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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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President Hinckley is an optimist who helped give me and many others sunshine on a cloudy day. He will be missed dearly.

Holland family

Gordon B. Hinckley was a great example of Christian love and service. He extended his love of to all people of the world and "walked the walk" as the Savior would like us all to do. He will be missed. We extend our love, sympathy and thoughts to his family and close associates.

The Vary Family Ontario Canada

Thank you President Hinckley for your service, and love of all people and your love of our Saviour. We could feel your warmth all the way to Canada.


He was a wonderful man. I will truly miss his smile and optomism! But he is in a better place, on the right hand of God, and with his beautiful and beloved wife. He taught me so much, and i will always love him for the wonderful man and prophet he was. Thank you President Hinckley. God Bless!

What a Man

What a man he was. Truly a prophet of got. Im 17 so he is really the only prophet i can remember. The things he has done for this earth and it's people are miraculous. I can just see him now with all the past prophets being welcomed. And all of them saying "Well done Gordon, well done".

Gaby C. from Mexico

I would like to express my deeply gratitude for all his efforts to have many temples around the world...in my country we have the blessing of 12 temples ...Pte Hinckley the mexican people will miss you a lot, and I`m so happy that you`re with Sister Marjorie again...thank you for all your teachings...lo extraaremos

Jim D

He was simply amazing, funny, humble beyond belief-I am very sad--He made me stronger--A better example could not be found anywhere.

AZ Bunkers

What an inspirational leader and loving man. We love you and will miss you. Our hearts go out to the prophets family. May the Lord be with you!

krishna busadre-

i cried when i heard the news...i will surely miss him...im thankful for having president hinckley patnubayan ka nawa ng Dios!


We'll all miss you , dear Prophet Hinckley ,now you are reunited again with your loving wife and all those were waiting for you and waiting for this day to come to see you again .And this also is our humble wish to see you one day again .May the Lord be with you .Till we meet again ,love ,Michia Family Ituzaingo III/Castelar Stake ,Buenos Aires , Argentina .

Sue Prue

I love President Hinckley. What an amazing man! I am grateful that the Lord allowed him to be with us for so long. Everytime I looked at him I saw my grandfather. They could have been brothers.


I loved President Hinckley a lot. I will miss him. He has done so much within the 12-13 years as President of the Church.


As a non-member, by mere chance, I had the opportunity to hear the great prophet speak once. The night of the Christmas (2007) broadcast, his words touched my heart, and I made the decision that night to join the church and be baptized. And I was on December 29th, just less than a month ago. President Hinckley saved my life and he doesn't even know it. I am so sad he is gone, but I know I am so blessed to have been able to witness him speak just once. My condolences go out to his family and I rejoice for his reunion with his loving wife. He has been an inspiration to me and will continue to be. He will be missed. His message will continue to live on through us all. I am living proof that this man is a true prophet of God, the Spirit spoke through him, and right to my heart. In a room full of hundreds and him on a TV monitor... it was just us, just me and the spirit, and I was saved! Go in peace President Hinckley. You are loved!

Member in Utah

We will greatly miss you our dear Prophet, your work is waiting for you with our Savior. We will miss your vivacious smile and loving touch, your dear wife must be so very happy to see you, We will pray for each other here on earth as we know you are being truly blessed at this time. We love you and can't wait to see you again!

The Thompsons

Oh, how we shall miss our Prophet, dear ! What a wonderful man who did so much for the Church and for the world - I can only imagine what a sweet reunion he is having with his precious wife, Elder Faust and all the others who have gone on to the Spirit World. What a grand reunion we shall all enjoy some day - Thank you for all of your words of wisdom at Conference - we shall miss your counsel -and your precious sense of humor ! With our love,The Thompson family from CA

Lynne Stockman

To The Family Of President Gordon B. Hinckley
I am saddened to hear of the passing of Our Beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.
I loved him deeply and will miss him very much. I know that he is now with his Beloved wife Marjorie; which helps to sooth the sorrow of his passing.
He loved individuals of all faiths and has been such a great example for all of us to follow.
Each time he would enter a room you could feel of His Strentgh and Power and Authority. You knew of His Love for The Lord and His Testimony of the Truthfullness of the Gospel.
I love Him so very much and will truly miss Him.
May all the members of your family be comforted as you mourn the loss of your Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.
May you feel an outpouring of the Spirit of The Lord during this time. May you know The Prophets Example of Righteousness will always be an example for all of us to follow. I Love Him and Always Will.
May The Lord Be With You.
All My Love
Lynne Stockman

McDonald Family, Brisbane, AUS

President Hinckley, you will be greatly missed. What a blessing it was to have such an incredible and spiritual man leading the church throughout this age. We had the privilege to meet him whilst living in Utah in the 90's and will forever remember the spirit and power of this great Prophet of God.


Well done Gordon. I miss you

Sharma in Az

It is bittersweet that he parts from all of his loving saints. What a wonderful life he led and what a wonderful man to touch so many lives. He is the only Prophet I've known since being a member and he is one of the most influential people in my life. I love you President Hinkley, you will be greatly missed world-wide.

Heather Dixon

President Hinckley, what an amazing guy. We'll miss you!

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