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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Kelley Family CO

You most certainly will be missed. We are very grateful for all the good you have done in this world. Also it is comforting to know you will be with the lord and your very loving wife whom we know you deeply loved and missed. We most assuradly will see you again soon and know you will continue your work on the other side. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.


I love you! You have been a great blessing to all humankind.


He has been the prophet since I was born. I will miss him greatly. Best wishes to his family. He will get to see his wonderful wife now. I love you President Hinckley.

carolina Coello

We will miss him, he was a great man and a wonderful Prophet.
I'm happy that he is with his wife again.
Our condolences go to the Hinckley Family.

Rick Tucker - El Paso

President Hinckley was a prophet of God and a man of great vision - just like those of the Old and New Testament. His work has inspired me to not only learn more about Jesus Christ - but has placed in my heart a greater desire to follow Jesus Christ. I am forever grateful.

Johnny Allred

I mill miss President Hinckley. He was a model of everything that's good.


i am sad to hear about this. but he is in a better place now. look at what he has acomplished on the earth. hes the one who has built the most temples as a prophet, hes travled the most as a prophet. and he was just a great guy over all.


He was a beloved man, prophet, father and example to many. He will be greatly missed by millions. May his great love for the saints be carried on.


He truly was a great leader and a great man who lived an exemplary life. He will be greatly missed by all.

The Anderson's (Kennewick)

Put simply, President Hinckley accomplished more in his lifetime than I will in a thousand lifetimes. This man loved the Lord and gave this life to the work. We truly thank thee, O God, for a prophet, our Brother Gordon!

Daniel Wilhelm in AZ

I loved and respected the Prophet more and more each time I heard him speak or read his words. He was the Prophet of my return to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints --after a foolish bout of stubborn pride in my youth. I hold his teachings dear to my heart and I know that even though we never met in this live, he loved me unconditionally. I miss him already....

Ron Hair Family - Las Vegas

To a beloved Prophet of God....We love and will miss you, but by the very gift of the living Christ who unites us, we shall meet again and rejoice through the eternities! Well done thou good and faithful servant!


I personaly greive for our dear prophet and know that evrey mormon greives. he was the only prophetthat i ever knew it has hurt me deeply.

Jake M

A Great man who will be remebered in my heart for as long as I live.

The Burnett Family

He touched so many people and their lives.We will miss him.Bit he is in a better place now,e has returned to his father in heaven and is now reunited with his loveing wife.

The Hull fam. from Oregon

President Hnckley will be missed. While President Hinckley was in service, 4 million people were saved.This is a great loss to our church, but not enough to stop us. Our prayers are with his family

Guerra Family from Lima, Peru

President Hinckley has been such a great example of hard work and faithful service (among so many other outstanding personal traits) that he'll be greatly missed. We want to send our deepest sympathy to President Hinckley's family. We feel so sorry to hear such sad news and we mourn his loss. Nevertheless, we're happy to know that he'll reunite again with his sweet and wonderful wife.

We're extremely grateful for his remarkable, touching, and thoughtful teachings he gave us in every General Conference of the Church or in the Liahona.

May God bless the Hinckley's fmaily.

In admiration.

Now that he is out of that body, he must be playing catch-up and doing much more, and at a much faster pace. The man who never rested, is now free to continue on with the great work he was so passionately involved in. Not dead, simply passed on into the next realm of souls, and what a joyous renunion he must be having with all those whose lives he touched, inspired, and loved. Well done thou good and faithful servent. His new mansion is bigger than any in existence on prospecter point!

Christian & Jan Mickelsen

It was an extraordinary experience meeting President Hinckley when we attended his ward one Sunday a few years ago. We will forever treasure that experience. He was so much in touch with the ordinary person and his testimony inspired us to do a little better and be a little kinder. We will miss you, our kind and loving friend, President Hinckley...

Bonnie Howell

President Hinckley was a wonderful man, Prophet, Seer & Revelator. I have been in constant amazement at his vigor & stamina over the years. He was a true Servant and has earned a well-deserved rest.

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