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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Although I am not LDS, Mr. Hinckley was a fine man and an inspiration to everyone. He was not narrow or constrained. I hope the next president of the LDS faith is as broadminded.


We love you and will miss you, our beloved Prophet.
Thank you for your service and example!
God Be With You Til We Meet Again.

The Simpson Family Ca

We were shocked at the news of our beloved Prophets passing. What a great example he has been for everyone. I pray for his family and hope we can honor his great legacy by continuing on in righteousness.

Velasco Enriquez, Cd Mexico

God bless you dear family Hinckley, who stay here on earth, God bless you dear brother and sister Hinckley, who stay there in heaven with our God, with our Father.

With our tender love to you...

Christopher C. DeSantis

Words cannot express the love and respect I have for this wonderful man of God. Sad though I am to have him leave us, I rejoice for him in his glorious reunion with his beloved Marjorie. May his family be blessed with speedy comfort and healing in the face of their loss, and with sweet memories of a miraculous life worn out in the service of the Lord. What a marvelous example! How I love you, Dear President Hinckley!

Rui Reid

Words cannot express enough the sadness, yet the joy of the loss of this wonderful, wonderful man.
You have and will continue to be an inspiration to me and many people in the world. You will be sadly missed. My love and condolences to his family, the First Presidency and all those who worked closely with him. Though I live in Australia, I know how much you loved the members and we loved you as much.
In a world of chaos, I am grateful for your wonderful example, your love, and your dedication in the Lord's work.
I can say that for me and members across the world, WE THANK THEE OH GOD FOR A PROPHET, for Gordon B. Hinckley. Truly a man of God.


We were blessed to have had him as Prophet of God's Church. He enriched our lives and taught us by example to do better. We will miss him, but we are glad that he has been reunited with his wife.

We love you President Hinckley!

The Freeman Family, Virginia

We will miss our beloved Prophet, President Hinckley. While we sting with the hurt of his passing, we rejoice that he is reunited with his dear companion, Sister Hinckley. We marvel at the reception he must be receiving among the great Prophets of the past. Rest in Peace, you have earned your place among the many great and noble ones. You have strenghtened and uplifted the entire Church and left an indelible mark of good on the world comunity. Rob Freeman - Centreville, VA


We will miss you. Until we meet again. Love saints from Uiha Tonga.


How could some others in the world look at this sweet, vibrant man and church leader, and think that President Hinckley represents a cult, or a relegion not based in Christ and service. He was and will remain a giant of a man with a legacy forged in longevity and a flawless life of ministering to the whole world. My wife and I were touched deeply by him and became active and useful again after 20 + years of selfish, rowdy living away from the church. He and Elder Maxwell drew us back into the fold. We will donate to the Perpetual Education Fund for the very first time in President Hinckley's name instead of flowers. The world has lost a great man, husband, father, grandfather and prophet. Our grief is overwhelming. We wish the gift of the comforter to be with his family, and all who feel loss and sadness.


Wonderful man of god!


President Hinckley has not only made this world a better place, he has profoundly changed my life and always motivated me to be a better person. Your light will be missed!

Saints in Saudi Arabia

as well as those from all over the world mourn deeply the loss of our beloved Prophet! He has gone to a much deserved rest and reunion with sweetheart and other loved ones, and we are happy for that, but what a hole is left in our hearts, nevertheless! The world seems to be a little off-kilter today. We ever pray for Thee, Our Prophet Dear!


"We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet". We love you President Hinckley! Oh, how we will miss you!




The Ostler Family

Our Beloved Prophet, we love you and will miss you. Thank you for all you did. We will forever be grateful for you and your teachings. You have increased our testimonies forever. We look forward to seeing you again.

Alison and Karina

we are going to miss a wonderful human being.He will be missed dearly.Our prayers are with the Hincley family.

Ward family, Issaquah, WA

We will all try a little harder... to be a little kinder...to do a little more....he'd like that that.
Thank-you President Hinckley and family for his wonderful service.

Annalisa from Wisconsin/Utah

President Gordon B. Hinckley has been the prophet of my youth. I was surprised by his passing but have reflected on many of the things I've learned from him. I remember the day he was sustained. It was nearly thirteen years ago, and I was only eleven years old. My heart is filled with happiness thinking about what a man he is! He truly was a prophet and spoke the words of the Lord. I'll pray lots for his family and the apostles!


My tribute to the prophet of my generation that I love so much, will be to live what he taught, to be like Jesus Christ.

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