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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Allan & Linda Jorgensen

We send our love to Pres. Hinckley's family in their sorrow. We extend our love also to his brethren in the Leadership of the Resotred Gospel. Oh! may we follow his incomparable example!


Think of all the families who have been sealed in the temple due to the huge expansion of temples, throughout the world, under President Hinkley's service. This will be his great legacy.

Tom Isaacson Family

This marks the end of an era. Pres. Hinckley has moved the church forward more than any other modern prophet since Joseph Smith. We love you so much and will miss you. May you enjoy your reunion with your sweet wife. Your example of humility and love will never be forgotten.


A sad day for us, but think of the celebrations on the other side. Not only his wife and family but so many others that have passed on who love this Prophet. They must be overjoyed to have such a great servant of the Lord in their presence.


President Hinkley an amazing man with such great capacities. A Prophet for our day. He truely had a window into my my soul and I will be forever greatful for his life.... an inspiration to all.


He was loved by our family and is already missed! I met him almost 30 years ago and still remember the feeling I had when he talked to me. A very special man indeed!

tp in colorado

I am glad I became a member under his leadership. What a wonderful example he set for me as a new member. I will really miss him.

McIntires in California

Thank you so much for your marvelous work, your beautiful example, and for your unconditional love. Enjoy your return home. We love you.

the palkki family corvallis OR,

well miss you president hinkley you were a amazing guy you helped people through rough times and youll be greatly missed but youll be able to see your wife again and you helped me alot thats for sure i just wish that you lived longer tou were such agraet guy and thank you for everything that you have done well miss you and we love you sincerly the palkki family from corvallis OR,

My condolences

I am not LDS, but I extend my thoughts for peace and comfort to those of you who lost a family member, leader, and friend. May we all be so lucky to be doing something we believe in at 97!


es un gran profeta


We all better start praying for the quorum of the 12.

Dale Family in AZ

President Hinckley! What an honor it was to know you. We love you! Thank you for all that you have done to build the Lord's Kingdom. We love you! What a marvelous life you lived!

Wayne and Deborah Moseley

Our prayers are with the Hinckley family. We are all saddened by the passing of this great prophet, but what joy there must be tonight on the other side! We love and honor you, dear President Hinckley.


We love you President Hinckley. Our gratitude for your love and direction will never be forgotten.

Kent Livingston

I can only imagine the wonderful reuinion he is having with his sweet wife, family members, friends, the Propeht Joseph and even the Savior himself. What a great example of humility, love and dedication he showed throughout his life.
Thanks for the may wonderful memories!!!

Vivian Ellertson

President Hinkley's hard work ethic, skill in the media, sense of humor,testimony and prophetic inspiration are his legacy to the world! How blessed we are to have had him this long.
Our Prophet is dead, long live the Prophet!
The gospel is true and prophecy continues.
As in geese flying in formation, the tired leader drops back and a new leader braves the wind. So it is in the Church. We look forward to our new vibrant leader.

Jeff K.



Thank you President Hinckley, for your service and example I will always remember you.


We love President Hinckley up here in British Columbia, Canada. We're grateful he came here for temple site selection last year.

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