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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Clark Larsen

This is the end of a major era in the history of the LDS Church.

God bless President Hinckley and his family.

DL in GA

As a convert to the Church he will always be my, 1st President. He endured to the end, and left behind a legacy that will be remembered for all time and eternity. Deepest condolences to his family, but he with his sweet wife again, and his work continues.


He was the president of the church for my whole life. I will always miss and remember him.

Robinson Family

We will definately miss our dear prophet. May his legacy live on as the work does grow. God be with us and his family until we all meet again.
Thank you President Hinckley!


President Hinckly will be missed.Thanks to him 4 million people were saved, including our family.We will be eternally greatful for his commitment to lead The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Pittsburgh LDS

I had the opportunity to serve Pres. Hinkley dinner at the JS Memorial Building when it first opened. What an incredible man. I can only imagine the celebration taking place in heaven....Thank you, Pres. Hinkley. You have left quite a legacy..

The Braga family
Pittsburgh, PA

wells family

We thank thee, O God, for a prophet. We'll miss you President Hinckley.

Tonks Family

President Hinckley you will be missed. You are the only prophet our children really remember. May we always live and remember your teachings as a way of honoring your life. May the reunion with your loved ones be sweet and joyous. Our sincerest condolonces to the Hinckley family left here on earth.

The Tonks Family
Pocatello, Idaho

Jenkins Family

Our love and prayers are with his family. How wonderful for him to be reunited with his lovely wife. We will be doing as someone suggested and going to the temple this week to show our appreciation for his efforts in enabling us to have a temple close by. He will be missed.


What an incredible man and great prophet. We will miss him, yet we know where he is and we are glad he is with his wife and continuing the Lords work on the other side.

The Susim Family, Mesa AZ

We thank Thee God for our prophet! What a wonderful he was and an inspiration to this world. His legacy will last forever for all the temple he built and dedicated to the Lord. May his reunion with his beloved wife be a glorious one!

Denine Kerr California

We will miss President Hickley so much.I am so greatful for the many temples we have now. And for the love we have felt from him. Our love and prayers are with his family.

The Heath Family in PA

What a remarkable man. He lived his life in accordance with his beliefs and set the pace for the rest of us. The world needs more men and women of such integrity and commitment. God Bless Our Prophet Dear.

Hav and Kath

Our dear prophet and president,
A man called of God
A leader so loved by so many
Our hearts are heavy


How wonderful, he is with his eternal companion. He will be missed.

The Bragg Family

I loved Gordon B. Hinckley and all that he did for us. I know that he wouldn't want us to be greiving, that he would want us to move forward with faith, but he will always hold a place in our hearts.

rob powell

A Might Timber of the Lord! He now goes beyond to stand with the great ones, even Abraham, Issac, & Jacob, Noah, Peter, Joseph & Hyrum, Brigham, Spencer ... to name just a few! May his goodness ever be remembered, as the great work of Zion continues to unfold! God Bless President Gordon B. Hinckley and much love to his faithful family!

Trent V.

He is loved by so many and will be greatly missed. I personally am so grateful for his devotion, example, and, most of all, his love for everyone. What a great man. Thank you President Hinckley.

melodie&christine galvan

we love you president hinkley !!!!!!you were a great man who led us to the right ...and we know you are in a much better place and we will miss!!!!!

Sister Gallegos

President Hinckley a true Prophet of God a Wonderful gentle man with a great big heart! He will be greatly missed! Our prayers are with the Hinckleys

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