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Published: Friday, Jan. 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Because the DirecTV-Liberty swap of DirecTV and the three FSNs (RM, Pittsburgh, and NW) is being done as a tax-free asset swap, Liberty cannot sell the RSNs for at least two years. I can't find an article stating this, but I know its been repeated several times.

What a mess!

It all hurts the student athletes at MWC schools and the fans who want to watch them play.


It just keeps getting better doesn't it!!! So what they are saying is CSTV and FSN Rocky Mountain/Utah are going to be sold to Comcast. So basically, subscribe to Comcast or you are screwed forever. National exposure, forget about it. It's a thing of the past for BYU and Utah. Get out of the Mtn. Get out of CSTV. Beg ESPN to take you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know who to hate more, Comcast or Craig Thompson. How long is are contract with the Mtn? I wonder if the Pac 10 is looking for another team?

Homer S.

I think it would be a good thing if FSN Utah/Rocky Mountain could get the mtn and put it into their channel. That would solve the distribution issue because FSN is on every system. We can only hope this is how it shakes down. Getting rid of the mtn. should be our first priority. Hopefully they can still lose money so it will happen faster.

prediction came true

wow what a surprise. the desperate MWC jumped into bed with a high price call girl and got left instead with a ...well you can guess. ESPN is laughing all the way to the bank and now the meaningless joke in all of college football athletics, the MWC, is left alone in the cold with no where to go. what is the plan now? grovel to ESPN? well i stopped my season tickets to BYU cause i am not traveling 3 plus hours to a game that starts on thursday nights at 8 pm or a saturday game that starts at 8 pm.

thanks to (the worthless, meaningless joke that is) the MWC for proving once again to the entire college sports world how much of a joke our schools are.


Independent, now.

RE Holyoake

In your dreams, look how well Notre Dame is doing, as for prediction came true, our pathetic conference is 4-1 in bowl games and would have probably ended up 5-0 if airforce QB doesn't go down. Who cares what bowl games they are, post season play is post season play. Look how good Oklahoma looks with all thier great appearances in BCS Bowls. Blame the Commissioner and even more so the Athletic Directors of all the schools that allowed this to take place.


There seems to be no good way out. The MWC is a sinking ship; the level of play (in football at least) is considerably worse than it was 8 years ago. Basketball is the same at best. Recruiting is in the dumps (BYU and Utah's football commit rankings are in the 50's; nobody else is even close). In two years we'll be lucky to have any TV coverage at all. Does a 4-1 bowl record help? Not with close wins when we were predicted to go 5-0 against inferior match-ups.

Such despair leads many to ask for BYU/Utah independence. But that solves nothing: no TV contract, no FB-bowl/BB-tourney guarantees, nobody wants to play us, and being independent in basketball is practically impossible (just ask UVSC).

Pac-10? Even though I'm a BYU fan, I think they'd take Utah in a heartbeat, but has to take the whole package to keep pairings and get to the magic 12, and BYU's "liabilities" (not Research I, no Sunday play, etc.) kills the deal. But BYU is what it is, and shouldn't change for athletics.


Wow, your responses are all a bit over the top.

1. No decisions on the MTN are listed in this article. The MTN is a decent product, albiet flawed in the fact that it spends too much time covering things with no national interest (UNLV vs CSU Women's Volleyball? Seriously?)

2. Who's to say that Comcast would accept full ownership of the MTN? Knowing that it's losing money, and that they are potentially MORE LIKELY to fail to get satellite distribution with the sale, why would Comcast accept 100% liability?

3. Alternatively, who's to say that Comcast wouldn't be MORE FREE to deal with the satellites without interference from CSTV? Highly doubtful, maybe, but possible.

In short, you're all getting your skirts in a bunch over something none of you are informed enough to have a rational opinion regarding. Relax, take a deep breath, and step back from the ledge.


Wow! Remember when one of the big selling points was that we were told that the MountainWestCon. was going to be the "FLAGSHIP CONERENCE" for the CSTV! This TV mess is going to finally be the death of this terrible conference. Please BYU and Utah, tell me you are planning for the end.


Hey, maybe something good will come of this debacle. If all else fails maybe the whole MTN deal will fall apart and we'll be able to go back to playing on ESPN (even if it is at wierd times).


I can see those mushrooms all over the country. Wow, did you see that at South Jordan went up puff - that was our local comcast! You stink too Directv and Dishnet!


Let me clarify:

Independent in football. Navy is independent and had its own TV contract and bowl tie-in. Are you saying we can't do the same?

Other sports to the WAC: They already said they would take us, so theres your BBall tourney guaranty.

Now means get to work on it now.


By the way I'd say Notre Dame is doing pretty well. They have their own TV contracts, bowl tie-ins, national reptuation, top recruiting classes, attractive scheduling, etc. Sounds pretty good to me.

Yeah they had a bad football season, but the fact that they didn't win with their talent should be blamed on their coaches, not their status as an independent.

insignificant MWC

Lets Fase it. You can count on what ever happens with whatever comes with CBS, FOX, CSTV, we are not even in the considerations.

Should have stayed..

The MWC should have stayed with ESPN...now look at the mess they are in!

I Hear You KS

I have thought the same thing over and over this past year. As soon as CSTV was bought by CBS I wondered if they would care about the MWC. Take a look at their Saturday mornings and see the SEC tailgate party. I hope someone out there (Holmoe, Hill, Young, Samuelsen (sp?)) can get something done. Is it time to go back to the WAC?

Austin BYU Fan

I think a few poeple need a reality check. Beg ESPN to take us back?!! Are you kidding. Tuesday games. By the end of the contract ESPN only bothered to show one game on ESPN2. The rest were pay per view. Maybe if you live in Utah and get those on KJZZ thats ok, but anywhere else it sucked. I have seen more basketball games live this year on BYUTV then I ever saw on ESPN and the ones they bothered to show I had to stay up into the middle of the night to watch. The CSTV deal sucks, but I think some of us are putting on rose colored glasses when we look back at ESPN. They hated playing MWC games and did all they could to avoid it. They only wanted us to fill out there free time. I would much rather listen to a game over the internet on a Saturday afternoon then listen to a game over the internet in the middle of the night on Tuesday. BYU just needs to figure out a way to broadcast there own stuff. Every satalite subscriber has BYUTV and every home in Utah has KBYU.


With the experience that both the U and the Y have at running TV stations, you'd think they could have started up the station themselves and then sold it to ESPN in a year or two, with a contract to show a certain number of MWC games.

For that matter, an Internet-based channel would have been awesome. Seems like a contract with Joost or another internet-TV station wouldn't be that hard to work out. Charge 100 bucks for the football season and 100 bucks for the basketball season or let people subscribe to individual games. That way, anyone, anywhere that wants to watch can do so. Regular telephone service and regular television service will not survive much longer to the new distribution methods available through the Internet. It's surprising that new contracts are even being signed regarding dying technology like plain cable TV.

Since what happened in the past is all irrelevant now, it will be interesting to watch and see if CBS sells off the mtn. or if they expand it and make it more available. As it is, it is useless and does not make sense to keep. It has to either grow or go away.

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