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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Joshua Bicoy and Family-Dipolog

Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley has been a good man and a good leaders. He has been the inspiration of the many members of the Church. We love you and will miss you. Thank you for the many lessons and guidance you gave us. We will remember you forever.


Such a small thing to leave one of hundreds of comments, but i sit here with tears in my eyes and feel compelled to say thank you to Heavenly Father for such a great man. Truly a prophet of God, and a wonderful, dear, and honorable man.

Cory Nelson

President Hinckley,

You have blessed my life with your love, optimism and kindness. I love you and am grateful for all that you are. A Prophet of God. Christ's emmisary here on earth. I thank God for your wonderful life!

Cory Nelson, Las Vegas, NV


He lived a long and prosperous life. I know I speak for many members of the church when i say that he is deeply loved and will be greatly missed.


Til we meet again.

Palma Ortiz family (Mexico)

Tears were rolling down our cheeks as we envisioned you embracing your beloved wife in the spirit world. Also being welcomed by your very dear friend James E. Faust...(we will always remember your humor with regards to him)...and being welcomed by many other great members of the Church, who have passed away.
We are thankful for the years you served as a Prophet of the Lord. Your teachings will be treasured by our family forever.
Our condolences to your family.
We will always keep you in our hearts.

M Detiege

God speed Gordon B. Hinckley. You are already missed.

Janice Grant

My initial feeling was deep sadness which quickly turned to joy as I thought of him reuniting with his wife and others. We truly "thank Thee Oh God" for this Prophet. He will be missed terribly!


The world lost a great light tonight. We need to pick up the torch!

Julia Palmer

This man of incredible vision and love, what a loss to the world. I will miss his optimism and loving leadership, this phrophet of God.

Ryan Taylor Family

It brings tears to my eyes to think that we will not hear his faith-promoting voice, see his ever-present smile, or listen to his dry wit in General Conference. I've hoped that he could continue to lead the church, but know that God has chosen another to continue to carry the mantle of prophet upon the earth. May he now enjoy a season of rest with his wonderful wife.

Nate F.

The End of an Era: This man was a great example of optomisim over pessimism. I felt like he was my grandpa or something always saying the things I needed to hear.
I imagine the happiest spot in the Universe this evening is wherever he is with his Wife Majorie. Best Wishes to him in his next phase of immortality. Much love to his Family.

Jake in Belgium

Count yourself beloved by this family, President Hinckley. Thank you for your lifetime dedication to the causes in which you believed the most.


A friend to all people. Thank you !!!!!!!!!

The Burkhardt Family

Our prayers are with President Hinckley's family. He was a Prophet of God. He was a great man and will be truly missed. Thanks President Hinckley for your good example in living the Gospel in our daily lives.
The Burkhardt Family
Palos Verdes Stake, California

Klayton Swenson

Farewell dear friend. We'll miss you tremendously in this life, but I'm happy for you at the same time that you could reunite with your wife and other friends that have passed on. God bless you for all your devoted service over the years.

Debora Caldwell Fallbrook, CA

To Our Beloved Prophet President Hinckley,

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I will always keep them in my heart.

the kelsey family

sadness and joy are in our hearts as we contemplate the news of president Hinckleys passing. The security and love he extended to us will always be treasured. Thank you for being an inspirational example in our lives. We love you and will truly miss you. Good bye until we meet again.

Natalie W.

President Hinckley will be greatly missed. He was a wonderful and inspired man and I love him. I go to Mountain View High and we are also dressing up to honor President Hinckley's life. What a sad thing that he is gone. But what a wonderful thing to be able to be with his wife Marjorie. Can you imagine the kind of reception he received on the other side of the veil? This man did so much not just for our church but for the world! He was so loving and kind. He truly cared about everyone he met. He loved serving everyone! And by doing so he was serving our Lord. I love him so much and hope I can someday be the example he was to the world.

Gary from Seattle

He will be missed. What a great guy he was! So vibrant and positive about our future. He said a lot about what a great future we have coming to us and not to be so gloomy about it. That impressed me the most and I tell people to cheer up and look forward to a good future. After all, it is our choice how we want our future to be and his positiveness showed us that it is definitely possible. I loved his speeches. I never had one speech come that I didn't like. I am going to miss seeing him and seeing his cane that he walked with and the smile he always had for everyone. What a man! And I'm sure he's very happy being back with his wife again and busy working doing what they needed him there to do. The world is a better place in many ways because of President Gordon Hinckley. He was loved by many.

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