feel honored and blessed to have been able to call him my prophet.

k dyer

I am so happy for him, he gets to be with his wonderful wife and his parents and other loved ones who have passed! What a wonderful day for him. HE will be greatly missed! He was....is a great man!

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