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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Shawn Lancaster

He was a GREAT Prophet! I am very sad for the loss of Him and His Wife. Everyone will be sad for the HUGE loss. He had alot of Strength and Willpower to bring forth the dreams of building Temples throughout the Nations. He truely lived a long and Prosperous life.
He will be TRUELY missed by Me and My Family!!!

With Much Love
Shawn Lancaster
New Zealand

Shumway Family

President and Sister Hinkley were an inspiration to us all...Much love to a great couple.

Julia May

I will always remember and love you President Hinckley! I was only 5 when you became a prophet so you're basically the only prophet that I can remember. You will always hold a very special place in my heart and all of us will miss you dearly. The world will never be the same without such a righteous man like you on it. Thank you for all you have done for this church and for me! Without you're guidance I don't know where I would be today. Thank you, and I love you!

The Butler's

What a comfort it must be for the family that Heavenly Father simply called our Prophet home in such a peaceful way. We will dearly miss your comforting and loving voice and guidance. Our testimonies are stronger because of you. You are a great example for all mankind. Until we meet again. We love you

Laurel from Vermont

Kinda felt a sinking in my stomach when I heard the news....feels like a member of my family has gone on. I hope that we can all remember the teachings and life of this great man. He, of all people, knew this was a part of the Plan, but he will be greatly missed on earth.


Job well done. Thanks.


Our Savior will surely say of this great man, "Well done thow humble and faithful servant." We love you President Hinckley and we rejoice in the reunion of you and your beloved wife. Indeed he was a Prophet of God.


He was a wonderful and loving man. Many will miss him and hope to follow in his example

Ivy Family/Mississippi

Our hearts are so heavy. We ever pray for you our prophet dear!

ldb Sac, CA

We Thank Thee O God for Our Prophet!

Kristy Durney

We love you President Hinckley. Thank you for everything you've done for me and my family.


This is a sad day for all the world but certainly for the Latter Day Saints, President Hinckley led his church to his fullest capability and his whole heart, Praise Heavenly Father for such a special man, at age 97 he certainly lived a life that everyone should be so proud of, just imagine all he has done and served so well, a Prophet who is now Heavenly Homeward Bound, Rest In Peace!

Mark Peterson

We have lost a great leader, but in his absence we have his teaching to help lead us forward with faith and optimism -- his hallmarks. And also, his great sense of humor. We will miss him greatly but remember him fondly and gratefully. What a great man!

Doug Brockbank

Like many other men, I sat in General Conference Priesthood meeting and listened to the wise, inspired counsel of Church leaders, including President Hinckley. After one such event, I turned to shake hands with an acquaintance who, upon reflecting on the conference simply said of President Hinckley, "That man speaks to my soul." I think I will longer remember those words, which stirred my own soul, for they rang true to me as well.

Matt Pittard

So I knew this day would eventually come, but my heart is saddened as I contemplate the reality of it all. My testimony grew perhaps the most under President Hinckley's tutelage. I was at Ricks when he was sustained as the prophet and will always remember the way I felt when he spoke. Since I heard him speak last, it was clear that if he suffered, it apparently was not long. He is now with his beloved wife again to start off a new stage in our immortal journey.


WOW this is shocking..he lived for a very long time!
but right now he is in a better place. He is with his wife. I will miss you. r.i.p. you've tought so many good things! I know right now you are in a better place:)!

Lowe's in Arizona

What a way to finish: in the service of the Lord and with no regrets! He has worked hard and served the Master faithfully. He has the love of many on both sides of the veil and he is no stranger there. May God bless him and his family.

If any of his family are reading this, I would like to thank you personally for your sacrifice of time with your father, grandfather, etc. You have given much so that the Lord's work can move forward. I pray that the Holy Ghost will comfort you and lift you up in your hour of grief.

Redlands Caif Brother.

President Hinckley Has gone to join he Wife... Who He has referred to as "Mother"! We all are grateful for his teaching of love one for another, That we may aspire to be are best is his desire..... We Love You Gordon B Hinckley!


My thoughts are with his family. He was such a great man and will be missed by so many of us whose lives he had such a profound influence on. He worked so hard. Although I will miss him, I'm glad that he can rest from this mortal life and be reunited with his beloved wife.


My wife and I appreciated his example and his dedication to the work of the lord. He was an awesome man and a great leader! Thank- you for your example and your stead fast testimony.

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