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Published: Sunday, Dec. 16 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Carlyle Parker

Good article, thanks!

Rambler Owner

Excellent overview of Mitt's life. Well written.


The Associated Press has a lot of credibility. I am happy to read this article by the Associated Press, it is not hateful nor a misrepresentation of the Church. What a contrast with articles that seem written with a pen full of venom. Thank you!!!!!


george was my gov. in the state of michigan. we loved him to death. great man and grat family. mitt is just like his father george, mrs romney was also my sundy school teacher, a very fine lady. always friendly and sweet. mitt comes from a wonderful father and mother.

Henry Drummond

I remember George Romney's "brainwashing" comment. It was an unfortunate choice of words that the media seized upon. He also said that the Johnson administration's reports on the Vietnam War were a "snow job", something that more accurately reflected what he was trying to say. When the Pentagon Papers were published just two years later we found out just how right Romney had been. Its too bad that people today forget that.

Tai from Barstow

George Romney attempted to hijack the GOP away from Barry Goldwater in 1964, and send the party to the far-left.

Again in 1968, Geroge Romney ran against Richard Nixon, advocating a withdrawel of American troops in Vietnam, thus advocating communism.

Lenore Romney supported the ERA and ran a liberal campaign of her own.

So, to Steve LeBlanc and anyone at the Deseret Morning News that wants to run an article about how Mitt Romney is running in his father's LIBERAL legacy - all I can say is, YOU'RE RIGHT!

Mitt Romney is radically liberal. He is not wanted in the Party of Reagan. He will not win the GOP ticket, just like his pathetic parents.


Mitt's a special person. He will lead us well.

Kenny Rolph

Good article. Good luck to Mitt in his bid for the presidency. He's a fresh breath of air and will be good for the City that is full of stale hot air from generations of embedded insiders. We need someone who has an understanding of how to make money and control foolish spending. We need a business man in the whitehouse to get us off the slippery slope we are on at the moment.

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