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Published: Saturday, Jan. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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liberal larry

I'm always amazed at how reasonable, and compassionate, Mormon authorities are when they come on social issues. I wish the leaders would speak out more and enlighten the brethren on issues such as evolution, gun control and global warming.


Once again we hear how Mitt is being picked on. Boo hoo. The church fails to discuss what it has done/ continues to do to others. The church sums it up with its favorite statement - "We are the only true church." Those of us who have been members and have left knows just what the church is capable of.

As far as immigration - I agree with the last poster. The church consistently strives to baptize anyone they can get their hands on. Most ILLEGAL immigrants laugh at American laws. They believe America is theirs and we are the intruders.

Those in other countries join the church with hopes it will offer them a way to America.


Interesting how we each take something different from the article. I did not read don't obey, I read a request to show compassion and humanity as the issue is discussed and the laws prepared. Not living in Utah, maybe I don't read with the same critical eye, but I did not read anything about a request for casual enforcement. The "Church" comment seems very much like very other church comment in Texas or across the country . . . remember that we are talking about people, not just politics, when immigration is discussed.

Grandma C.

I appreciate the Deseret News publishing this article about the meeting between spokespersons for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and leaders of the (Utah?) legistature. For those of us residing outside Utah, this news is an item of interest. Thank you.
I take issue, though, with a common misconception presented here. Missionaries for the church do not "get people to convert." The statement suggests coercion and arm twisting strategies. Instead, missionaries teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to persons who are interested. Those who are taught are encouraged to pray to Heavenly Father about their choice. The large number of persons choosing baptism in Latin countries is a measure of missionary success in that the missionaries are teaching those the Lord has already prepared for membership in His church. I hope my words clarify this for the DN writers.


It is my understanding that the LDS Church teaches that we should obey the laws of the land. Illegal immigrants are law breaking people and should be treated as such.

edwin smith

It is interesting that so many people in this state and nationally wish the LDS church would simply hide its head in the sand, say nothing on any issue and ignore the moral environment around it, when its members come from every race creed and culture in the world. The purpose of religion is to promote the spiritual and emotional well being of the human race in the manner it feels God has directed. Not all will accept that premise, but how can any position of faith be considered strong enough to lift its constituency if it remains mute on issues that affect the souls of its members. The powers of opposition will always wail and detract, but those of faith and virtue cannot wilt and cower when facing its wrath, no matter what the issue.

to Bob

I agree. I was really appalled when I found out the Church didn't obey the legal order to exterminate Mormons back in Illinois when the order was given. In fact they ran from the law. Such hypocrites. I mean, after all, if it's the law, it must be right, and therefore must be obeyed.


The Book of Mormon says that no one will come to this country unless they are led here by God.


The Church is 100% correct in telling political candidates to apply a little compassion to the immigration issue. There is too much hate out there, much of it based on racism. Step back a bit and ask yourself why these people come here. They come for the same reasons as the Irish did in the 1800s, for the same reasons as other groups have over the years. Building a wall on the border, evicting 12 million people and other draconian measures will not work. We need to give people a reason to want to be in their home countries, and that means helping them build economic opportunity. We can do a lot to make the world a better place, and the demogogues running for office are only exploiting hate and fear. This is not Christian behavior. We enjoy the contributions of the immigrant population, whether legal or not. Let's find a way to rationally deal with this matter, not driven by ugliness. Teh GOP candidates need to stop dealing in hate and fear, and act like compassionate Christians as they claim to be. By their acts you shall know them.


Humanity & High moral character in an illegal immagrant? Isn't that an oxy-mormon? If I'm illegaly in this country how can I qualify for being worthy of participating in US citizen programs paid for by your tax dollars or for that matter holding a calling or a temple reccomend? I'm confused by the rational...? Yes, we should treat all people with the love of God while administering the law that protects the interests of the United States of America! "One nation under God, With liberty and justice for all!" Now that is high moral integrity for all.

Not in Utah

The point on LDS members attitudes towards Democrats is right on target. The Chuch has become identified with the GOP, both in the U.S. and overseas. Being a Republican is, in effect, a de facto obligation of Church membership - at least that is the attitude of many. Even many missionaries carry the message. As an LDS Democrat, I have been told many times that I could not possibly a good member of the Church. These people cannot even comprehend the idea that a Mormon can be a Democrat! This attitude must be snuffed! I can let it roll off, but many others cannot for various reasons. This connection between the GOP and the Church is HURTING the Church around the world. If the Church is serious about its mission to spread the Gospel and represent the Savior, it must deal with this major problem, not just throw P.R. at the world.


Huh? The Mormon church leaders sit down with the elected officials before the sessions and tell, er, explain the church's view of issues?
Is this America? I don't live in Utah anymore, but I can tell you one thing. If that happened in my present state, the citizens would ask loudly and clearly: WHY????!!!?? This is perhaps a very good reason to keep whathisname out of the white house. Soon the Mormon church will be sitting down with Mitt about ... well how to conduct the public's business. The public's business. You know, the public. The mormons and non-mormons business.

Really? Does the Mormon church feel so insecure that it has to keep the collar on its own people who got elected to office? And these sheep obey?
Control freaks is only phrase that comes to my mind.

Tell the Mormon church, the "we don't get involved in politics" church, to use the front door like everyone else. To hold open meetings like laws try to make happen. No wonder non-mormons in Utah feel oppressed. Imagine for a moment if the Baptists did that in...SC... how outraged mormons would be. If the shoe fits, you have to wear it.


I did not take it that the church is against stoppping the illegals. I think the Church wants to make sure when ilegals are caught that they are treated as humans and not like livestock that have wandered from the pasture. Whether Americans or not, they are still Heavenly Fathers children. But they need to also be obedient to the laws, and be deported back to their country. I think if you really listen to what Mitt Romney,he is saying just that. When they come here illegally they broke our laws, and they need to go back and get in line with the people from all the other countries that are not land tied with the US. It is that simple, I do not understand why this subject is always made to be so difficult. Just like any other law, you break it you suffer the consequence.


To Bob. Get a life. Do you see a conspiracy under every bush!
No one complains when the evangelicals elect people to office!
It must be nice to complain about everything all the time! No responsibility for anything!


i agree somewhat with Bob. LDS people are supposed to honor and sutain the law, be upstanding citizens whereever they live, and oh, yeah, obey the law. Violation of immigration law and obedience are in fact mutually exclusive - you can have one or the other, but not both. People cannot in good faith be allowed to join the LDS church when their very presence is defiance of law.

Utah Valley Resident

My feeling about the issue of illegal immigration is simply this...The borders need to be regulated and no undocumented entry should be allowed into the United States. This is an issue with all of the states in the country who border Canada and Mexico. These borders need to be totally regulated...no entry into the United States period unless the entry is legally documentated. What's so hard about that? Citizens of the United States cannot go into other nations of the world without documents. What is inhumane about that? I don't care what nationality these people are. This is a country with border and people come here under the laws set up to govern immigration. This has become nothing but a selfserving political football. It is crazy. It will have to start with laying down the law with Mexico and Canada obviously. We can't even tell by the census how many illegals let alone citizens are in this country. It's not a matter of humanity, it is a matter of the law. If law cannot be enforced and we have no borders, we don't have a country, it is that simple. The bottom line is our lawmakers haven't the stomach.

agree w/ bob

violation of laws of the land and faithful obedience are mutually exclusive - they cannot exist together.


adding an 'element of humanity'? How about the church's teachings about honoring and sustaining the law? Enforcement first!

Mark H


It has nothing to do with letting illegals join the Church. Don't let the axe you have to grind with the Church cloud your judgment and get in the way of rational thinking.


There is always room for compassion and it is surprising how contention and misunderstanding melt away when it is present. msm

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