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Published: Sunday, Jan. 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Much Admiriation

What a tremendous legacy this man leaves. Nearly everyone will have been affected by his efforts in one manner or another.


I would say this mans legacy was a man that cared about people as well
What an amazing story and a man to have lived and used his money to give to people that needed medical help with inventing useful equiptment
Myself needing a Blood filter for Dialysis and a machine to clean the blood
Maybe I own this man my life too?
Thanks to those that give to the people.
My heart has always been for, and with the people
I just have no money to give
So I did the best in services I could provide in giving what I had to offer


People like this move the human race forward in their embodiment of service, work and faith. My sincere condolences to his wife and family.

following the Ultimate Producer

One who uses things to enrichens peoples lives...great to read about people who have reached a financial pinnacle and use it for GOOD!!! I aspire to follow suit!


Rest in peace. A great creator and generous man. But most importantly, a great creator.

A tennis friend

My thoughts and prayers go to the entire Sorenson and Williamsen family! What a wonderful life he lead

A Legacy At Rest!

We will miss this great man. Thanks James for all you have done to help all of us. The medical filed will miss you greatly and so will we. What a wonderful example to all those who follow.

One Can Make The Difference.

James you will never be forgotten. Your are one of the greatest life saves know to our time. Thank you from all us who have lived because of you.


He was a truly inspired man with a wonderful family that will serve as a lasting legacy.


It is an honor to live in Utah. Here is where such an honorable human contributor such as Mr. Sorsenson lived and gave. I thank him and his family, I send love and condolences.


His charity exemplifies the true love of Christ for all people on the earth.


My condolences to the Sorensons. Having worked closely with him for many years I can say he was one of the most generous and hard working people I know. He will be missed dearly but his legacy will live on forever.

God Bless.


He was a very giving man. He entered many fields that weren't likely to produce a profit(creating devices for deaf people), but he was much more concerned with helping people. He obviously ended up making a great fortune, but ended up giving much of it back to the local area. A truly great man.


His LeVoy's clothing line may not be life-saving as his medical inventions, but they provided us with a wonderful alternative to the worldly fashions. Wish they were still available. I still wear one of the gowns of those many years ago.


Dear Beverly and family
Words will never fully express my deepest sympathies. Among the many memories are the party on Logan Circle where Jim removed his shoes to reveal a hole in his stockings and how shocked you were- what a joke on you.
may your testimonies bouy you up now and forever


another person

I just happen to be another person who knows about his greatness = how he invented a "machine" to save the lives of our military men right on the battlefield = how he gave individuals money for fear he woas going to miss the Celestial Kingdom due to his having so much money = what a great son he was to his parents, tending to their every need. His parents were very happy parents having such a great son. I do not think he will ever miss being being exhalted and have the great priviledge of meeting his Savior. What a great meeting he has either had or will have for being such an honorable Priesthood Holder. Young people - follow the example this great Priesthood holder has set for you to see and to emulate.


The world is pooer today because of the loss of James Sorensen. He was a mover and a shaker, a philanthorpist and caring person. He was concerned about educating the whole child and donated to fine arts education state-wide. Beverly you have my deepest sympathies and prayers. Know that James will be fondly remembered by all who knew him or benefitted from his largese. God bless you and your family.


As a Utah entrepreneur, I must say that James Sorenson was one of my great inspirations. I hope his great works for the deaf and others continue. James is a truly great and successful man, and not merely financially.

Perhaps God will tap him (as an angel) to help manage the Romney campaign? We can use all the help we can get! (With all the good he's done, I'm sure he's earned his wings!)


Thanks James for all of your inovation and kindness. I know that much of your genorosity has not been made public.

Leticia Velez Ericson

I am a Sorenson Legacy Scholarship recipient attending the University of Utah. I am very grateful to Mr. Sorenson and his family for the opportunity to earn my degree. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you tonight. Please know that the effects of his kindness is still with us and will continue to thrive as long as all those whom he helped honor his memory. Blessings to your family.

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