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Religion: He focuses on beliefs he shares with others

Published: Friday, Dec. 7 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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I was impressed by what he said as I watched it live on TV. I was a worried that Mitt might come across too contrived, and he might sound like he was trying to tell everybody what he thought they wanted to hear. It was sincere and honest. The media response was very positive. Over all this will work out to help him get elected.

Flake kid

I understand that Romney wrote his own speech and that what he said was obviously from the heart. You can disagree with a man like that but you have to respect him.

Richard G.

Romney displays a complete lack of understanding of separation of church and state, and denigrated those of us who do not believe religious fairy tales. Nonbelievers are good Americans too. Government should be secular. Religious people have complete freedom to believe, pray etc. where ever they want EXCEPT they shouldn't use the government to advance their religios agenda. The religious right has hijacked the U.S. Constitution. Romney's speech kissed the backsides of these evangelical fascist theocrats to show he endorses their agenda for imposing personal religious beliefs on all of us via government.


This speech did it for Romney. Now is not the time to mess around with third rate candidates like Ron Paul (who I like) or Mike Huckabee. A vote for them is a vote for Giuliani, who will completely destroy the Republican party if he wins the nomination. I don't even believe Giuliani can beat Hillary. Why? Because there isn't much difference between the two, and even I (a Republican through and through) will vote for Hillary vs Giuliani. A wolf in wolfs clothing is far less dangerous to this country than a wolf in sheeps clothing. So really a vote for Ron Paul or Huckabee is a vote for Hillary!

lynn h.

Fantastic. I wouldn't change a word. Inspiring!


Even if Romney doesn't get elected I hope that the other republican candidates will be inspired by his words.


The speech was disturbing and self-contradictory. On one hand, Romney speaks of the separation between church and state, and on the other he says we need more religion in our discussions of public policy.

He insultingly denounced people who are secular, as if we are anti-moral and anti-American.

The most egregious form of political correctness is this deference to so-called "people of faith" on matters of morality. If our politics is going to be increasingly polluted with religion, we can no longer be polite to the faith-based.

My opposition to Romney is reaffirmed.


It may be a symphony, mitt, but I know who you expect will be conducting and who will be in the back playing the triangle and who will be the roadie.

You did a good job championing the church's rebranding efforts ("we're more normal than you!") but outside utah this is a tempest in a teacup.

When your words reflect life in Utah, or life in Utah reflects your words, then I will believe.


I listened to and watched Mitt Romney's speech, and I feel he hit the nail on the mark. He did a great job!! Everything he said came from his heart and he didn't jeapordize anything. He didn't put anyone down and if some think he did they really weren't listening. He stood for his beliefs and for what these the United States of America is supposed to stand for and what our founding fore fathers wrote in the Constitution and that is Freedom of Religion and Liberty. Nobody should be judged by their faith. Mitt you did GREAT!!!


What Romney said was true and in harmony with the founding principles of our great nation. Truth is truth whether you like it or not, it is still truth. There is much to learn about Mormonism from his address. Some people hear the truth and can't stand it, but the truth is still true. Our liberty was and is a Gift from God, Freedom and Religion with tolerance must support each other. Those offended by this speech must be opponents to freedom and liberty.

Bob Kjar

Romney's speech was a signature moment in American history. It brought us back to ground level and introduced us once again to our forefather's principles. His testamony is one that will be listened to and respected throughout the world.


I feel that he did not give the world quite what they were hoping for, in not claiming or disclaiming certain aspects of the doctrines of the LDS church, but as he stated, it would be unconstitutional if he had to defend his faith or preach from a political pulpit. I think that he did well at building on commonalities between not only Christian religions, but those of other faiths, such as Muslim. He also reminded the nation of our religious heritage and the need to keep religion and freedom together, otherwise the nation will fail. I commend Mitt Romney on his courage and delivery.

Kyle in AZ

To be honest I fully expected another mediocre pre-presidential speech that would draw some media coverage and then die. This speech was unreal! This is the kind of leader this nation needs at this time. Could you imagine any of the other candidates even coming close to giving something like this?


I didn't read or hear the whole speach but am very impressed with what I did hear. Isn't it wonderful to see a man who is faithful to his wife and family. It sure says quite a bit about a man who honors his family. It seems like he would honor his committment to our beautiful country also.

Separation - no such thing

Separation of church and state- hmmm. Let's see that is detailed in which amendment to the constitution? NOT. That's right,there is no such ammendment. Never has been. This idea was hatched up by politians to apease the atheist crowd. Read Washington, Jefferson and Adams writings and you will find NO separation mentioned or even suggested. Interestingly enough today, you find the ACLU and other cancerous organizattions preaching plently about atheism and that is fine - I guess but don't any one dare mention the name of Jesus Christ . Pure political hypocracy.

David S

"Richard G" suffers from the delusion that something like "the separation of church and state exists", it doesn't and it was never written as part of official law in this country until some rogue judge in the 30's made it so. The founders of this country clearly believed in a religion-centered government, just not in a government religion. Two days after writing the "separation" comment that today is erroneously-applied by religion-haters Thomas Jefferson attended church ... in a service that was regularly held in the U.S. Capitol Building.


I am a lifelong Mormon who admittedly has lost much of his testimony due to the history and early doctrines of the Church. But Romney's speech made me very proud of my LDS heritage. I believe he is someone who sheds a very bright and positive light on all that is good about the Church. And I like that, despite having to posture otherwise, he is probably a real Bush Sr. moderate at heart.

Re: Richard G.

As a non-practicing Catholic living in Utah, I found Romney's speech very impressive. It was patriotic, well-reasoned, and surprisingly inspiring.

Like Richard G., I too noticed that while Romney was careful to be inclusive of all faiths, he did seem to stop short of including people who do not believe in God.

On the other hand, neither Romney, nor any Mormon I've talked to, has demonstrated the blatant lack of tolerance for others' beliefs as he did here.

If that is what atheists think of others, and this is how they treat them, then I'm happy to hang on to my "fairy tale" beliefs.

Think what you will of people of faith, but the truth is, if everyone believed and behaved as him, clearly this would would be a much worse place.

Why tear down other people for what they believe? Why not discuss instead the merits of what YOU believe?

Failing to do so leaves us with the conclusion that perhaps there ARE no merits to atheism -- particularly when we see how miserable atheists are.

Rob S

In my opinion, way too much media coverage has been given this non-issue. The real issue is Mr. Romney's pandering to the "group of the day" that will garner him the most support (votes, money, etc.) and the back peddling / damage control / spin that follows.

The perceived concern is the influence the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints would have on the Romney administration .... how is this different from the influence of Evangelical Christians on (enter administration name here)?

The difference, it's not their influence on the administration.


Romney made a fine speech that he shouldn't have had to make. Democrats are never asked about their faith or religion. It just shows the bias of the media. I can support any candidate that recognizes we have a serious immigration problem, but after Bubba, it would be nice to have someone with family values and integrity. This country desperately needs this. I do believe Romney is one who would be that person.

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