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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Rebecca Taylor

I was so sad to hear the news. I hoped that he could just keep on living. I will miss President Hinckley and the love that he demonstrated for all. There is so much to be learned from his years of service and from his willingness to truly endure to the end. What a wonderful prophet dear! He will be missed. I will never forget his wonderful words and encouragement to all! I know he is working just as diligently on the other side with his wonderful wife, Marjorie.


Sadness and joy intermingle as a myriad of emotion abound as we reflect on his long fruitful life. One could not help but reserve a beautiful place in our hearts for President Hinckley. Though we might not see his humor or smiling face for a while they are etched in our many memories of him. I hope he gives his wife and our wonderful saviour a hug from us all.

M. Lawrence

Thank-you for all the talks directed right to me. I am a better person for following your inspired teachings. I will go on the teachings living what you have devoted your life to.


Amazing man. Amazing life. Amazing work. President Hinckley, your work here is done. And the world is now a better place. Now rest with your wife is paradise. We love you.

Diana and Kyan

We love you President Hinckley.You will be missed.Thank you for inspiring our lives.


I will miss Pres, Hinkleys leadership and strait forward talk. Truely he was a Prophet of God. I love him and will miss him.


"We thank thee, O God, for a prophet, to lead us in these latter-days"

He was and is an awesome man!


President Hinkley, you're an absolutely amazing person! I'm so happy that you and your wife can finally be together again! Thank you for all that you have done for the church. You will be greatly missed and i love you!


President Hinckley is awesome!!! What a great man -- how saddened we were to learn of his passing.


Non-LDS Here. The world needs more leaders like Hinckley. The 60 Minutes interview he did some years back framed the man very well for those who are not LDS. He will be missed by all but leaves the gift of a great legacy. Your next President will have very large shoes to fill!

Cody, WY

An example that will never be forgotten, and a good and faithful servant who gracefully and faithfully endured to the end. I will be forever blessed for having known this man for without whom I may have never read the Book of Mormon and received the blessings I desperately needed in my life.

Hector E. Vera

He was a great leader, a great man...a prophet of God..Rest in peace!! and may the lord bless his family

LeRoy Navarro

Our prayers are with his family. What a great example for me, I hope to be as active and friendly as he was when I am 97 years old. We will miss him.
LeRoy & Tulu Navarro Menlo Park, California

Rebecca Cox

Say hello to Marjorie for us all. We love love you.

Sue & Leroy Lancaster

He was truly an Inspirational Man with Intergrity...He had so much Love for the People of the World,and he truly did have love for the Members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints.
We are devasted and Sad for the Lost of his Wife and now we Mourn and feel the same now for the Lost of our beloved Prophet "President Gordon B Hinckley".
We shall turly miss him and are so Thankful for all that he has done and shown us over the years!.
With much Love,
The Lancaster Family.


Thank you President Hinckley. You will be missed and loved forever! But there are happy reunions on the other side I know!
Thank you!


I loved him very much and will miss him dearly. How would it be to go reunite with Heavenly Father and Jesus being as valiant as Hinckley was throughout his life? I bet he gets more than a "well done my faithful servant" he will probably be praised up there.
When we pass on people will say that they lived in the time of Moses or the time of Captain Moroni and ask you when you lived and when you say in the time of Pres. Hinckley people will bow to your presence so imagine what rejoice is going on there.
We sure will miss him!!!


Hinckley family, thank you for sharing President Hinckley with the world. I loved and respected him very much. You are in my prayers.


Thanks for the years of service. We know you are enjoying your reunion. God Speed.

Luis Juarez

You will be missed, en latinoamerica lo extraaremos mucho, le queremos

Fam Juarez

Chihuahua Mexico

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