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Published: Friday, Dec. 21 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Way to go Utes! Sure it wasn't a blowout or the prettiest of games, but once again they found a way to win their bowl game.

Thanks for a great season!


Don't get too excited Ute fans--you barely beat a team that many athletes can't play for due to rigorous academic standards and very specific height/weight limitations. The fact that Navy kept Utah out of the endzone on fourth and inches is a joke--Air Force (with the same standards) did the same thing to Utah. With the exception of the Fiesta Bowl (where they still even played a pretty poor Pitt team), the Utes play cream-puffs in their bowl games...that's what happens when you finish 3rd or 4th in the Mountain West...you get to go play a cream puff in your bowl and you SHOULD win those games. Try winning a conference championship and playing a better team in a bowl...your bowl winning % will adjust accordingly.

By the way, who is that ANNOYING announcer on 700 AM? One of the Utes announcers just drives me NUTS as he whines the entire time........


TO: Hmmm
Do you mean by winning the MWC Championship that the better team we could play is a 6-6 UCLA team which finished 5th in the PAC 10? Thanks, I'd rather play Navy at 8-4,now 8-5. The fact that the Utes actually win their bowl games is in contrast to BYU which has trouble with that in spite of the 'weak' teams they have played.
Congratulations to the Utes and their miraculous turn around of their season, once at 1-3. 9-4, with a record tying 7 straight bowl wins is a record of which they can be proud. GO UTES!


Congradulations Utes on Extending the Bowl Winning Streek to Seven.

To Hmmm, aka ill-willed byu fan

The Utes battled; they won. They didn't officiate. Don't try to rob them of their time to celebrate.

The Utes went to a BCS bowl. They have seven consecutive bowl victories.

BYU's two latest victories against Utah both came with miraculous, and atmittedly very exciting, plays at the end of good close games. Don't pretend you're far and away the dominant team.

Seven consecutive bowl victories isn't something to scorn. I hope BYU wins, but not for your sake, ill-willed byu fan.

Remarkable turnaround

Incredible job by the Utes to turn around the 2007 season. If anybody was told when Utah was 1-3 with five starters at that point out with injuries that they would finish the season 9-4 with a bowl win, they would have told the teller that they were crazy. Not many teams in the country would have the resiliency to turn around their season the way Utah did, concluding with tonight's game.

Hey Hmmm....

I usually don't do this but I feel inclined to feed the troll, why don't you like creampuffs? May I suggest waffles?

Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Waffles

3/4 cup of mashed, cooked sweet potatoes or canned pumpkin.
1/2 cup of flour
1 Egg
3/4 cup of milk
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
3 tsp. of cooking oil or butter


Lu's Massage Parlour

I didn't know that happy endings were part of the Poinsettia bowl package. I thought this was only reserved for the BCS bowl games.

Utah Thailand

I agree with Mad Max. Is Hmmmm suggesting that by winning the conference BYU is getting the better opponents? Utah beat UCLA 44-6, and did so without Brian Johnson. In fact if BYU had beaten UCLA the first time around, UCLA would have a losing record and wouldn't even be legally eligible for a bowl game. His comments remind me of the year BYU won the national championship by beating a 6-5 Michigan team that I don't think was even ranked. What other team has ever won the national championship with that caliber of an opponent? So much for your tough bowl games.

Dale Newton

To Hmmm:

Who's getting too excited? It was a close win - but an entertaining game - over an 8-4 team that also led the nation in rushing offense. Not a bad accomplishment. Nobody is doing cartwheels, but a win is a win and the Utes should be proud. This has been a good season of perserverance expecially after a 1 and 3 start and with the still missing starters. Brian Johnson struggled in the first half but played a sterling second half. There is reason for much optimism regarding the 2008 season. Congratultions to Kyle and all the players and coaches.


Dear HMMmmmm,
The Announcer was directing his whineing just to drive you nuts, as if you need any help.
It's you and the blue bloods that put the nuts into the UTES Christmas pudding.
Congratulations Utes !
They must be iving right.
Now if BYU could win 2, yes 2, in a row then they could look around campus and see if they can find a chest to thump.

Gary S.

I'm a true blue CougarFan and I can't believe I'm saying this, but: well done Utes. Sure they took advantage of playing an average team 3,000 miles from their home, and yes they almost lost, but the point is that they won. Like they do almost every year in bowl games.

That's the one piece that keeps BYU from being completely dominant over Utah in football: our sad history in bowl games. The Cougs are on their way to fixing that record, but for today, the Utes deserve our congratulations. Nice work!

NC Fan

As a BYU fan, I want to congratulate the Utes. Well done!


1984 is way in the past!!!

Vernal roid;

I can't believe all of the ute and BYU fans still bashing each other no matter if they win or lose, Reality is neither team is really that good and only played close to there potential one time this year,I couldn't stay awake for the 2nd half of the utes bowl game, because I was thinking that the utes would really blow out Navy, Sure they one but I thought that they would play alot better game,should have eaten your Wheaties not Fruit Loops
Because I thought your effort was weak, I hope that BYU can blow out UCLA but I doubt it, They will probally be lucky to win. Just being truthfull.

Jimmy's Sneakers

Jimmy also has an affinity for happy endings...

...Jimmy just never knows how much to tip for the extra service. ;-o

To Hmmm

You just must be one of those BYU fans that nobody can stand. There are too many of you guys out there.

Also, you might not want to talk too soon. You have a game this weekend against UCLA that you haven't won yet. Don't get too carried away.

And if you hate our announcers, stop listening to our games. Your world revolves around the BYU Cougars, remember?

Pittsburgh Ute

Forget about those jealous BYU fans. Why don't you Cougars go whine in your own blogs about your poor bowl opponent and your abysmal bowl record.

This is Utah's moment of triumph!

Brian Johnson totally took over the game in the 2nd half. He was stellar!

Props to the Navy players for their tenacity. These are the kinds of men that I want to have defending our country.

But the Utah players are the ones I want to see carrying the Poinsettia Bowl Victory trophy!

Lou Holtz

My favorite comment of the game came near the end of the 4th quarter when Jereme Brooks fumbled the ball onto the pylon (which should have been ruled a touchback, with Navy taking possession on their own 20). While the replay guys were trying to figure out what happened on the play, Lou Holtz dubbed Utah, "The best non-BCS football team in the country." Does he really think that the MWC team that got shut out by UNLV is much better than Hawaii, Boise State, BYU, or Air Force? What a nut. Even still, congratulations to Utah on another bowl win.



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