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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Denise Boren

My heart is heavy with sorrow for the loss of this great man, my prophet. I can only imagine those who were waiting to greet him as he passed through the veil. What a great reunion that must have been. My prayers go out to the family.


I am sad : (


I pray that I can continue to live my life as he has instructed and taught so many times. I am sure he was welcomed home to heaven with love and open arms. I hope I will be able to be in your presence again. Much love and prayers to your fmaily!


We will definately miss President Hinckley. He was an amazing person as well as an amazing prophet. He did so much for not only the church, but for this world. He is loved, and will dearly missed, but his life and ministry will live on for years to come. We love you President Hinckley!

Shaun Williams

A true giant amoung men is gone, to lay claim to the glorious reward that awaits those who have loved and kept his word and have been true and faithful. I admired and loved this remarkable man who led this church for so long with a sense of humor and quiet dedication and dignity, the lives of all he touch may never be fully known but I am one whose life he touched and who was greatly blessed by his words and his example. I shall ever tresure his memory and his ministry and look forward to the day to meet this giant of a man once again.
S.L. Williams

Zamora Family

As a Prophet, as well as a man, he is and will always be a wonderful example of how our life should be. We remember how he always exemplified love, concern for all mankind and charity. Will remember his wonderful words that made us smile, laugh and ponder a better way of life. President Hinkley, You will be missed, but always remembered! Lot's of love and comfort to the Hinkley Family, and to all the members of the Church and the world let's follow his words, actions and honor his work and his life...!


I will miss him so much. He was the only prophet that I ever knew. It's really hard to believe that he is gone. However, it's comforting to know that he is with his wife.

Bestenlehner family

Our love, gratitude, and condolences to the Hinckley family. Thank you for sharing your amazing father and grandfather with us. Our prayers are with you at this time. We love him very much and will miss him, his guidance, his teachings, his sense of humor and his love. God be with you President Hinckley. Enjoy your reunion with your loved ones. Thank you


God be with you and all of us until we meet again...Thank you Father for the Prophets.

LE Creager, ore.

I lived under a lot of Presidents. all of them were special. Bro. Hinckley was a very special
president for a very special period in time.
We will miss him

Bevereley Robison

I am saddened by the loss of our prophet but he accomplished a great deal of the Lords work while
he was here. It will be a great reunion for him
to be with his beloved wife again. I am a convert
of only 11 years and I LOVE THIS CHURCH AND ALL OF

Brad Taylor, Las Vegas

He has blessed the lives of millions across the earth with his prophetic inspiration of humanitarian aid, perpetual education fund and mini temples. Our lives will ever be better because of his dedication and efforts and sacrifice in our behalf. The Taylor Family is eternally greatful for his guidence and love. We will miss you President Hinkley, but we recognize your place of eternal existence with your wife and forebarers for which we are peace with your passing. Well done thou good and faithful servant.

Great Example

I cannot think of a greater example from birth to death than Pres Hinckley. General Conference will still be great but different. Our prayers go out to the family.

Matthia Family

Our thoughts and prayers go out to President Hinckley's family. Thank you so much for sharing him and his life with all of us. We love him dearly and, like you, look forward to the day when we will again see him. His influence and legacy will forever influence our lives for good. What a remarkable blessing he has been to all of us.

The Runolfson Family

'Ye shall know them by their fruits....even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit...'
Pres. Hinckley do so much good in the church and in the world, he served and loved others his entire life, what a great example of Christianity.

Mittleman Family

We will always remember President Hinckley and the wonderful works he did here on earth. Especially when he attended the temple celebration and dedication of the Newport Beach, California Temple. We love you Are thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Orange County

From Kansas

What a wonderful human being! He truly transcended all religions, political affiliations, races, nationalities. He will be missed. But we will always remember the great mission he served. I would love to be at that reunion in the next life...
Marjorie, here's your husband.......

Jordan, VA

I still can't believe that he's gone. One of the most influenial people in my lifetime. Thank you for everything that you've done. You will be truely missed!

Crystal Atkinson

I remember seeing president Hinckley in 1998 in hamilton Ontario. He was so amazing.. I am going to miss him, but i know that he is in a better place and that he is re united with his wife. May the work of the church continue to grow at the rate it has been.
President hinckley's family sorry for your loss may you know that you will be in my prayers and in my thoughts. President Hinckley may you and your wife be happy together watching down on us here.
We love you and miss you already...
Crystal Atkinson & Family

Scott & Kindra

We will miss our beloved prophet. Thank you for your legacy President Hinckley. We love you!

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