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Published: Saturday, Jan. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I think that immigration is a sensitive issue, but immigrants should have the opertunity to come into the U.S.A if they can fill jobs,i think the stance on immigration on the American continent is too strong, it should be like most of Europe were people are allowed to move freely between countries.

happened to be born in america

I think if any of us were born in a country where we couldn't make enough money to support our family even with an education, couldn't trust the police or receive protection from them, but knew that across the border we could work hard and be safer with our families, I think we would probably jump the border too. It's easier to take it for granted just because you happen to be born a little further north. That's the human element. Certainly there has to be regulation, but these are still people whose motives are not so hard to understand as we pretend. Sure, there is some criminal element, but anyone who believes that those make up the majority is being purposefully ignorant to the facts. I think if you're standing in a picket line next to minutemen and members of the ku klux klan or skinheads then you should probably reexamine your stance on illegal immigration.

Park City Resident

It's one thing to be compassionate, quite another to totally disregard the law of the land and ignore illegal immigration into our state. Seems that nearly every crime news story now involves a hispanic perpetrator. I reject the notion that all of these people are peace loving folks just here for a better life. Just take a look at the 10 most wanted on Parks City's own police website. Also remember all of those Utah citizens killed at the hand of hispanic violence due to gangs or drunk driving (remember the Ceran family).

Compassion is a warm bus ride back to Mexico!


Translation of "Humane Treatment" = keep the illegals here and maybe, as Oren Hatch proposes, send their kids to college on taxpayers money.

This is the most serious problem in this country today and aiding and abetting the illegals is beyond stupid.


I must say that I agree to any proposal, comment, article, etc. that asks us to treat all people as humans?

RE: To Phebe,

May I ask the poster: What is YOUR problem? You post drivel like that and have the nerve to call anyone *else* bigoted? Shame on you. You want to know who's making the church look bigoted--take a good, hard look in your mirror. Sheesh!


Whenever there's a letter to the editor about immigration, the comments section lights up such hateful rhetoric, it's hard to believe its coming from fellow Utahns. That church leaders have asked our representatives to tone it down seems also to have toned down the invective here. Good for them. I've said this here before, but immigrant laborers pay do pay taxes and receive few services. Of those of you who want all these people to get in line, tell me where is that line. It doesn't exist. Our immigration policy is out of date. The numbers do not reflect reality.


You can thank the conservatives for all of the hatred hurled at their fellow human beings.
It's the times we live in.
A nasty, nasty lot are the conservatives.

Another from AZ

I second the other from AZ.
LDS leaders could you pass on the message about being humane about immigration laws to state Rep. Russell Pearce? He is a member of the church and as a LDS I am embarrassed when non-members friends ask me if all the mormons feel the same about immigration.

Missing the Point

Are people too busy bashing on "Bob" to read each others' posts? The key issue here is NOT whether the Church turns a blind eye to illegal immigration and obedience to laws (untrue, OK?). The key issue is whether we ourselves have the human decency to find a humane solution to this problem. That's what the church supports. Period.

Those of you who support mass deportations of all illegals--why don't you just build the concentration camps while you're at it? Those of you making noise about some alleged cultural conquest--back up the conspiracy-theory truck a few miles, will ya? North American culture isn't about to be torn apart by people trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. And people blaming immigrants for crime--some illegals do commit misdemeanors and felonies, yes. Punish THAT group severely. Keep out the Mexican drug gangs and foreign terrorists as we value our lives, too. But the vast majority of crime is committed by people who've been life-long Americans. Many crimes would happen WITHOUT illegal immigration.

Bottom line: Don't turn a land of liberty and opportunity into a police state--or worse--over xenophobia and bigotry. Be humane, decent, and charitable.


"Let us be more merciful. Let us get the arrogance out of our lives, the conceit, the egotism. Let us be more compassionate, gentler, filled with forbearance and patience and a greater measure of respect one for another. In so doing, our very example will cause others to be more merciful, and we shall have greater claim upon mercy of God who in His love will be generous toward us." President Gordon B. Hinckley

Romney Stance

Romney has taken a very tough stance as to dealing with illegals. Mike Huckaby promote a "Kind and Gentle" approach which is similar to the LDS Church stance of "Humane and Compassionate Treatment".

The problem is that 90% of the LDS members support Romney and his stance where only 10% support Huckaby and the LDS Church. The church leaders need to take a second look at their meddling in the affairs of government.

Jorge Ramos

Do the Utah state congressional leaders meet with the LDS hierarchy every year? Is there any other state in the Union where this happens? What in the name of dog has happened to the separation of church and state in Utah. BTW LDS, and the follows of this cult, wants the ILLEGAL ALIEN slave laborers because they and their ILK can profit off the backs of these peons. Isn't that what mormonism is all about? Accumulate for the next life?


Most of the comments already posted are in vain, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has not made a statement about immigration other than it does not take a position. We only have Mr. Litvack and Mr. Clark's interpretations of what the Church conveyed to them (although I agree with them and believe they are consistent with Church policy).
Anonymous and others have blamed conservatives for hatred towards our fellow human beings. General statements such as that create hatred in and of themselves. Consider and research the views of Ron Paul on immigration, a true conservative. His economic and foreign policies would bring economic stability to the countries form whence the illegals are coming (the most compassionate thing a country can do) and maintain the sovereignty of our country.

Undocumented ! ! !

Talk about undocumented -- this blog is plastered with UNDOCUMENTED claims and theories, by Anonymous people. Will you show us where you get this stuff?

And many of you were TOLD "A-B-C", but HEARD "B-C-D", and don't seem to know the difference.

The LDS representatives are visible, with good track records. Who are you?

Then the "Church-owned" newspaper reported it, not covered it up. And gave you a forum to post your opinions from the sidelines. Where's the evil?


Our son just spent his Christmas vacation in Mexico, with 82 other US students, each at their own expense, building basic homes for natives.

When he called home after just a couple of days, he had already seen firsthand why so many of the people there want to "emigrate" legally or not. The poverty, drugs, the corruption at all levels of government, lack of opportunity, crime, cops on the take, and more crime, porn, lack of sanitation, poor education, etc., etc.

We're going back with them next vacation. The more sanitary homes and good opportunities we can help them build, the more they will want to stay and help others build a better life and better country, and the fewer will see a need to come north illegally.

And while this organization is not LDS, most of the youth who go are, acting on their faith.

The deranged are making an issue

Russ (7:57), "I don't live in Utah anymore, but I can tell you one thing. If that happened in my present state, the citizens would ask loudly and clearly: WHY????!!!??"

First, it is typical in most states for legislative leaders to meet with various representatives from Churches. For example, in Tennessee, "The diocesan leaders met with Gov. Bredesen at the conclusion of Day on the Hill, discussing many of the same issues with him." Just in case you are ignorant. The term Diosesan is a Catholic one and not Mormon. The main difference between legislative leaders meeting with representatives from the Public Affairs Department of the LDS Church in Utah and legislative leaders meeting with Church officials outside of Utah is that deranged people blow it out of context in Utah.

The ignorant feel to realize that every action taken by the legislative will have an impact on the Church and its members os they so they have every right to express their views just like the ACLU, the NRA, NAACP, Sierra Club, etc has the right to meet with legislators and have their views heard. It's not reasonable for any Church to be quiet on things affecting them.

Give it a rest nutjobs

Jorge Ramos, yes it does happen in other states. In fact, the majority of state legislatures meet with Church leaders and representatives from most major religions and there are even days when Muslim leaders (gasp) will meet with members of the Legislature. Your ignorance of what they are talking about in the article indicates your lack of knowledge about what happens in a legislature.

For example, an article in Post-Standard of (Syracuse, New York) titled "Bishop and Legislators to discuss public policy" stated "Moynihan and other Roman Catholic leaders from New York are expected to meet with legislators..." Do you get it yet. Every Church has its special affairs or lobbying arm because there are issues which affect that Church which they like to bring to the attention of legislators.

Routinely during legislative sessions organizations will meet with legislators to discuss their interests and the interests of their members whether that organization is a Church or the Sierra Club. This is a basic concept of democracy that you seem to know understand. Maybe taking a High School civics class might benefit you and dispel the ignorance.

Idaho Kid

It has been intresting to note the comments that have been made on this simple statement. To show a little more compasion towards others. What's wrong with that? It seems like some people just have a deep seated need to hate something. If it's not the Mormon Church, or something a Church official says, They are going to find something else to hate. Just think of it. How would it be to go through life hating one thing or another. What a waste.


The difference in Utah is that the state motto is "Follow the Bretheren". And the state song is "Praise the Man". If the Church proclaimed the driving age must be raised to 18 you'd see a bill and a substantial following for no other reason then the church wants it.

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