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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mari Fritz

I am SO sad....He will be greatly missed

Smith and Seljaas Families

We will miss you President Hinckley. You have been a strength to our families for many years.


God rest his soul. He was a great man.


We should all be inspired by his life of service. Are prayers are with his family, but we are sure he is glad to be with his loving wife. We love you President Hinckley.

Steven Fisher

What a great man he was. he is truly a prophet of God who has led God's true church for the last 12 years. i am greatfl for the things that he has taught me.

Michael Bauer

I send my deepest sympathy to President Hinckley's family. He was a man of great vision and empathy. I loved him dearly as the prophet throughout my mission and thereafter. He will be missed greatly.


One of the greatest prophets in history...

Grateful Saint

I am so grateful for the truly inspired leadership that President Hinckley provided for so many faithful years. He is a prophet of God.


he was a great man.we will miss him


oh so sad!!!!!!!!! i want to cry!!!!

South Carolina

God Bless Our Prophet! Well done thou good and faithful servant! We will miss you forever! We ever pray for you!

Jessica Evans

President Hinckley was the only prophet I remeber. He was a great prophet who will be missed greatly. But at least we know he is in a good place with his beloved wife again. :)

Darin from SE Pennsylvania

We will miss you, our beloved Prophet. We are grateful for your leadership over the last few decades. You are revered and loved by the Saints in Pennsylvania (where both Priesthoods were restored), and throughout the world. We mourn your loss but know that you are with your beloved Marjorie. We extend condolences to your family.

Darin and Kim Dickey
King of Prussia, PA


We morn for our prophet dear. We thank him for his good service all these years. May the Lord bless his family.


We now mourn his loss and feel joy for his happy reunion with Marjorie. He made this world a better place.

Rasmussen family

Thanks for your service. We will miss him. He was an amazing prophet.

Tyler Ford

Rest in Peace. What a wonder Prophet he was.

Melanie Schaffer

President Hinckley was a wonderful, loving leader. He will be missed. We will always remember his teachings and legacy.


We sure love him, will miss him, and are happy thinking of his joyous reunion in heaven as we speak. Thank you President Hinkley, for everything! We love you!

Dutch Kanaka

President Hinckley was a good man. I'm happy that he is with his wife again. My condolences to the Hinckley family.

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