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Today is crucial for candidates on both sides

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Go Mitt!!


In 1976 the Republican Party made a big mistake by choosing Gerald Ford as its candidate because of misplaced loyalty. That year Republicans rejected Ronald Reagan who was to become our greatest president in History four years later. If we choose a war hero and a wonderful man to run as our candidate this year we will make a simular mistake. Of the Republican candidates, only Mitt Romney has the ability to beat the Democrat Candidate be it Hillary or Obama. The results of choosing the old "safe" Republican, John McCain or the newer "preacher" candidate Mike Huckabee will be as big a disaster as when Gerald Ford was the candidate and Jimmy Carter won the presidency. Carter, like Obama and Clinton will do, raised taxes and went on a spending spree. WE REALLY DON'T NEED THAT AGAIN! A vote for Mitt will be a vote for a brighter, safer, saner future for all Americans.


"There is no way that our party would be successful in the fall if we put forward a long-serving senator to stand up against Barack Obama's message of change," Romney said

These words can come back to haunt him if McCain is the Republican nominee, and this clip is replayed in September/October.

Why would the republican party want to play defense against the Democrats rather than play to win on their own platform? This weakens the republican party. Doesn't make it sound that they believe in their own message.

liberal larry

I it is time for Obama and Romney to run together, as president and vice president. Their slogan could be

"Two 'brothers' in the white house."

Tai H.

Indeed, Romney and Obama should run together. Their love affair for socialism compliment each other.

One is an inner-city liberal, and the other is a New England liberal.

Either way, neither one has any place in this Republican Primary. Mitt Romney is a socialist like his father.

Go Huckabee!


Well, LL, I had that thought myself (but perhaps for different reasons?) The problem with that is... both of them want to be pres. Who's gonna be the VP?
And I'm not sure I like the slogan, 2 brothers in the White House??

Lost the luster

Mitt, and his campaign tactics have turned me off. He should worry about McCain today and not Obama. I am not so sure he would be a better President the Obama or anyone else in the field.


LL may be on to something. Although I think his slogan is a bit racist. Obama would be a great President. Maybe Mitt would be a good fit for V.P. However, I think he would be a better as a cabinet member or maybe just a tag-along adviser. Mitt for President? A disaster. His flips and flops would lose his Republican supporters and his arrogance would put off Democrats. It's time for Thompson to wake up and run a campaign.

No...anyone but, Mitt!

What a scary thought!

Ernest T. Bass

Mitt would have had a chance had he not run as a republican following Bush, the worst president in history. It will be a long time before I could possibly support a repub, especially one who wants to continue torture and expand Guantanimo.


I certainly hope Obama keeps doing well. Iowa was huge, and another win in New Hampshire would hopefully give him a better standing for upcoming primaries. I think an Obama-Edwards ticket would secure the White House for the Democrats.


What exactly does Obama want to change? Has he said? And has he said exactly how he will change anything without a big time tax increase? You can change right into an economic depression. This reminds me of Bob Bennett's first campaign where the buzzword "change" was the theme, but he never said how he would change anything other than by being "scrappy." Well, Bob not only hasn't changeed anything, he hasn't been scrappy. Barak=Bob. QED.


I have been waiting to see some merchant in Utah run a contest for the day and the time that Mitt dropped out of the race.
Mitt isn't what we need for this country.


Mitt Romney isn't just a joke, he is an idiot. I thought his debate performance was weak, he acted better than the others, and he finally got the public mocking that he deserves. Although I am voting for Hillary, it looks like Obama will win. I am excited for the Obama White House. Regardless of who wins, as long as it is NOT Mitt Romney, I will be happy.


Then it's off to war we go. Got to stop those evil people whose god is different from ours. And, since Mitt belongs to the only true church, he will have a heck of a time working with any American heathens who don't think like him. But hey, like Bush, he can always pray and get the necessary revelation to cause havoc.


I think putting Obama as a shoe in is a bit premature. Once he has to start answering the tough questions I think that Hillary will over take him. As much as I think Mitt would make the best President, I don't think America will vote for a LDS President....too much bigotry here. McCain may have the best chance at beating the Democrat nominee.

Scott E

Blake, by calling Mitt an idiot you just discredited any thought you have on the matter.


oldman: Go to a Catholic mass and they have their profession of the Catholic Church being the one and only true Church, Muslims the same. It is a construct of the past, which is wheezing it's last breath, that position belongs to the religious past. Gordon Hinckley has been moving the LDS away from this position. All churches calling for the uplifting of the human spirit and attempting to live a moral and clean life and purify their adherent to receive the Christ Consciousness of God are rivers leading to the same ocean. These old ossified professions of faith, will be dropped in time. Don't get hung up on them. The bloody Muslim insistence of ideological superiority has been a world lesson and will moderate religious dogmas.

To Scott E / From Blake

Well Scott, I for sure think he is an idiot, regardless of if I voiced my opinion. I promise, you can think Mitt Romney is an idiot and still have a valid political outlook.

To everyone else, I want to make sure that you all know I don't think Mitt Romney is an idiot because of his LDS faith. :)

hey blake

give me three reasons why he is an idiot!!! and three more resons why clinton isn't!!!!

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