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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Harriette Hankel

You were (and always will be)an incredible inspiration. I appreciate your life long sacrifice for our good. I know your reunion on the other side was beautiful.


Ser siempre agradecido, gracias por todo, le Amamos, siempre estara en nuestros corozanes, gracias por ser nuestro LIDER.

Pat Christensen

What a beloved dear prophet he was. I will forever revere and love him. How grateful I am for his unending devotion and love shown to everyone in the world. He was truly the "world's" prophet. Can you imagine the great reunion that is taking place with President Hinckley, his dear sweet wife, and all other prophets who have preceded him? He inspired me to be better, to do better, to love more, to show more compassion. I will forever love him.

Rebeka webb

I truly love this man he was the best and he was the only prophet i can remember i love him so much he had a great impact on my life and it so good to see him back with his loveing wife REST IN PEACE.....

Jon & Tamra Cromer Family

Thank you, President Hinkley for your influence in our lives and in leading the LDS Church out of obscurity. Our boys gasped tonight when we shared this news of Pres. Hinkley's passing. They loved him. I am sure they will have good dreams this night, as they think upon his great example and life. Thank you.




I have lived to know quit a few Leaders of the Church but I am sure that as many of you do, we will miss him like no other. President Hinkley has done more for the members of this church and blessed more lives world wide then and one in the modern-day history of this church save it be the Prophet Joseph Smith.

We are truly thankful for President Hinkley.


Words can't describe how much we will miss this great man. On the other hand, what a great blessing it is for him to be reunited with his wife and loved ones who have passed on before him.

Thanks for the kind comments from those outside the church.


After hearing and revealing God's word for so many years, now he can return to see him face to face.

Bob & Sandy

Truly a great prophet. His teachings will always inspire us. We stand in awe at all he has accomplished in his life, and know that he is still working. President Hinckley we love you.




President Hinckley, I love you. God rest your soul! God be with you till we meet again. Thank you for all you did for all of us. I cannot imagine how happy you are right now to be with your sweetheart. That thought alone comforts me!! I pray your loved ones will be comforted.

Non-Mormon Praise

As a native, non-Mormon, who has had the opportunity to watch President Hinckley's evolution, I can honestly say that I admired his work ethic, his enthusiasm, and his intelligence. He was a great leader for the Church, and an inspiration to many people, regardless of their religious affiliation. He will be missed by everyone of our generation who was fortuate enough to watch him work.

John Moss

President Hinckley was a great man with a great spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. He provided inspiration to the Church and to our family for many years.

Now he can be with his beloved Marjorie.

Nampa, ID

The Saunders Family

President Hinckley,

What an inspiration you were to all of us! We could only strive to be and accomplish what you have. You are loved and will be missed dearly. We are, however, glad that you will be with your sweet wife.

Scott - St. Louis

President Hinckley was a great person, prophet and president. He will long be remembered as a hero to so many saints. I will never forget him.

Kevin from Oregon

Words cannot express what he has meant to the Church. He will now take his place among the great prophets of the past.


Truly a great man has left. May his family be comforted at this time. I'll miss the humor and genuine love that President Hinckley exuded in everything he did.

The Lindsay Family

President Hinckley's example will live on as will the many great accomplishments for our society and the world at large. We will miss his steady, unwavering hand on Gospel Principles and truths. He has been a solid rock for truth and righteous living. We will greatly miss him.

Elder & Sister Hatch

President Hinckley we will miss you unique humor. Your legacy will be remembered for ever.

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