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Published: Saturday, Jan. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Real JEW

I think it is large mistake what the church is doing and as a Jew I would never agree. I do not have the right to really voice my opinion on LDS laws. Although, me and my family as true legal Americans of 2 generations, do not enjoy the many illegals in this country. We do not enjoy freeloaders. We as a family have had to work extremely hard for what we have. Nothing has ever come free to us. However, the Jewish culture is much different than that of Mexican culture.


provojoe said "The Book of Mormon says that no one will come to this country unless they are led here by God."

Huh? Where's that? Where does the Book of Mormon say that those who come to the United States of America (often from other countries in the Americas) are led here by God? It doesn't. You're probably thinking of 2 Nephi 1:6-7, where Lehi refers to "this land." Not "this country." I think most scholars agree that when Lehi made this prophecy he was in Central or South America, so if you want to correlate "this land" to a modern country, it wouldn't be the USA. More likely, Lehi means all of the Americas. If so, then many of the current illegal immigrants or their ancestors were already in the promised land, having been led there by God, before they crossed the border into the US in violation of US law.


The LDS Church is NOT a law making branch of our government. And should stay out of it, especially if it is gong to start acting like a political institution like the Catholic Church has done in past history. Law makers should not even have to go talk to a special LDS committee.


I read the entire article, and found the title misleading. It comes down to the impressions and recollections of two legislators (Clark and Litvack) about the meeting and what they think LDS Church representatives meant. It's hard to tell how close what they said is to being a quote or just an impression. In fact, in one place Litvack is quoted as saying, "I interpreted what was said as . . ." The only actual statement reported to be from the Church is that it has "taken no position regarding currently proposed immigration legislation".

This is just lousy journalism, and it gives the impression, based on interpretations and impressions, that the Church is taking a position on immigration legislation, when the only real quote from the Church says otherwise. If the Church representatives did give that impression, then lets see some quotes and hear from more people present. Otherwise, I don't see how anyone can draw any conclusions.

St. George guy

Not allowing someone who has no legal right to be here, to get a job is just and humane. I have compassion for every one in prison for every crime. But christians need to remmember that God believes in justice too.


Maybe the Church can pay for their healthcare - food stamps - ect ect. I know I am tired of my tax dollars doing it.


The lousy writing, headling writing and editing have opened a hornet's nest. Let's hear what the Church REALLY says on this issue - instead of through the filter that was applied by the "spokesman" and the "reporter". The article raises more questions than it answers. Are ILLEGALS welcome in the Church and in Utah? Should we humanely send ILLEGALS back to Mexico to build up their stakes there? Or does the church really believe that we should bend the "law of the land" and succor and nurture our poor ILLEGAL brethren? What part of obeying and sustaining the law should we disregard? This is BIG! Let's get the story right!

Movin out!

I can tell you right now, and as well having a very large family, and paying full tithing, IT will now end! To fund illegals in our LDS faith is out of the question COMPLETELY. I have a tendency to agree with Family of 7 above. Thanks but know thanks! I cannot tolerate hypocrisy of any kind! I work my darn and my fingers to the bone and have always been supportive. But no longer!!

Sort of Skeptical

With regard to the LDS church meeting with the Utah State Legislature I suppose they have a right to do so. However, with 80% of the legislature being LDS, and the LDS culture, if not doctrine, stating that the church leaders are to be obeyed without question leads to some serious questions about the separation of church and state in Utah.

Some poster's incessant "traffic ticket" analogies to violating a country's territorial laws are specious at best. I suppose extortion, embezzlement, and burglary are also comparable to doing 50 in a 45 MPH speed zone.

The argument that illegal immigrants are not treated "humanely" enough is ridiculous!!! Where else but the United States can an illegal immigrant get free health care, free schooling, and endless appeals (all paid by our tax dollars) so they cannot be deported. Of course, Utah adds drivers licenses and in-state college tuition benefits (how did that happen????).

Bottom line is the Utah State legislature should perform its sworn duty and represent the desires of the vast majority of Utahns and aid in the deportation of illegal aliens. That is what the citizens of Utah and the nation want, not a thinly disguised "amnesty".


The "church" cant even cover up their lies anymore. YES they meet with state officials and tell them how to vote, and YES this is agianst everything that America stands for. Please get a clue LDS and stay out of our policy. I cant wait until Utah finally decides to enter the union.

Larry B

Massive mind-blowing illegal immigration is destroying this nation before our very eyes. This is not a time to "step back and take a deep breath". This is a time to take immediate action to confront an invasion that is surging rapidly and threatening our citizenship, sovereignty, and rule of law. It is a time to put pandering and quisling politicians feet to the fire so they will be forced to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws in the workplace and in our jails and prisons while there is still time.


As a LDS, I would hope that the church is suggesting that the human lives it is concerned with are the Americans'. Afterall, it is their country, their republican government, their standard of living, their hospitals and their constitution. BTW, does the church still endorse the 12th Article of Faith?


The LDS Church is just after the numbers and the Tithing dollars that comes with fast growth. They are a business, and their stance on immigration is a reflection of their business interests. A majority of their membership growth comes from Latinos, so they want to support an immigration policy that enables their ambitious Latino growth.

And what do you think Mitt Romney will do about immigration? You bet he will push for policies that help his church become even larger and grow faster, regardless of the impact on the US economy or security issues or healthcare meltdowns in border states...

Watch out! The corruption of the ancient Christian Church happened just like this!

RE: Church Position

A letter dated 29 Jan 2007, given to legislators the night before the bill to end in-state tuition for illegal aliens died for the want of one vote.

Title: Statement on In-State Tuition For Undocumented Students

First paragraph:
"The Alliance for Unity today announced its unanimous opposition to HB 224, a proposal currently before the Utah legislature. The proposal would repeal current laws permitting undocumented students {read illegal aliens} who reside in Utah,...to pay in-state tuition {rates} at an institution of higher education in the State."

One of the many signers of this letter:

"M. Russell Ballard
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"

Does anyone actually doubt the position of the church in respect to illegal aliens? I don't!


There in never going to be a Great Wall of America. There is never going to be a purging of millions of Mexicans.
It is cost prohibited and our country is near bankrupt funding the Bush Doctrine's perpetual war.


Between Organized Religion, Democrats, Republicans, and the politically correct leftist/special interest groups, the once Great United States of America, will become a socialist, third world nation within 25 years...unless true patriots of the US do something about it. First vote the spineless politicians out of office and replace them with politicians who swear to uphold and ABIDE by the US Constitution; 2nd, personal religious freedom is one thing, organized, non taxpaying 'religious' institutions should not be allowed ANY influence with US or State law.


The immigrants are not illegal, they are Lamanites and LDS and they are the rightful owners of this land. We are the illegals, just read your book of mormon and appreciate the kindnss of the book of mormon people in permiting us to live here.


Comments are monitored.Any comment found to be "abusive", "offensive", ...........,

So many blog sites have this statement or a version of it. These restrictions reveal some kind of agenda by the blog site. It is utterly against the Western tradition of having a free exchange of ideas between the citizenry. It is censorship, Soviet, communist, nazi, style--no matter what excuses you use for it. Thus we can see the slow, creeping, corruption of the internet with regards to "free speech".

Experienced Immigrant IV

I have an answer to the problem as it is and I speak from first hand experience as my wife is from Peru and here legally. What needs to happen is that there needs to be a window of time where we tell all illegals here that they must register and be identified. We provide a non-threatening incentive for them to step forward to where they're not threatened that they'll be deported. We give a window of time to document and account for the illegal population. A deadline is put in place and from the deadline forward any undocumented person found in the U.S. is deported. I'm simplifying a much more complex problem but in essence the government can't expect people to step forward and submit"I'm illegal deport me", nor has the government provided sufficient or has it been responsible in regards to deportation (nor should it break up families) - what it needs to do is to provide a window whereby the illegals themselves can help resolve the problem themselves and whereby they have incentive to do so and to be honest. Dis-honest are then sent home and the sifting happens.


Humanity cuts both ways. Illegal aliens stole my car. The eerie details of the incident terrorized both me and my daughter for two weeks before the car was miraculously found.

As the legislature defines what "humanity" means, I hope they will remember that those willing to come illegally are probably not the kind of citizens we want. The police department handling my case told me that the overwhelming majority of crimes in Utah are committed by illegals.

Romney's got the right idea on compassion: Give illegals already here time to get their affairs in order and then compassionately give them a second chance to come back in legally by getting in line.

Teddy Roosevelt made it clear that they must learn to speak English before they are admitted. That would be an excellent definition of compassion because they will be better prepared to be hired in higher paying jobs to support their families.

As for the Book of Mormon stating that everyone that comes to America is led by God: I'm not so sure the Book of Mormon had in mind the terrorists we've allowed to illegally breach our borders and kill innocent husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

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