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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 23 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Just wondering . . .

The one source for the story is the player's father. So is this really what happened? Or is he leaving out details to protect his son?

Just wondering about that . . .

It seems strange that an attack would be this random. There has to be more backstory to this. And perhaps it might just be that they were targeted for being athletes.

But, honestly, it doesn't matter why this occurred.

Whatever happened, a stabbing is never justified. I'm really glad that everyone is going to be OK. And I wish all three players a speedy recovery, and I hope to see all of them on the field next season.

Who will tell?

there will be a slip up from the other side as the loose lip syndrome will happen. but avoid conflict at all cost as it could have been much worse...finding the perpetrators will not be that hard. Some are already known by the police for this kind of behavior.


I don't think this is a case of the wrong place at the wrong time, it's a case of don't open your mouth to strangers taunting you, and especially don't go approach them to tell them to knock it off, even more especially in a bigger city where people are calling you names. It's terrible to end it in stabbing. The lesson is don't talk to strangers yelling at you. They should have learned this in elementary.


"(he couldn't recall her last name)"???

Make a phone call and get it! What is this, a high school newspaper?

It's a shame to hear about this senseless violence. I hope the attackers are found. But, you know, that might be a little easier to do if someone would have the GUTS to release their descriptions!


No one deserves to get stabbed, but it doesn't surprise me the football players (ego) got involved, telling the suspects to shut up and throw a snowball at them. It seems more than just the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe Coach Whit ought to address that instead of make excuses for it.

Good Reporting

So we get the whole story, not from the police, but a blow by blow report from the father of the victims. I'm sure it is unbiased.

Especially how Paul Jr. stated "Look this is not worth getting into a scuffle over."

Come on, I feel badly for what happended, feel badly for the families, but could we be anymore biased in a story?


are you trying to be politically correct by not releasing the "detail" regarding the race of the people in the cars!?


Could we hear from the police, not just "good ol dad" whose opjectivity is a little suspect, or I should a lot suspect. Ute football players are not exactly known for being "humble, quiet and reserved." Quite the opposite. Whittingham encourages the aggressive, "put it out there" behavior. What happened was horrific but what did these boys expect. Walking on and keeping your mouth shut would have helped. Throwing a snowball and hitting a car is an invitation to a fight. Don't ask me why but it just is among the macho driven men of the world.


Wow - I suppose that there might be some zoob witness who would give the trib the real scoop. Cougs, your own biases are so transparent with stupid and silly comments like this.


Why is the father releasing details of the incident, shouldn't that be the police dept. job..????..hmmmm

Keep your mouth shut

The players technically did nothing wrong by talking some smack and throwing a snowball. Otherwise great kids easily get caught up in that kind of stuff. But there is no doubt that today that can get you cut up or worse. It's a scary world we live in.


From the comments it is clear that most of these people have never had anything like this happen to them. When thugs are out looking for a fight it takes nothing much to become their victim. They are cowards who come armed for a fight and outnumber you and surround you so there really is no retreat anyway. Amazing how many people find a way to blame the victim.

Give me a break

I love all you "experts" acting as judge, jury, and executioner in a situation you know nothing about.

This happened at a TEAM-ORGANIZED PARTY!! This was a party thrown for recruits on official visits. The football team organized, sanctioned, and paid for the party. That's why there were so many football players and recruits there - it was mandated by the coaching staff. That's why there was no alcohol.

If there was more to it than what was said in this admittedly lame article, why haven't charges been filed against the players? Why hasn't Whittingham suspended them for even one game? This isn't BYU - the U actually punishes players who break the rules or the law.

Please, by all means keep on judging them - judging others is what Jesus taught us to do, right?


Ignoring idiots can make them just as mad as saying something to them. In this day and age the right strategy is to dial 911 as soon as someone starts harassing or assaulting you (verbal or otherwise). Being on the phone to the authorities is as intimidating as it gets. It won't always work, but it is the best bet.

And it begins....

"Give me..." Thanks for officially making this a BYU vs. Utah issue. Good grief, get a life.

You make me sick

How can you accuse these guys of wrongdoing? You think he deserved a punctured lung for telling someone to shut up? Stab in the back is just punishment for a snowball? In that case, I don't even want to think what you deserve.

Based on all evidence that has been presented, these kids did nothing wrong. Too many of you in Provo seem to be having a hard time with that. You know, you can be a good person and attend the University of Utah, despite what they taught you in Sunday School.


Uh, Manase Tonga was suspended by BYU for getting a traffic ticket. Don't think that would ever happen at Utah.

Spin Zone

Wow, could this story have been spun by the dad any more?

Re: Give me a break

Give yourself a break and don't feel you have to belittle BYU any chance you get. This article has absolutely nothing to do with that school. You're no expert on what BYU does, so who is judging now?


I am waiting to read the police report. It sounds to me like the football players were invited to fight and they accepted the challenge. They should have walked away, they are lucky to be alive. I would like to know more about who attached them, it would be nice to have the police out looking for the cowards. Why are the Ute fans screaming at the Cougar fans?

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