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Millsap pours in a career-high 28 in win over Magic

Published: Saturday, Dec. 22 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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We could learn from Coach Van Gundy's comments about his own club. When the Jazz are at their scrappy tough best, they are hard to beat. Home or away. Kudos to Millsap and CJ Miles for toughness tonight. My gosh, a win against the Heat would be a wonderful Christmas present. GO JAZZ!!!

PS-To all you bandwagon fans--He's Jerry FREAKIN Sloan!!!!


this is what i'm saying on my previous comments. okurs absence would be millsap's emergence. I agree with trex, hope jazz would focus more on winning than personal stats.


I always cringe when I see Deron scoring over 20 points. The Jazz always do better when a third guy besides Deron or Boozer scores over 20. Last year it was Memo and it resulted in wins. Tonights game you also saw Booze passing more which helped keep the magic frustrated because they had to quard everybody instead of just Deron and Booze.

Then when the Jazz started the 4th quarter they didn't let up the intensity on defense and on the first possession they got a steal and kept pounding it in the paint. Fess was also a welcome site with his two blocked shots, that kept the magic second guessing in the paint.


GO JAZZ!!!! you can do it.


How long can Millsap be kept off the starting roster? Collins is a "nice guy" from my hometown of North Hollywood,is a warm body taking up space....but he will NEVER win you 1 ballgame,give all his minutes to Millsap and 5-10 to "the big Rushin"

Just Someone

I enjoy the Jazz and their organization but I also have other priorities. I couldn't tell you everything that has happened in the past. It seems to me the 2007-2008 pattern pretty much, thus far, follows the 2006-2007 beginning season history. They started strong hit a big slump and then picked it up. If this is correct is history repeating itself? What about the end of the year?

J in NY

Keep giving Paul minutes, and keep giving AK touches. Do this and the Jazz will keep winning. It was good to see Harpring back out there, only Paul brings anything close to his toughness.


Look for Shaq to have his best game of the season tonight.


that is how you can play jazz tough like your coach.now they know what it takes i hope they start a win streak. millsap was amazing good job all the way around tough, tough, tough.

Jimmy's Sneakers

START MILSAP ALREADY!!! Boozer can play the 5 slot guarding whichever teams slow plodding guy, while MIlsap can guard the teams better 4/5. Fes and Collins should be only used for fouls. Let AK get the backup 4 minutes that Milsap had and let Harpring get more p/t.

Collins is worthless, get a clue Jerry.

jim b cedar city

Paul Millsap is a beast in the paint at both ends of the floor. I think Meno is just worn out both physically and mentally. HIs time on the hard wood should be limited. Where as Millsaps should increase. If Jazz play this type of game tonight they will pull out a win.


trade sloan while his value is up!


The most ridiculous comment yet. You think the Jazz are worried about stats? Deron Williams could get 30 a night if he wanted. That is NOT what the struggle was. Wow, I won't even comment any further on that. GO JAZZ! We looked like ourselves again.


If Jerry's so great, Larry and Kevin stink! If the problem is always with the players and not the coach (as Jerry and Larry and Kevin would have us believe) then the Jazz can't sign top players; they won't play in Utah! Yeah, pdhitman, so are you saying they should be more like the Kobes in the league? Kobe's got rings! If DWill acted like Kobe we'd win championships?! Yeah, right! There are just three possibilities, as I see it, 1. the players are selfish and stink; 2. Sloan can't control himself and stinks as a coach; 3. Larry and Kevin stink cause they can't bring the good players here. We know the players can play, they've proved it, they don't stink. If the players don't stink, then logically Larry and Kevin don't stink; they signed the players we know can win. So, it has to be Sloan! Remember, he's NEVER won the big ones! NEVER! And he NEVER will! Twenty years is a long long time to go without a championship. Other teams may have gone as long, but they've changed coaches over and over during their 20 years of championship draught. GO HOME AND COLLECT TRACTORS, JERRY!


Millsap starting,,,Memo,Harpring off the bench ...PERIOD


Jerry says, "...they were starting to doubt just a little bit whether they could win a game." Ya think?!!! So what have YOU done, Jerry, during this entire slump? Berate, berate, berate. What "normal" human being on the planet would NOT begin to doubt his abilities with a crotchety old foul-mouth telling them they stink? You say, Jerry, that "they were starting to doubt whether they could win a game."

Don't shove it off on the players, Jerry. Admit it! You've been telling them that for as long as they've been in this slump! No doubt those are your exact words to them in the locker room. I can hear it now; "You (explictive deleted) think you're (explitive deleted) NBA basketball players? My (explitive deleted)! You probably can't win another (explitive deleted) game this (explictive deleted) season! You'll probably go (explitive deleted) winless the rest of the (explitive deleted) decade!"

So, Jerry, you're just starting to think "they began to doubt whether they could win a game?!"



It is now time to make the trade with Sac AK and Jaron for Miller and Artest. We will win the west. Also Artest will not sign with the Jazz and we free up 14 million of AK's contract.


For all of you who say Boozer and D-Will are hogging the ball and thats the reason why were not winning. well just look at last night. they still got all there points (and boozer just about had all of his rebounds). Even D-Will had an average night with his assist. the only thing different this time instead of boozer and D-Will playing with heart and commitment everybody played with heart and commiment. and that right there is the reason why the jazz won. PS i am so happy CJ miles is finnally getting his minutes i have always been a believer in him. here is hoping jazz will end the year with a winning streak!

Youthful Jazz

It's about time Millsap started showing this year what he showed us last. It's almost as if the emergence of Brewer took some of the steam out of Millsap's great last year. Not sure if it's Millsap's fault, or Sloan's for not playing him enough, or not running plays for him enough. Whatever the reason, we need the same kind of production from him this year as last.

This Jazz team is still pretty young, yet we keep expecting play-off caliber play from them. I think the team's trying to find a collective identity that they don't seem to have right now.

Think about it. If you picture the top teams in the NBA every year, they have an identity. They're distinctively different from each other, in spite of their similar records at year's end.

Give the team this year to gel and we'll have a fun one to watch in years to come. I don't expect them to do as well in the playoffs this year as last, unless Fes comes along faster than expected, and our 51-point Almond gets called up and becomes a legit outside threat. Probably wishful thinking.


I would like to see AK be the back up point. Hart can bring up the ball and run the play through AK. He knows how to pass, not just shoot like Hart & Price.

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