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Published: Friday, Dec. 14 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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true blue

I think he may be right on with air force. I want to see air force win,, but they consistently played over their heads this year. I think it's close


If they consistently played there, I don't think it was over their heads, they are disciplined and I think they should roll in this one.

Air Force will win

because they're thrilled to be going to a bowl game. They have everything to play for.

Cal, on the other hand, totally cashed in it's chips at the end of the season and got the Armed Forces Bowl as a door prize. They won't be ready for the different looks the Falcons will throw at them and their superior athletes won't be enough to beat a motivated, well-coached squad. Air Force, 28-20.

As for Palmer, what a loser! Why does ESPN bother giving this guy a paycheck? I guess I shouldn't be surpised that a mental midget like Palmer feels the way he does about the MWC. He's certainly not alone in that regard.

At least May, Herbie, and others recognize the quality coming out of the MWC this year. 10-2 BYU, 9-3 Air Force, 8-4 Utah, 8-4 New Mexico, 7-5 TCU. That's very good depth, right there. Plus, the league went a combined 8-8 v. BCS opponents this year. Pretty good for a conference not cashing BCS paychecks every year.

BYU over UCLA, 36-13
Utah over Navy, 38-21
TCU over Houston, 28-27
New Mexico over Nevada, 24-21

Palmer's a joke

He picks games like he picked his woman on the Bachelor - They were done in less than a month. He's a good-looking former quarterback - nothing more - just a dapper talking head -

SEC #1

I would generally have to agree that the MWC does not have the same talent as other major conferences. Remember, I said "generally". There have been times, that one or two teams should be ranked with the other elite teams of the country. However, there is no way that the WAC or MWC as a whole is on the same playing level as the SEC, PAC10, BIG10.

Re: SEC #1

I have a proposal for you: Let's take away your conference's BCS guarantee, remove ALL CHANCE of a National Championship for ANYONE with SEC ties, refuse all mention of your teams' games or exploits on the ESPN networks, and cut your athletic departments' budgets by 90 percent, then turn you loose on those All-American recruits for a few years with THAT sales pitch. THEN we'll ask why YOU can't seem to compete "on the same playing level." Gosh, that'd be a real mystery, wouldn't it? Maybe it's because we're not ALLOWED to compete on the same level field? I dunno. Just a thought.

money in the bank

Air force, BYU, Utah, TCU will win straight up. New Mexico will keep their bowl losing streak alive with another shocking loss to Nevada at home. Did anybody see The Boise state/Nevada game earlier this year?

What SEC?

You left out BIG12 & ACC and as well this stinkin "big east". MWC did better than this big east since several schools moved on to ACC. I agree that SEC has too much load for any of those bcs conferances. But, SEC are not doing too well how to get the bcs math right who belongs in the bcs NC pie. Sorry, need to throw out big east completely and maybe put in MWC for a replacement. Or JUST COMPLETELY LEAVE OUT big east. And we can see another mid major in and one more maybe SEC would be in the bcs at large spot! Do you live in the SEC country or are you here in UTAH? MWC will be 5-0 after the bowl season. Sorry buckey's you don't belong in the NC picture and you will lose to LSU by a large margin like after what happen to Florida. And LSU shouldn't be there anyway because of this stupid bcs messed! Auburn should have been the NC pie three year ago!

More for this Stupid SEC

Get lost SEC and dump Big East!


Its shocking to hear Mark May give any credit to the MWC. Im sure all us Utah fans remember all his little remarks back in 04'. Maybe thats why he respects the MWC now, each week Utah proved him wrong back then. I too think New Mexico will find a way to lose, but the rest should win.

best known for his appearance

the "Bachelor" says it all. Were he not a pretty boy, Palmer would be selling cell phones with Harline.

May Wants a LV trip?

Mark May has slandered every MWC team for years, esp BYU...If it's to good to be true, it is...somethings up if he's changed his tune.

He even dised Lavell a few years back, but Perkins plumbed him up like and ugly step child. All in all Perkins has always seemed very supportive of the cougars and the MWC.

Not that I agree with Palmer

but the MWC really does suck this year. Our conference is awful. The only reason we have so many teams going to bowl games is that there are so many bowl games. C'mon, the school down south has to play a 6-6 Pac-10 team, that says enough doesn't it. I think Palmer is way off on his predictions, but the MWC had a down year.
The SEC is always over-rated by the way.
We will never know until the NCAA puts on it's pants and organizes a playoff.

5-0 So What

The MWC should go 5-0 in their bowl games I think they are favored in every bowl game they play in except maybe berkley and they have pot to smoke. Of the 4 opponents in MWC tie-ins the best record belongs to Navy at 8-4 who lost to delaware and ball state.

Houston is probably the best team of all of the 5 opponents but their coach walked out on them so they won't be too fired up. Yes the MWC should go 5-0. But it proves nothing. The no tv mess is a real issue and it does hurt the leagues exposure.

And as for palmer he doesn't have time to watch the mountain. I would take ANY of the women he turned down on the bachelor. I am sure he has better things to do then call directv and demand they carry the mountain.

Re: Re Sec #1

What a ridiculous post.

That is like saying that you would like to see how well Micheal Jordan could compete if we took away his shooting touch, quickness, height, and jumping ability. In that case he would be just like anyone else, but that's not reality. Sure the SEC would be just like the MWC if it had smaller budgets, less money, worse facilities, a terrible T.V. deal, and bad bowl games, but they don't.

Furthermore, big schools don't make a lot of money because they go to the big bowl games; the big bowl games make a lot of money because the big schools play in them. The big bowls wouldn't make much money if BYU went to them every year.

BYU fans are such hypocrites. They want the big boys to include them, but BYU is exclusionary to smaller schools. Schedule USU to home and homes. Allow the Sun Belt conference into the Las Vegas bowl, and only then you can gripe. But until you do the same for those lower on the totem pole, don't complain when those higher up don't do it for you.

Bowl situation

The MWC conference should go undefeated in bowl games every year. They never play anybody. Under the current set-up there is NO CHANCE of them playing a ranked team (unless Navy is ranked) in any bowl game. 8-4 will be the best record of any of our opponents, and that will probably be an 8-4 C-USA team.
I think the conference was pretty decent this year. But if no one saw it, did it really happen? BYU was BYU. Utah got things rolling at the end. Air Force was good when it didn't play BYU. New Mexico was the best of the rest. TCU never really got things going with lack of experience on offense and injuries on defense. Wyoming had the best out of conference win, as it turned out. SDSU was better, they were competitive in most games. CSU was down. UNLV was UNLV.
The fact is no one cares about us except us, but that's true of the WAC, C-USA, MAC, and Sun Belt.
Go 5-0 in the bowls, win all our games against BCS teams next year, 5-0 in bowls next year including a BCS bowl. Then we can complain about lack of respect.

to Re: Re Sec #1

I agree the SEC is a strong conference after I spent a few years down there - but your analogy is awful!

How weak to compare the money of the BCS to MJ's personal, God-given talent. It wasn't ridiculous to state that if BYU had the money the SEC schools share due to their B(C)S tie-in they would have increased exposure, increased and improved recruiting, etc. BYU would likely struggle initially if placed in the PAC-10 or BIG-12, etc. but after a few years of increased financials, exposure, and hence, respect they would become competitive (I didn't say they'd win it each year, but they'd be competitive).

The increased bowl payout from the B(C)S helps other schools tremendously. Where the Las Vegas Bowl, etc. doesn't even pay out enough to cover the bowl expenses involved.

By the way, I couldn't care less about those "higher-up" doing anything for BYU. BYU has done much on their own over the years to do things for themselves. They have more wins over ranked teams, more top-10 rankings at the end of the year and more national championships than many of the schools in the SEC.


It's simple, Pierce. The national media does not owe the MWC any respect. BYU fans, such as yourself, need to accept the fact that on a national scale BYU and the MWC are hardly a blip on the radar.

The truth is that the MWC does not win enough OOC games. Win the games and the respect will come. For you BYU fans, think Tulsa and UCLA.

Why is it always the BYU fans that are complelled to constantly whine about the lack of national respect?


Did the MWC play this year? Unless you attended games, who knows for sure? If BYU and Utah fail do something about the current TV contact they'll both suffer at the gate. I'm probably in the minority because I care about both teams but this year my interest faded to the point that I like much of the nation, have little or no interest in what happens in the MWC. My prediction; if the MWC games continue to broadcast on an obscure network, only available to its subscribers, the end of the MWC is not only clearly in sight it's just around the corner and sadly there'll be more and more empty seats at the games as well. Why do I write all of this? Because, like many out-of-state fans, I miss being able to watch the games and hope that someone wakes up before it's too late.


Attention all naive BYU fans! Our conference will never get the attention you want it to get. It is pretty soft barring a couple of teams. We play teams like UNLV and SDSU every year. BYU will never get the respect we think they deserve until we get the *#$%^ out of the MWC and do what we've done in those conferences. I don't know if that will ever happen, but until it does, sit back, lower your blood pressure, and ease your stress by watching BYU beat up on the pansies till things change.

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