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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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From La Rioja city; Argentina

We loved him a lot in life and will miss terribly. He was a great man. A man of God, a man of faith, a prophet of God; The Propet of the Lord.

We love and we'll miss you dear prophet!

May the Lord receive his spirit and he can gather again w/his beloved wife, Sis. Marjorie Pay; and that his family could be comforted.

Pablo A. Torres

The Windhams Nampa, Id.

We appreciated his humor, his energy and love of life. We will miss him. Glad he is in a better place.


My great sadness at the passing of our beloved Prophet is only lessened by my happiness over his reunion with his sweet wife. My sympathy to the Hinckley family. What a precious man, and faithful servant of the Lord the world has lost. The school children here are wearing their church clothes to school tomorrow in horor of him. We all love him so. We are sad in Arizona. Rest in Peace Dearest President Hinckley.

Tara Nordgren

What an amazing prophet we had for so many years. We have been so blessed. He will be missed by many and loved. I know that he was such a true prophet and that he lived such a great life and dedicated so much of it to this church. I'm sad he is gone, but am so happy for him and what he is doing right now.

A. M. Wagley Family

President Hinckley was short in statue tall in spirit, testimony, integrity and optimism. We shall miss him. His presence always encouraged and strenthened those who were privileged to be in his midst. The Church has lost a stalwart leader; the world has lost a wonderful role model. He may be lost from our view for now, but he will never be lost from our hearts. His example of goodness and hard work will live on in others because he made them better and gave them purpose and love. He lived a life so nearly Christ-like that many lives were touched and changed for the better. Though "That signs 30 for his mortal existance"; it is not the last time we shall see and follow his ways.
We are happy for you, Pres. Hinckley, for you once again reunited with your beloved companion of so many years. Thank you for so much to so many for so long.

Family from Az

We send our condolences to the Hinckley family. He was a great example to our family and we will miss him. His family is in our prayers and thoughts. We thank him for all the great things he has done for all church in all his years of service.


I am so grateful for this special man. He truly is a man of God. Now you are with your precious wife - what a grand reunion that must be. You will be forever in my heart President Hinkley.

Bradshaw family; Hawaii, Alabama

We add our deepest sympathy and blessings to Pres. Hinckley's family and close relatives. We have had personal occasions with Pres. Hinckley over the years and he will surely be missed but we are sure he is blessed and happy to be with his beloved wife and companion.

ben bennett

We truly thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet who has guided us so well in these latter days. We love you President Hinckley...you will not be fortgotten.

Praise To The Man!

Like the mighty Prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith, Pres. Hinckley deserves the praise and admiration of all Latter-day Saints and faithful Christians everywhere. His faithfulness and love for the Savior, youthful energy and sense of humor was truly an inspiration to me. May our Heavenly Father bless him and his family on both sides of the veil as he continues on in the work of the Great Jehovah! Till we meet again, President Hinckley, till we meet again....

Dan and Liesl Maloy family
Enid, OK

The Lundwall

Thank you President Hinckley for showering us with your love. You will be truely missed. We love you!


Forgive my typo. The children will wear their church clothes to school tomorrow in honor of President Hinckley

The Taylor Family (Florida)

We are saddened by his passing, but he wanted to be with his wife so badly. My daughter called from college after hearing and cried for her loss. But the Lord calls another great one in his place. The work will continue here, and President Hinckley will have plenty to do there.


Yes, President Hinkley shall be missed, however we can all be thankful that he lived here among us, and for his great leadership. Now is a well deserved time of rest for him, and then someday, we shall again know his love for us.

Carver Family, Oregon

Thank you President Hinckley and family for all your hard work to help make the world a better place to live. We are a family of converts and your teachings were perfect. You taught us from the Lord; and there is no better way to live than Gospel Standards. We love you


I know with all my heart, President and his beautiful wife and all the Heavens are rejoicing tonight. For those of us earthbound, saddened by the great loss. We earthbound souls should sing and be thankful for knowing President Hinckley is and was a true Prophet of God, and all our lives are zealousley affected and enriched. There is singing in the Heavens! Let us all sing praises to the man!
Pamela Lovingood

The Hancock family

We were so blessed by him, I know we will see him again. We will always love him. It's so wonderful to know that we are able to go forward knowing he is happy May God bless his family and may God bless President Monson.

Russ C

I am a better man because of President Hinckley. Our family is blessed because of his great service. He was great teacher, prophet, leader and example. Though we will miss him, his influence will continue to have an eternal impact on our world.

Kimi and KAILEE

He was a great man! He will be missed by all!!!!!

familia Infanzon

We will miss you president Hinckley. Our condolences to the family. Thank you for all the teachings we have receive in the last 12 years. The Saints in California will miss you but your teachings will always be with us.

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