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Published: Thursday, Jan. 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Uh-- who will laugh at their schedule when compared to Hawaii's 07 schedule. I think the
measuiring stick for respect has shifted from
quality opponents to number of wins. Fear of lawsuits has put BCS members in a kinder and
more appeasing state of mind.


I couldn't make sense of the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs. The 2nd makes it sound like Holmoe considers Nevada to be a I-AA school, then the 3rd contradicts that. Is this poorly written or am I just reading it wrong?


The biggest problem with scheduling is getting the return games. You can point to Fresno and say 'look at all the BCS teams they play' but they're playing a majority on the road, a huge disadvantage. BYU has done a great job of getting Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Washington, and Georgia Tech to come to Provo. I think BYU has the right idea to play 1 BCS team at home, 1 BCS team on the road, 1 Nevada / Tulsa type team, and 1 Utah State / E. Washington team (just one).

Big Al

Not sure what all the scheduling brew-ha-ha is about. Last year's BCS championship teams, Ohio State and Florida, both played incredibly powder-puff non-conference schedules, and nobody seemed to bring that up. If BYU has to fill the Nevada game vacancy with a lower division school, it seems that's just the pattern already commonly practices by the BCS conference schools. Why the flap?


Go Cougars. If they are going to schedule down I would give SUU or Weber first dibs. No reason to take it out of state. Much will depend on the schedules of other teams. Nevada was very dishonest in pulling out of the game the way that they did. I would never schedule them again. Go Cougars.


If Mendenhall wants any respect for his program than he would follow Fresno State mantra of anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Scheduling 2 middle to lower BCS programs isn't all that difficult if BYU really considers themselves a top 15 program. And after hearing Mendenhall tell all of the BYU campers last summer that they are a top 15 program, then go out and prove it.

In my opinion, the goals of BYU's program should be getting back on ESPN, scheduling quality opponents, and continue to dominate the MWC. The allure of the BCS is fools gold (besides the money) if they get there unprepared like Hawaii..

If BYU beats 4 BCS teams in a year then they'll be somewhat prepared for a BCS game..


The rankings are biased, so to judge a strength of schedule by rankings is bogus. They say BCS conferences are the best, which raises their strength of schedule, and then they bias all of their rankings upwards, thus proving their own point. We need a playoff, or at least computer ONLY based ranking system that does not allow voters prejudice, bias, ignorance, or ulterior motives to determine rankings.

If we don't believe the fairness of rankings now then how can we judge them from the past, during BYU's "glory" days.


Hey Dick, didn't BYU lose to UTEP in 85?

tabby tiger

Fresno State would be a great team to play...doubt that they have a vacancy at the right time however.


If they want a lower tiered team, why not schedule in state schools like Utah State or Weber State? At least those will draw fans to watch the game...

how about...

Pine View High School? The are just as good or better than Eastern Washingon...That should help out


I say we play Utah twice. Nothing i would like more than one win over Utah, would be two...hehe It is not fair it only happens in basketball

Bottom feeder

You hafve padded your schedule with two weak PAC-10 schools.... now you want to bottom feed. That's the ay to get out of the MWC and into a real conference....

If you do bottom feed.... go for Appalachian State or equivalent....

Sugar Bowl Observer

Schedule QUALITY!!!


This could all be solved with a playoff system.

wrong number

Boise State would love to schedule another MWC patsy. They would love to roll over BYU, Utah, or anyone else. Probably a good thing Nevada cancelled - BYU would never get ranked after getting spanked by a WAC team.

BCS Football

I hate to break it to everyone, but BCS conferences are way ahead of non BCS conferences. You can't in your right mind think that the Mountain West could compete with the Pac 10, Big 12, SEC, or ACC. Maybe, the MWC could come close to the Big East, but I'd take the Big East champ over the MWC champ any year. So for all you who think the voting is biased, you need to get out and watch some real football.


The question is wether they want a BCS Bowl game or a championship. Either way, they need to go undefeated, but a third BCS opponent could make a difference if a similar season were to happen that did this year, in getting into the championship.(still a long shot, though)

true blue

To confused: Most of the dn's articles are poorly written.

To adress the scheduling issue. Take a page out of USC's book pete caroll has the same anyone, anytime, anywhere attitude. He is also in favor of a playoff. On the other hand Auburn cost themselves a shot at the national championship by scheduling a patsy. Hawaii was a better team than they showed in the bowl game, but they never played a team with that speed. On the flip side they didn't care less because $13 million dollar payout.

I think at this point BYU knows they don't have a shot at a Natn'l title, so they're going for the payout.

OK in BCS Game

BYU should face OK in the Fiesta next year. The Y would win. Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

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