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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Daniel Weisler

What a fine example of a man of God! I can only imagine the assembly of those waiting on the other side of the veil to thank him for the work that he did here.
It will be comparable I'm sure to the thousands who will want to pay there respects here.
Please someone represent us Chicagoans well.
You have made me a better person, husband, father, teacher and friend.
Thank you President Hinckley - We love you!


My testimony is so much stronger because of him. It hurts deeply that he is no longer with us. I hope to be able to see him again. God bless him forever for the impact he had on all of our lives.

Manuel Lattronico. Junior

Gracias Pte HInckey, muchas gracias por su maravilloso ejemplo de servicio abnegado, trabajo y gran amor... Su animo insesante me motiva a seguir Firmes en la fe... Gracias Pte..Se sin duda que Ud. esta bien Junto a Su Hermosa esposa Maryorie, en espera de vivir en gran gloria junto a Nuestro Amado Padre Celestial Y Nuestro Hermano Mayor Jesucristo.


I will miss him. My family loves him. He was an inspiration and strength to our home.

C Winterholler

Can you imagine the Huge Party they are having in Heaven tonight. President Hinkley was one we can all relate to and let us know in his own unique way that he was one of us but that he also one that carried the mantle of a prophet. We will miss him.


We loved President Hinckley very dearly. He will always be remembered by millions for the special love that he has always shown for others. President Hinckley was a remarkable person in many, many ways. We have always loved his special sense of humor. He was one of Gods very special, chosen and courages children here on earth.

Thank you, President Hinckley--We will miss you!!

Our prayers are for his wonderful family.

Brenda Smith

We will miss you. We Love You.
Mesa, Arizona

The Larry Welch Family

To be with your beloved wife again is one of the greatest eternal blessings.

D&C Stewart. Ventura CA

Our dear Pres. Hinkley...we will miss you so. He was truly a Man of God. I thought he would live to 100 for sure, but today's news puts that wish to rest. He led with compassion, understanding, and love. He brought us to greater heights....STAND A LITTLE TALLER, etc. I cherish all the wonderful things he taught our family as our girls grew up with him as our prophet.

To his family, our loving wishes of comfort from above. Your know what a privilege it is to have your eternal connection with one so great as he. Such a blessing, to you and to the world.

It is raining here in California right now...I say the heavens are crying over the loss of one so great. The world will MISS Pres. Hinkley, and so will we! His sweet sense of humor was uniquely HIM. There was no better example of a loving and devoted husband and father, than him.

"Thanks for your undying leadership and direction through the years! We love you, Pres. Hinkley!!!!"
We will never be the same, because of YOU....and THAT is a good thing! You have lifted us all up!
God bless your memory.


we thank thee O God for a prophet...one now as divine in residence as he was in life. May his family be comforted proportionally to his great love and service. What a sad day for us all.

Hilario Family Northridge, Ca.

Definetly one of our heroes. We'll miss you but will continue following your example. We feel some how sad but happy because we'll see you some day again.
These are the blessing of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hart Family

President Hinckley will be greatly missed by our family. His exceptional devotion to each member of the church has been an example for us all.

The Hart Family, Everett, Washington


The only Prophet that I really adhered to his words. I love him with all my heart. He is now with his sweetheart Marjorie. We must hold to the rod.


I have lived through many Prophet, The First I can remember is Harold B Lee. I have loved each and everyone and to this day I steel miss each and everyone. I will love all who comes after them and each one will do may great things.

Our love to this great Prophet's family.


President Hinckley will always be remembered of the great work he has given to his people to become more as god intended. I didnt know him personally but the great words and examples that came from him will never leave me and will always make me want to be better each and everyday! I loved him very much and know that he is happy at this very moment with his wife and with god above.


It is true, and we will certainly miss him, but I am so happy because he passed away, and now He can be with his wife. Even when we are sad, I am sure He is so happy.

His legacy is Great!, the progress was so Huge!

Thanks Elder Hinckley, We will try to work really hard with all you told us to do.

The Cavalier Family

President Hinckley, we are truly saddened by your passing, but know that you have been welcomed back home by the loving arms of Our Heavenly Father and by your dearly beloved wife Marjorie. Thank you for all that you have done to make us a better people and a better world.

Idaho Family

President Hinckley was a tremendous leader. He will be missed. Our hearts go out to the Hinckley Family

Jill Kirk

When hearing of the loss of President Hinckley, I felt sad for the loss in my life and also rejoiced to think of President Hinckley is not able to be reunited to his sweet, sweet wife! What a comfort to know that Jesus is the Christ and is the head of the church and also that families can be together forever. I am praying for his family and the families of the apostles. I love you President Hinckley. You have made a huge impact for good in my life!

Paul England, Kelowna, BC

We just heard the sad news here in Canada. We truly loved and admired President Hinckley. Now he can reunite with his beloved wife Marjorie.

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