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Ex-Cougars Walker and Chow listed as UCLA candidates

Published: Thursday, Dec. 13 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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maybe when he can beat a team out of the MWC he can be taken serious. Bronco is a joke... on the highest level


You can thank Craig Thompson if Bronco even considers going to UCLA. The Cougars have a better football program than UCLA but with the lack of exposure due the MTN TV deal it's going to continue to get more difficult for BYU and other MWC teams to recruit quality athletes. The top notch guys want to play and be seen on TV... that's an important tool to taking their game to the next level. I truly think Bronco is a BYU guy and if the MWC had a TV deal that was at least as good as what they had with ESPN prior to the MTN then Bronco wouldn't even consider leaving BYU. He realizes that BYU could be the "Gonzaga" of college football.

But... Craig Thompson has the MWC going down the same road as his former conference... The Sun Belt. I'm not sure any MWC coach wants to playing at that level of competition in the next 2-4 years. And that's where the MWC will be with the level of exposure they get with the MTN. I can't blame Bronco if he doesn't want to be around to see that.


Unless there's outrageously big money involved, Bronco shouldn't even consider this move, since his BYU (in the next two years) will have a better chance than anyone in the country to win a National Championship! UCLA has no chance, Bronco or no Bronco.

Ore Coug

I believe it is more a way for UCLA, or ESPN trying to help UCLA, to drop the confidence level of BYU players to try and gain an edge. That is if the BYU players think Bronco would consider leaving, not likely. Bronco is upfront and honest to his players and they will see this for what it is, an attempted distraction.

Yes Bronco has been successful, and will most likely continue, but his success is the result of strategy applied to a situation. In the situation of BYU it works well but I do not think it would work at UCLA. Bronco could adapt his strategy, but success is hard to replicate by adaptation. Just look at business and you will see several examples of this failure.


Bronco would be a fool not to take this opportunity if it were granted. Very impressive to even be considered for such a position!


hahahaha proves the intellect of the parameciam is alive and well. BYU vs Arizona, 2007. The score was in favor of the Y, and Arizona is not a MWC team. Also to denigrate Bronco as a joke is another exhibit of irrational ignorance...on the highest level.

Are you serious?

Dave, Please tell me you arent serious when you say that BYU has a better chance than anyone to will the NC in the next two years. Just because BYU has a patsy schedule for the next few years does not automatically make them NC Contenders. I dont think there is a person in the country (outside of utah county) that thinks BYU would have a prayer against the likes of USC, Oklahoma, Michigan, LSU, OSU, Georgia, Florida.... you get the picture.

I like to see BYU win, but this is exactly why people laugh at BYU and MWC fans. It is the unreal perception of the dominance of their program. After Hawaii gets beat up this year by Georgia it will be even harder for a non BCS conference team to be a BCS buster.

Son of Helaman

I wonder if the stories from the BOM would motivate the Bruins? I think Bronco and the rest of the Cougars faithful are underestimating the ability of UCLA to hire a football coach. Norm and Bronco would most definitely be in over their heads.


Interviewing for coaching positions,when one is allready a college head coach, has almost always proven to be a disruptive and demoralizing experience for the "sought after coaches" players, fans and university. Hopefully, Bronco will resist bringing this situation on the byu sports community. At least not until he has a bona fide offer on the table.


"Are you serious?" - I agree that BYU has almost no chance to win a NC in the next 2 years. But, BYU should be at or near the level of most of the teams you mentioned. Utah and BSU have proven that good non-BCS teams can still compete on the national scene. BYU has had early season struggles the past two years, but almost everybody agrees that they haven't been the same team at the end of the season as they were at the beginning. If they can avoid those same early-season problems, BYU should be the class of the "mid-majors" for the foreseeable future.

Do it!

You've gotta think of your family Bronco. BYU has always been known to extremeely underpay their coaches. He would probably double or triple his current income if he went to UCLA. His assistants would double or triple their pay as well. He would also have the awesome chance to see what REAL elite athletes could do with his defensive "system" with real defensive backs.

He would have athletes 3 deep at his disposal at every position and the chance to play for a national championship if they run the table or have one loss. BYU will never have that opportunity unless they schedule two or three BCS conference contenders every year. Sure they could go to a BCS bowl if undefeated while playing pansies, but NEVER a national championship.

Belgie & Dave? Serious?

The think that always makes me chuckle about byu fans is they think the byu program is more respected at a National level than it is. Yes, byu is a great mid-major program. It may be the best of the non-big boys. However, No one cares about MWC Championships outside the borders of this conference. Most people think Utah and Byu are still in the WAC at a Nat'l level. Spend some time outside of Utah and take note of how often you hear about byu football. Furthermore, a huge mistake is made in thinking byu can compete consistently on a Nat'l level with the big boys. Florida, Ohio St., LSU, USC, etc. play quality teams every week within their own conferences. Byu does not have that opportunity. Therefore, losses to teams like Tulsa immediately look really bad without a chance for redemption. Last of all, look at where the MWC sends its conference champion. That is a good indication of how well the nation respects this conference. It puts the conference champion on par with a dead in the water Pac-10 team.


Man, if I'm thinking about taking a job for more $$ in So. Cal, but am in the middle of creating something that I think is special, the first thing I would do is run a look at a blog at the DMN to see what all of the computer geeks think to help me make my decision...

Re: Do it!

You're about a decade late in your thinking. College football is becoming more competitive because of the scholarship limits that have been in effect for quite awhile now.

Years ago the top BCS teams could cubby-hole talent three deep, but not any more. That's why the BCS bowl matchups have been so messed up lately, especially this year. Parity is happening in college football.

If it weren't for the BCS itself causing the cream of the crop giving top BCS teams maybe 1.5 deep in talent, the mid-major schools would be even more competitive. BYU is at least 1 deep in top talent, which is why it has been so competitive the past two years.

BYU is well on its way to becoming a BCS buster year after year as long as Bronco sticks around. He' proven himself to be the real deal. His record speaks for itself.

Nice try, "Do it!" Ute fan.

No National Championship

Being the "class of the mid-majors" does not, and will never, get any team to the national championship. Utah and Boise State proved that they will let mid-majors go to their dance, but not dance with the head cheerleader. Hawaii this year is an aberration. They have a joke schedule and if there hadn't been so many shake-ups with top teams losing this year they wouldn't have gone to a BCS bowl, even with an undefeated season.

Bronco would be crazy to pass up the chance if UCLA offered it, but UCLA isn't interested in investing in Bronco's stock.

john in texas

Attention ha ha ha ha. You are one cynical human being. Try taking Bronco's place for even a week since you appear to be such an expert.

You appear to be one of those people who would be critical of BYU and it's coaches even if they played 2-3 BCS teams and blew them off the field each year and then went unbeaten and won the NCAA championship. There would be something wrong with the coaches, the players, or anything that you could conjur up.

My opinion for what it is worth. BYU does a REMARKABLE job in staying competitive with the
special challenge of utilizing all the returned
missionaries and being limited to recruiting young
men who committ to the HIGH standards at the Y.

And for all of you who want Bronco to move on to more money, maybe money is not what motivates him.
Just maybe the things that motivated Lavell Edwards
is motivating him. Money is important, but it IS NOT
the grand achievement of life.

And that's it for this 13th day of November 2007.


Bronco's comments over the three years he's been head coach don't lend to any concept of his leaving BYU for more money, or leaving because some storied BCS school wants him. He considers his job here a calling, not an opportunity only. Money isn't an issue for someone who's happy to live the simple life.

I believe he wants to be remembered many years from now as the guy who got BYU permanently into the national football scene, as a top, well-respected team that contends for the national title, regardless of conference affiliation. In fact, he probably wants BYU to get invited into a BCS conference like the Pac-10.

Granted, most teams there don't want that, but the BCS itself might cause that conference to expand one day, and if BYU is a top-tier winner year after year, that might do the trick. Money speaks, and if BYU is winning BCS dollars every year from the BCS conferences, they'll likely want to bring BYU into the fold to retain that dough.


UCLA is just trying to distract BYU for this bowl game. If UCLA loses to BYU it is major disaster for their program. Bronco will stay at the Y.

AZ Dave

Typical Cougar fan. Put down the Kool-Aid and get real. BYU better than UCLA. Good team in a so so conference. Nothing more, Nothing less

Take it Bronco!

Hey, Bronco wants a shot at the BCS, so here is is chance. He'd be studpid not to go after this job. Here is a chance to coach in a more reputable conference, get more national exposure, play a tougher schedule, etc. Oh wait, he might not like to tougher schedule part, but he can always schedule down his non conference schedule a little. At least this will give him a chance to prove his coaching ability.

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