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Millsap pours in a career-high 28 in win over Magic

Published: Saturday, Dec. 22 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Remeber that this is just one game. They need to do it on a consistant basis, then we can celebrate.

Memo to Memo

The Jazz need you at last seasons level. How's your 'dancers toe' doing? We need you back in the lineup. Become a U.S.A. citizen and forget about playing for Turkey!

Kudos to the Jazz for the win over the Magic. However, the NBA eastern teams, other than Boston, Cleveland, and Detroit are pretty sad. Losing to any of them is not good...at home or on the road. During the Jazz slide/losses period recently, it is apparent that NBA officiating is very annoying. No calls and mystery calls are a plague to the Jazz.

Most of the talented teams are in the Western Conference. I propose to change the playoffs to all of the teams get in, and all teams are lined up according to record and are paired off. That will start making the regular league games meaningful. Along with this 'Neverending Basketball Association' situation, the league would shorten the regular season to 60 games; all playoff series would be best of 7. The playoffs could be starting in March, not May. How about that NBA fans and league officials!!

Go Jazz!!


anyone notice Almond had 51 points last night? Why are we looking for a backup 2 guard? If sloan would just change his thinking on young players and use millsap more, Fes instead of Collins( after several years in league is just not getting any better) and Almond who will make some mistakes but can score if allowed to shoot. It is interesting the two teams beating the doors down for Gira is Pheonix and Dallas. I guess those teams are idiots. Milsap wouldn't have played much last night if our leading scorer-Collins hadn't got in foul trouble. Come on sloan we have the players just let them play!!!

Vernal Roid

Great game Paul Keep working hard to prove yourself in becomming the player all of the Jazz fans knew that you would become.


What if Boozer gets it foul trouble, When Memo comes back and he gets in foul trouble who do you bring? you bring in Milsap for either the 5 and 4 positions and the Jazz don't miss a beat. Since Memo is out and you start Milsap and he gets in foul trouble which 9 out of 10 times when he starts he gets in trouble and who comes in but Collins. For some reason it seems that Milsap gets in a better flow of things when he comes off the bench. As for Coach Sloan who do you think Larry will place if he ever got rid of him, it would most likely be long time Assistant Johnson, who has the same philosophy as Sloan. I believe the Jazz will start playing Jazz basketbal, which is team basketball, which also means Sloan basketball. I wonder if the Jazz can get Andre Miller from Philly to back up or play along with Williams, just like Fisher had done last year.


So the bench finallly contribute, it is bound to happen occassioally.

So the win once twicw out of the last 10 games.

So what. Nothing has changed. Same coach, same players.

AS long sloan is coaching,
as long as they using the same system
As long they built around an undersized pf
As long as they never have a star shooting guard
As long the never have interr defense
as long as the never have center

They will never win an nba chamiopship.

So enjoy the win
Enjoy the 45 season wins
enjoy getting knocked out of the playoffs again
enjoy the mediocre draft pick they will envitably get


I agree with rsfarmerjd, give almond a chance to shoot, thats what they need, give millsap the start over collins or okur, also get rid of some fair weather fans, join a debate team

lori mercer

where is the dddddddddddddddddddd

ID Jazz

Poof Road Woes Back!!!! Funny on the Jazz website I predicted they would go 1-3 but did not think they would lose to teams with a losing record and there win would be against a top team in the east. Thats the most frustrating thing about this team and I don't know if it is the coaching or the players but it the inconsistency that drives me crazy.

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