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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Thanks for all you gave us, President Hinckley. We will miss seeing your smiling face at conference, and miss listening to your inspired words. You have been such a wonderful example to us all. We love you! The Johnson Family

Noemi Kropp

What a wonderful reunion with your life long partner Marjorie and your love ones that past before you.I can only imaging a chore of angels welcome you with the most profund love. I know that heavenly father loves you and rejoys in your works and examplar life. Their gain is our lose.I am so thankful as a new convert for your teachings and your wisdom. Thank you for the challenge to read the book of mormon in one year.As a new convert it was a blessing. You knew that your time was coming and you shared with us your love for the church and all the members. You also prepared your brothers and sister in last year conference, that your days were shorts. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to hear the living gospel from you, My beloved prophet. A tear of love and gratitude.


Such a great man and leader of this amazing gospel.In these hard and challenging times it is so nice to read all of your thoughts and feelings on our Prophet.May we all continue to be one.Your testimonies lift me up and help me remember that we r all one family.Thankyou all.


What a wonderful man, We saw President Hinkley at a temple celebration, when he walked into the arena to speak I could feel the spirit so stong I started to cry...It was very moving and I will never forget that feeling insprired by our prophet.

Calif. LDS

May we all honor his memory by living in our lives the Gospel principles he taught with vivid clarity!
He will be greatly missed but the restored Gospel will continue to roll on!

To the Hinckley family our condolences and thank you so much for sharing him with the people of the world.

Scott Family

As members of this true Church we are sadden a little by the timing of his passing. But it is truly not our plan it is Heavenly Father's time frame. Oh what a glorious reunion is happening with Sister Hinckley and her devoted husband Gordon. The Keys are all in the hands of the Quorum of the Twelve now and judiciously through divine inspiration the mantle we preceed to man Heavenly Father sees fit as being his mouthpeace like President Hinckley once was! After 21 years of my conversion to the church it is so evident that it is a house of order. May His Family already in paradise be hugging and welcoming back home for all eternity.

Bill Stafford

Tonight I will thank God for allowing us to have Gordon B. Hinckley for 97 beautiful years!!!

From Chiclayo, Peru

Since President Hinckley was set aparted as the 15th. President of the Church, I always considered President Hinckley as a Profet of God, but little by little, he was gaining my heart, and he became a beloved friend and servant of the Lord.

I know he really loved me and all the saints around the world. Thanks President Hinckley I'll always remember you!

Oswaldo Tello


He was the right prophet for the right time in this world.


I must say he was a man of dedication. Great work.


We love you President Hinckley-thanks.

Marie in Bellevue WA

It speaks volumes that every comment on this thread is full of nothing but love and respect for Pres. Hinckley. We love him and thank him for the work he's done to further the work of the Lord.

The Tippetts Family

We will so miss our dear Prophet President Hinckley. How happy we are though that he is back with his sweetheart Marjorie Hinckley. Thank you for all the many incredible things you have done throughout your life. The church will be forever grateful. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. We hope they know how much the world loved their dad. Thank you for sharing him with us!

The Camerons in AZ

What a great man, leader, and prophet. We will all do well to review his life and messages. We are blessed to have lived during his time. We know he is happy now with his wife and other family members who were there in heaven to greet him but he will be missed here. May we all be true to the truths he taught until we meet again.


God speed President Hinckley your love and devotion will sorely be missed, we love you very much.

Gillett Family

This has affected me more than I ever thought it would. He was a giant among men and I miss him like I would miss a father. Thank you president Hinckley for being the prophet of my youth! We love you!

Ryan from AZ

I love President Hinckley, he was such a great example to me. Truly one of the greatest men to ever walk to Earth......

Stone Family

Thank you President Hinkley for being an honorable man and a great example for our family. We will miss our prophet dearly.


President Hinckley was the prophet I had growing up. I will miss him, but am happy that he and his wife are reunited. God bless him and his family.

Love from reno Nv

I tried to explain that President Hinkley had passed away to my four year old, she just cried and cried, tried to explain we would have a new Prophet. But she wants her President Hinkley.

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