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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bleeds blue

This criticism is coming from a writer who recently wrote a story saying a "Utahn" had won dancing with the stars, but then no where in his story did he ever mentioned the connection to Utah. And he claims to be professional? And what about the fact that the Dnews even promoted its own BYU writer as "bleeding blue." The only homer around is KSL Wrubell, who actually took the stage after the win and led BYU's celebration. Now that's unprofessional and embarassing.

Norge Coug

Maybe in your next column you can comment on the biggest homers since Harry Care:, Frank Dolce and co.

SJ Bobkins

Let's all hope and pray that the unworkable "the mnt" soon sinks back into depths of hades from whence it was created, by unwise and unknowing, college presidents. What an idea, "let's have our own network, but make it so nobody outside the small cities that make up most MWC college towns, can find visual evidence that the teams exist".
I'm betting it was the WAC that secretly put up the money to keep their competitor off the satellites, so they wouldn't have to compete with the MWC for ESPN coverage. Putting college presidents in charge of conference athletics is like appointing Richard Nixon to run professional "wrestling".
Imagine letting stuffed shirted men and a woman, who never got their pants dirty or anything but A+'s and always came the first time their mom called as kids now having any idea how the hardscrabble, dirty and sweaty world of sports works. I'd rather give my youngest child an AK-47 (not the kind that cries) for Christmas. You want play-offs and to see your team play, let the AD's make the decisions.

Channel 4?

Never watch it anyway. Doesn't sound like I'm missing much.


This is an embarrassment. You owe readers an apology for writing this.


Why do they keep removing comments that are negative regarding the article but not offensive? Hmmmm, now I can no longer read the desnews or the trib. Like Putin, Big brother in Utah has effective control of the press:)


Saw the show and thought the announcers had been cued ahead of time to make the points that Whittingham wanted to make, but couldn't without sounding like a whiner. Channel 4 leads with bias.


Be quiet BYU Fan.


That's funny. You diplay your BYU homerism in this article in which you complain about people being Utah homers. Pretty Hypocritical. LOL.

Utah Ute 72

Is there any media in this market that doesn't wear BYU blue tinted glasses. I have my own issues with the coaches show, like Rupp and Rupe laughing thoughout the show after the OSU loss and injuries, but come on, it's a coaches show, what do you want them to say" "Yep you guys played terrible and BYU is great", like every other media person in the local area.

What a thing to write about...

The war in Iraq, disease, wildfires, crime, the weather. These are some things to write about.
You must have some kind of vendetta against Ruff. I am not a fan of either team, but can clearly see that whoever wrote this sympathizes with BYU. I thought we believed in freedom of speech in this country....


The mtn. stinks.


Obviously, Mr. Pierce is a Y fan so why does he watch the Red Zone? I see nothing wrong with them being a "cheerleader" and promoting the Utes. The other channels do a good job of "cheerleading" the Y, so get a grip.
As for the poor officiating in the game, the refs really need to make the calls throughout the game, not just at the end. The officials did a poor job overall, missing calls on both sides. Good job by Coach W for keeping quiet when asked about the officials.
Enough said. GO UTES!

Ch. 4 used to be pro BYU

And Ruff seemed to be a big BYU homer. This was 10 years ago or so.

I guess they follow whoever is paying the bills.

Trojan man

I am a USC man all the way. I can't stand to watch Tom Kirkland. He is the biggest BYU cheerleader in the state. I have seen the channel 4 show as well, and I haven't noticed the cheerleading that I see with Tom "Cougar" Kirkland. Maybe I need to watch more. How come non of the cougar fans aren't upset that in the last two years they have lost 4 games they should have won? If they would be ready to play from the start of the year, they would be in the BCS. It is time to see BYU set their sights on more than just beating up on a weak mountain west and try and do something real.

Mike in Austin

Wow.... I like you Scott. But, to complain about Utah media being homers for the Utes as it relates to BYU is a bit over-the-top don't you think?

Seriously, since moving to Texas 8 years ago, (while still reading Utah newspapers on an almost daily basis), it's clear to me that the majority of media in Utah are BYU homers. Of course, media are people too and favor their own teams. But, it's a stretch to think the media in Utah favors Utah over BYU.

Wes Ruff is a Cougar

That doesn't make sense to me since Wesley Ruff is a BYU alum. I have worked on the sidelines with him in the past and I didn't get a sense that he was a Utah fan.

My guess is that KTVX is pushing for them to be Ute "Homers" to give an outlet for those that only have the Kirkland show to watch. In the end it comes down to picking a format that will draw in viewers.

There is nothing wrong with sports anchors picking sides in a local market. It happens all the time. Sports journalism has more bias than political journalism, but that is what keeps it interesting.


There is no question that channel 4 sports is by far the worst. I watch Channel 2, which I feel is the best and then Channel 5.

1-Ch. 2
2-Ch. 5
3-Ch. 13
5-My kid's jr. high
6-Ch. 4


Stupid article (talk about the pot calling the kettle black!), but maybe you're on to something here. Whether it's BYU or Utah, having homers interview coaches is like pouring gas on a fire, and it becomes painful to watch.

So how about this?.......let's have Utah homers host the BYU coaches show, and BYU homers host the Utah coaches show. Let's watch Kyle and Bronco squirm! At least it would be entertaining.

an observation.....

I would expect the Ute show on Channel 4 and the Cougar coaches show (on channel 5 still I believe) to somewhat slanted towards their own teams.

I find it ironic that Scott finds a show that is supposed to be about the Utes to be offensive because it favors Utah, but seems to have no problems with some of the mtn network announcers who are supposedly neutral who have been accused by some to be somewhat biased towards the Cougars. (Todd Christensen used "WE" to describe his former team at one point in Saturday's contest.)

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