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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Macklins

We loved that man so very much. He will surly be missed. We will always remember him for his kindness and his sense of humor. He was truly a profit of God for this time and this generation.

Branden LaBar

President Hinckley's guidance and counsel will certainly be missed. He was a great prophet who was inspired of God.

We love you in Albuquerque

President Hinckley,

We love you and miss you already. Although we never got to meet you in person, we feel so close as if we were personal friends. Thank you for your beautiful example of how to lead a Christlike life. Your words and life will be cherished by people forever. We look forward to meeting you in the hereafter. Love, the Burrups


He will be forever loved and missed by all the people either member or not of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. I recieved the news at the end of a fireside at 8pm when i realized that the last song we sang before we all found out the news was "We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet" I believe that someone was truly inspired to choose that song for tonight. His is a true inspiration to all and I will forever remember him. I love you President Hinckley and am so glad you are now with your beloved wife Marjorie. Thank you for everything! <3

The Holthe Family

Our hearts sank as we heard of his passing. President Hinckley we have loved you so very much. You will remain forever in our hearts. Thank you for your influence, and your perserverence. We will miss you!!

Los Hidalgos

"Loor al Profeta subido al cielo!"
desde Espaa, Ser recordado.

He will be remembered!

Douglas Fugate Family

Thank you for your wonderful example. We have truly been blessed to have had you as our prophet. Our prayers go out to the Hinckley family.


May God bless the Hinkley family because Pres. Hinkley sure did bless our lives.

gina in texas

I am very happy for Pres. Hinckley. It has been so hard for him to remain here with us, ever serving and teaching us, missing his sweet Marjorie SO much throughout all this time. I jnoe there is a huge party going on on the other side! Thankyou for your time and patience with us, Pres. Hinckley, we have learned much and will live as you have taught us!


I will always remember this day till i die. President Hinkley was very very special to me and everybody else. I just want Pres. Hinkley to know that, everybody's loved him since the day he was born and will love him for eternity and I'm only 12.

Bell Family in Texas

Our thoughts & prayers are with the Hinckley family this day as we remember what an awesome Prophet President Hinckley has been for us in this dispensation of time. We have truly been blessed by his service during this time. His name will forever be praised by the saints in these latter days. Thank you President Gordon B. Hinckley for your unwavering testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, your example, and your laughter. You will truly be missed. Yes, you can be comforted to know that you have taught and led us well. Thou hast been a good and faithful servant. Enjoy your eternity with your wife Marjorie, your ancestery and posterity. We will forever love you and will remember the walking cane that is always in style with you. No longer needed.

Carol in Las Vegas

We just lost an incredible human being. The perfect example of service, love, and dedication. Although we feel a huge loss here on Earth, I have no doubt that he and Marjie are kiddie school kids again, having faithfully waited to be together! Condolences to his family,and close friends.


I love that man! What a supreme example of a disciple of the Savior. I will ever remember his example of love. May the sweet assuance of the spirit be upon his family. He has returned home!

Janet Grant

I will always remember and see the twinkle in his eyes. What ambassador for the Lord. What a wonderful leader he has been..

petter escalante esparto ca

i will mis him bacause he was a loving prophet

Robin Nelson

President Hinckley is one of those rare persons I've known who made getting older look not so scary. What a phenomenal man. . .I will miss the wave of his cane and his witticisms at Conference!

D & J Ca

President Hinckley,we love you and will miss you dearly. Our prayers of strength and comfort go out to your lovely family.

Randy Jernigan

You were always a great inspiration to all of us--we will miss you greatly.

Chelsea S.

President Hinckley changed me in an unmeasureable way. I am a convert and inactive member of the church and even with that said I can tell you that there wasn't a general confrence where I didn't feel wholy and completely like the message from him wasnt meant directly to me and the other members of the church. I never met the prophet but I can tell you that I felt like I knew him. I dont always know what I believe and often question my faith but I know that President Hinckley was the prophet of this earth, that he recieved messages from our Heavenly Father and that his words were true and they will continue to enrich our lives. I love reading his books, watching his talks and hearing his message. I am so happy about where he is going and that his work will continue. May this family, the family of the members of the church be comforted and always hold his message in our hearts. He will be ever missed.

Chelsea S.
Vancouver WA.


Todo o mundo est com saudades do nosso profeta amado

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