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Published: Thursday, Jan. 10 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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thank you. good timing too.

Tena DeCol

Thanks for putting something out there for all to see and read. With the LDS church being judged with the election it's good for others to see and learn. We need to send this out to the world.


A great idea. I hope the section will include open reporting from all sides. It seems so many of the mormons only want their limited side of mormon views printed. Under their control of information even Joseph Smith would not have had the opportunity to tell his story. I hope the church will give you access to the records and history files in the vaults of Cotton Wood canyon and then we can get some good, true, fair and balanced reporting. Good luck with your new section.

Cool Guy

I have seen and learned of the LDS religion. Thank you DesNews for this. It makes me much more comfortable being of another faith.

God Bless.

Mormon times?

Great idea! But who came up with the name? I thought the Church was trying to distance itself from the "Mormon" label.


As a former Utah Mormon, (now Arizona) I enjoy beginning each day reading DeseretNews.com. And while I don't think the LDS church has to "open their vaults and avail all sacred records/transcripts to the world, any more than any other religion is obligated to do so. I hope "SLC" and others will simply accept that what is correctly expressed and published, is simply who we are. And not look for deep dark secrets that must be lingering in a vault somewhere. I think after nearly 200 years our "fruits" are visible and well known.

Great New Addition

"unfiltered, accurate, and unbiased" ... thank you Mr. Cannon. I appreciate the DesNews' committment to always give me the straight story, untainted by the liberal left-wing media conglomorate. I like my news as pristine as the falling rain, I like it as sincere and free from hidden agenda as a Mitt Romney policy stance.

Can't Wait

Great Idea!! The more people learn about Mormonism the less converts their will be to Mormonism.

The Mormon label will most likely never disappear unless they change the tittle of the Book of Mormon, change the name of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and acknowledge that Joseph Smith was not their founder.

Donna R Bell

I enjoyed reading every article in your new section. I especially love reading what Orson Scott Card writes. He and Jerry Johnston are favorite writers of mine and I'm glad to know I can read their articles every week. Thank you for a wonderful addition to my favorite newspaper.

George H Zinn

You have got to be kidding...The Mormon News?? Isn't the weekly Church News sufficient dogma to remind us who truly runs this state? I'm waiting to see a Muslem News, or a special section just for me called the Goofy Bald Headed Guys with Glasses News. I think this is a subliminal agenda in behalf of the Deseret Morning News to get Mitt Romney elected. If you are hoping this will increase your faltering circulation with your competition, this new section is a bad idea. Utah is more pluralistic and diversified than ever before in history, and to circulate a section to one interest or religion defeats what I feel should be free and open journalism. Joe Cannon, wake up and come to the realization that Salt Lake City is NOT just one great big Salt Lake 12th Ward!!!!

I'm glad

I am glad that the newspaper will be do this. I think it will be great.

And for you who complain, don't read it. Isn't that simple?


Bad idea. I fear it will be more sugar coated church news, church-approved and sanitized.

Cy Schmidt, SLC UT, USA

Thank you, Joe and Staff. This seems in keeping with Elder Ballard's encouragement to use the media to inform others in a clear, concise way of our LDS doctrine, views and lifestyle. I also appreciate the reference back to the fine early Church publication The Times and Seasons.
All the best,
Cy Schmidt

Re: Cool Guy

Er... so you didn't feel completely comfortable with your own faith until you found something you could look down on in a different faith?

I shouldn't be surprised, really. That seems about par for the course with all the petty squabbling between ideologies that occurs so often.


Mormon Times? Wasn't "Mormon" a bad word in Utah?


Thank you for your comments Mr. Zinn.

Often we find people who complain and those who make accusations of others. If we didn't have anything to fear couldn't we hold those complaints and accusations until we have all died. If it is true isn't it wonderful, and if not at least there was hope. At any rate, please don't let hatred and misunderstandings stand in the way of us being men and women.


Sounds great! It's just too bad we'll have Orson Scott Card and Jerry Johnston instead of Times and Seasons contributors John Taylor, the Pratt brothers, and Joseph Smith. Now that was some good stuff!


Wow. More Mormon news in the Mormon paper. What a novel concept! Worthless rag.

Aaron Shafovaloff

"The more people learn about Mormonism the less converts their will be to Mormonism." This is so true. It's like that scene in the Matrix... once you decide to learn about the facts, there's no turning back. I'd encourage anyone to take this time to look at both proponents and critics of Mormonism. One could go to the official Mormon web site or visit Mormonism Research Ministry.


(I can't help it...)

I'm glad to see that religious bigotry on this comment board has so far been limited to some guy who doesn't know the difference between "there" and "their". Nice post...haha

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