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Published: Saturday, Jan. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Any measure to humanize the plight of poor fellow human beings trying to survive, is a good thing.

Anything to counter the onslaught of the Nazi-like hatred directed towards today's new scapegoats (The Mexicans), is the Christian thing to do.


These country is NOT run by theogracy, but the LDS, Catholics, Methodist are determined to run this country by their prospective pulpits. Our immigration problems are hampered by these theologists who insist laws written by congress, that the citizens of this country demanded, are ignored, disobeyed, or made a mockery of. Like the lady in Chicago, ILLEGAL, who hid a catholic church for a year with the complicity of the church protecting her! I am fed up with churches getting into the middle of what is good for the country and what the taxpaying citizens DEMAND from our government. If the churches insist on input, then their tax exempt status should be immediately revoked!

I'm just saying

Who were the first illegal immigrants in Utah? That's right, the Mormon pioneers. Utah belonged to Mexico all those years ago. Keeping that in mind might help us have more compassion for the current round of illegal aliens trying to make a better life for themselves, just like my ancestors did 150+ years ago.


The cost to identify, single out, round-up, prosecute, and transport millions of people, (at taxpayers expense) is cost prohibited.
Aren't you illegal-haters paying attention to the economy?


TO: "I'm just Saying" Try selling your compassion to the families of people illegals have murdered or otherwise violated! If you feel so guilty about the Mormon Settlers civilizing Utah then perhaps you should go live in Mexico so you could feel better.


I also find in amusing about the proclaimation of being humane. What bunch of hypocrits! What about the honest business owner who obeys the law by NOT hiring illegals, but looses his business to one who does because that corrupt church going buiness owner HIRES illegals to under bid honest competitors?! Or our rising violent crime problem with illegals and their gangs?! Or our hospitals, schools, public services are maxed out due to illegal immigration?! We are a country of immigrants...LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! All the church is doing is making an excuse for amnesty...how dare the church try to influence our lawmakers to try swing things the "church's way". But then they will get their way since religious bias is used in this state to elect mormons only.

Today's Youth

People, illegal immigration is bad. It's ruining our country's future. Instead of funding something like a cure for cancer, we are funding people who shouldn't even be here. They give them privileges like tutors when they should just be in Mexico or wherever they came from. Schools are now forcing students to learn Spanish when the funding could go toward something else. The 'No Child Left Behind' program is slowing classes down for people (like illegals) who can't catch up, ruining chances for smart kids who are ahead even more. Nobody should be supporting this catastrophe.


I wish the church would take into account that the victims of illegal aliens are also human. Whether you've been raped, had your identity stolen or been involved in an accident with an illegal without insurance, there are real victims out there.

Reading between the lines, it appears that the church is implying that if any of the anti-illegal bills pass, the church will consider those lawmakers to be demonizers of illegals.

I say we treat illegals with utmost respect and human dignity as we round them up and invite them to return home. If they refuse we can politely escort them. That's our right.

Today's Youth

Even if they're not supposed to be here, we can be nicely send them back to their country. Having illegals stay here and have a low-income job is NOT the answer.


Stop and think about who the audience is here. The Church is not advocating the violation of existing laws. It is addressing the makers of future laws, not the enforcers of current laws. Remember the three branches of government? Shaping the direction of laws that may in the future be drafted is quite different from advocating the violation of existing laws.

AZ resident

The immigration issue is one complex, heart-breaking, frustrating struggle for many--politicians, Christians, tax-payers, citizens, legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. As one who has seen an entire neighborhood lose its culture, the neighborhood school lose all anglo children, and the crime rate soar, racism rears its ugly head. Racism, however, is NOT the issue. People make choices. Those adults and parents who chose to enter illegaly must expect to pay consequences. Were they honesly expecting to forge documents, steal ID's, and forge social security numbers forever? Did they really expect the city, state, and federal social services to support them and their children? The tenets of civilized behavior include abiding by the laws of the land.


I thought the "Church" did not involve itself in politics. See why some of us are scared of Romney


I believe in treating all humans fairly, showing the same compassion for all. I do wonder why there can be two sets of standards for those who come here illegally and those who choose to obey the laws of the land. How can we send illegals to the temple when they have disobeyed a law?

Don't tell me who to hire tyrant

DahktaD, Churches have every right to insist that they have a voice in a government that affects them. If you don't want a Church to have a say then make sure that none of your damn laws apply to the Church. You think being tax exempt is such a great thing but it's not when the laws of the land still apply to you.

How dare you say that the people affected by your vote and the laws passed by legislatures are wrong for speaking out. That is their right and that is the right of every organization that is affected by the laws of this country and anything less then that is tryannical. You are a dictator who wants the Church to obey the laws but have no sayin those laws. That proves to me that you are horrible person and your hateful comments need to be responded to.

I agree completely that we are a country of legal immigrants and therefore think the laws passed by people like you should be repealed and these illegal immigrants should be legal while you can shut up and mind your own families business and not mine.

Hmmm is a tryant

Hmmm, the Church has repeatedly stated that they do not get involved in politics which means they don't support specific candidates or political parties but the Church will maintain its right to speak out on issues that affect the Church and its members like every Church maintains. This isn't the same as getting involved with politics instead it's getting involved in government which is a huge difference.

But of course you believe the Church should just shut up and obey the laws of the United States while not having any say in them because you think this is a country where Churches are subject to the state but have no say. You feel that they should obey the laws but not have a say in them. You think they should keep their mouth shut, mind their own business and honor and obey the laws passed by our country but not have a say. You and those like you are tryants and people need to condemn you for it.

If good people don't speak out then people like you will win and entire organizations will have to obey our laws while not having a right to speak on them.


Thank you LDS Church!! Very nice way to address this very important issue. I hope Rep. Glen Donnelson and other Lawmakers realize that thier statements are as close of an endorsement for immigration reform. Don't forget its the "element of humanity" that we must take into account. The Utah Minuteman and their supporters need to be reminded of this important principle.

Religious freedom gives us right

The best comment on this issue is "In a democracy that is free and robust, an opinion is no more disqualified for being religious than for being atheistic, or psychoanalytic, or Marxist, or just plain dumb. There is no legal or constitutional question about the admission of religion to the public square; there is only a question about the free and equal participation of citizens in our public business. Religion is not a reified thing that threatens to intrude upon our common life. Religion in public is but the public opinion of those citizens who are religious. As with individual citizens, so also with the associations that citizens form to advance their opinions. Religious institutions may understand themselves to be brought into being by God, but for the purposes of this democratic polity they are free associations of citizens. As such, they are guaranteed the same access to the public square as are the citizens who comprise them."

Those of you who have a problem with this are tyrants by nature and feel that Churches should have no say in the laws they must live under but still be bound to do so.

Experienced Immigrant III

I'd again like to bring to attention the generosity of the people I know in Central and South America. I know of hundreds of families in Panama who worked extremely hard to have a temple in their country. Even though it's a smaller temple, their temple is a symbol of unspeakable sacrifice on their part. There isn't a temple in Central or South America that hasn't come into being without stories of tremendous devotion and honesty and testimony and good will. I'd submit the same for anywhere in the world. The church is a worldwide organization of brothers and sisters. In regards to immigration as far as I'm concerned it's like being on one side of the bedroom v.s. the other. One thing I would say to anyone immigrating to the U.S. from Central America is that there sure are a lot of natural resources you guys have down there that we don't have up here - in Utah at least -. We certainly don't have any beaches - especially this time of year. I'd wish the best for anyone, and we get more of that with being members of the church.


If it means more "numbers" for the Church, they will rationalize around the law - then wink and nod and go forth and say there are higher laws!

Moap Box

"LDS Church leaders have told legislative bosses"

These words made me cringe. Like nails on a chalkboard. Like all of my hairs stand on end. My stomach flip-flopped.

The FACT that "THE" COJCOLDS 'tells' our government ANYTHING sends me REELING. If "THE" COJCOLDS isnt going to lean one way or the other on an issue, officially, then why BOTHER.

It is soooo wrong.

A star should be removed from Our Flag. Utah doesnt deserve one.

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