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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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We wil all miss him and it is a shame that he is gone, but he is in a better place now.


I am so happy for him and for his wife, that they are together again, but it sure is hard for those of us left behind!

hinkley lover

i can't stop crying

karl NM

we all die i cant wait to be with him


President Hinckley was truly a great man. I had the opportunity to see him in Vancouver, B.C., some years ago and was truly impressed with the spirit he had about him. He truly lived what he taught and was a great spokesman for the church. I am sad to see him go.

The Arafiles Family

We will be forever grateful for your love and good example. We have been blessed by your inspired leadership. We will surely miss you President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Elder Swallow YCSM -FH Library

President Hinckley was and forever will be an inspiration to all. For the 3 years I have been a member of the church his words have encouraged me and uplifted me. He will be greatly missed but celebrated in his homegoing. May we live striving to follow his teachings and continue to be his light that he set forth.

Mourning in California

I feel like my wise Grandfather has passed suddenly... oh I wish he never had to. I will miss you Pres. Hinckley... so much. Thank you for promoting peace and tolerance to people of all faiths and backgrounds. You spoke with education, understanding, and your wonderful wit and humor. "Standing for Something" you did and I am inspired to do the same. God bless you my dear, dear prophet and may you rest.

The Fallis Family

To our beloved prophet, thank you for all the many things you have done in the name of our elder Brother. We have been truly blessed to know you.

The Prisbrey Family, Hend, NV

We love you President Hinckley! We will miss you!


God bless you President Hinckley and God bless your family at this time. Thank you for your service to all of us. We love you and you will be well remembered in the annals of the church's history.

Mantel Family

We thank thee O God for a prophet! President Hinckley was a great example of love and service. We will miss you greatly! Although our grief is great, we know that you are very happy being reunited with your dear Marjorie. We love you! Thank You!

Toolson Family

We will always remember you for many reasons - your devotion, energy, humor and making all of us feel better about ourself. I am weeping as I write this!

The Moreland Family

I want to express my deepest gratitude to his family for a wonderful lifetime of service that has blesssed me, my family and the world. Oh how we loved our Prophet. I am so thankful that he is now reunited with his beautiful sweetheart Marjorie Pay Hinckley. God bless you.

The Merette Family

May your homecoming be a joyous occasion! We love you President Hinckley and will miss your kind and powerful presence.

John and Marie Fullmer Family

He was sustained Prophet of the Church the month we were married. Now our five children love him too! We express our love and appreciation to him and his dear family. He was truly born for this 'page in history'. A wonderful prophet, leader and friend to all. We love you, dear President Hinckley!
Boise, Idaho

James & Judy Dalton

Thank you President Hinckley for your untiring service and wonderful example throughout your life. Thank you for the many Temples both spiritually and physically that you oversaw. We will miss you but are happy that you are greeting those who have gone on before, especially your beloved Marjorie.

Tim & Nate

Our hearts are heavy for the loss of this great man. He has changed the course of mankind by his leadership and love of us all.

The Manwaring Family

Thank you President Hinckley for loving all mankind. You have done your part and now we all must do ours too. Until we meet again.

The Bourland Family

A truly GREAT man. We will miss him a lot and his inspirational leadership. Our prayers are with his family.

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