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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 28 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: Re: News Flash

I have been out. I grew up watching WAC/MWC football. I will always follow it, but it took one game in the Horseshoe (OSU's stadium) for me to realize why no one cares about the MWC. People in the East see no difference between the WAC and MWC. They can name Utah and BSU because they broke into their BCS party. Outside of that it means nothing to them. It doesn't matter who would be mid-tier or first-tier in the MWC, because no one outside of the Intermountain West cares. Last Saturday's game is a pefect example. Two teams playing poorly on the worst tv station in the world. It seriously looked like high school kids put together the broadcasting and camera work.


-Mike in Austin-
Maybe BYU should try an on-side kick.


Utah was faced with the same dilema as BYU earlier this year, and we scheduled Michigan with the open date. As a fan I am excited!! It can only help the conference if we show well. Respect has to earned.

Re:Give me a Break / CTR

Whose holding their own against BCS teams, take a look at the facts.
BYU under Bronco 2 wins / 6 losses.
UofU during the same time 4 wins and 3 losses.
Go ahead schedule a cupcake it may be your only chance to start the season with a W.
Choose The Red-

It's something more

Yeah Hawaii has any easy schedule. But they NEVER lost. Going undefeated has as much to do with conquering yourself as it does with your competition.
In my opinion LSU is the best and most tallented team in the nation, but they lost twice to teams that they shouldn't have. You can't argue with NO losses.
Even if BYU schedules cupcakes, does this put them in the BCS automatically? NO, they still have win all their games.
So I say, go for it Bronco. Schedule those awfull Aggies up north, Idaho state, and Snow college. Does UVSC have a team? Heck, play Timpview high. But don't cry when for some reason your players choke on a cupcake game and you lose. (Of course this would only happen as punishment from the Lord because your players weren't living right.)

Going undefeated gives Hawaii a BCS berth. Reguardless of the team played.

RE: News Flash

Do you think people out here in Gods country care what goes on east of the Mississippi? Seriously, we who live out here on the West absolutely LOVE it and are very proud of the way football is played out here. We watch are fair share of games and realize that the better teams out here can and would compete favorably with those teams out there. The only reason we talk about you poor soles east of the Mississippi is because of the media bias towards the east coast and because the media pretty much shoves it down our throats.

Whoa Nellie

It sounds like Grambling State might have flexible travel plans for August 30, 2008. If Nevada can schedule them for that date why can't BYU schedule them for a few dollars more? After all, it's just a business deal.

RE: Give me a break / CTR

Why would BYU stoop to Utah's level and schedule a cupcake team? Weber State? Give me a break !!...

Who to schedule

BYU already has Washington in Seattle next year. It is a rough place to play even if the Huskies aren't exactly the Washington Huskies.

UCLA at home is also on the schedule.

Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV and SDSU will be the conference home games.

And oh, yea. BYU already has a cupcake on the schedule...Utah State in Logan.

Someone like Florida will not come to Provo for one game only. They don't have to.

Florida State is scheduled to come to Provo in 2010 and may be willing to move the date ahead a couple of years, but Bowden will not want to come to Provo when he is rebuilding and BYU is stacked--which will be the case next year.

Realistically, this hole will be filled by a lower-level MAC school or a CFS school looking for a big pay-day.

Little food for thought

Weber State plays Hawaii and Utah next year.


You thing Bronco will break for UCLA, gimme a break. There were schools offering Edwards big bucks and even one or two NFL teams. He knew the value of working at the Y and stayed. I see that in Bronco also. This is a unique place to work.

I believe his salary with school payments and supporters is close to $1 million dollars. I don't see Bronco as an Urban Meyers, here for a year or two and outa here. I think he wants to finish what he has started.

His firesides tell me a lot about the other side of Bronco and that would not take place at other schools.

As far as the PAC 10, forget it. It ain't going to happen. Lived in Southern CA for e35 years and the PAC 10 said they have never ever considered expanding to include BYU or Utah.

Live in reality, not a dream world.



I just moved to Florida and stopped in three other states on the way. Found Versus in evey single city.

Actually, Versus is really big out here in the South. I watched the BYU-TCU game in Atlanta and watched the BYU-UTAH game in Miami. They get it here on their regular channels. What they don't get is cstv or the Mountain. CSTV is in the premium packages.

So as a conference, we actually get far more exposure and games than with ESPN, it's just not the quality of the Big Broadcast GIANT.

However, mark my words, Versus will be on ESPN's level in 5-7years and you'll see alot more PAC 10, BIG 12 games and even some SEC games coming into the mix since CBS is involved. The poor MWC will theen be on the bottom of the totem pole again.

The`real problem is taking away the local FREE package away from the local viewers or watching EVERY single game on the schedule.


Reading comprehension, people.

The author was clearly presenting the point of view that Nevada's breach of contract was made in favor of an easier schedule (whether or not that is true, I can't say, but that was the point of the article).

And P.S., it seemed pretty obvious to me - again by the author's context clues - that Bronco's statement about finding an easier schedule was sarcastic.

Nevada Alumnus

How far has the once proud program stumbled when youre being stiffed by Nevada?

This would have been a coveted game, oh say ten or twelve years ago. BYU is at best only a regionally recognized name.

Nevada had Nebraska this year and will have Notre Dame, Missouri, Florida State and other national notables in the next few years to help bring the program into the national stage.

This should be telling of the perception of the Mountain West and the program in Provo when you are snubbed for Grambling.


Nevada would probably play at home and be seen nationally on ESPN, instead of playing in Provo and only seen in a few Wasatch front homes. MWC teams always rated higher when they reguarly appeared on ESPN or ESPN2. The higher rankings of Boise State and Hawaii can be attribted to being seen nationally on a regular babsi.


I agree with SS that Bronco's statement about scheduling "weaker" teams was obviously sarcastic.
I'm not to sure about the effect of T.V., regarding Nevada, and the lack of coverage we get in this conference but can't feel that "any" team that comes to Provo is happy just being seen in a few neighborhoods. The Mtn. T.V. coverage is the real joke here followed by the conference school President's support of an obviously incompetent commissioner.


What if all the conferences were put in order based on Sagarin or a similar ranking system, then each year the top team from one conference would trade places with the last place team from the next conference. The BCS conferences would get all the best teams, as everyone would have a chance to filter their way up into them, so it would actually make sense to tie the big-money bowls to them.

USU's last two games against NM and Idaho would have been very meaningful, since we'd be playing for who would get knocked down to the MAC. This year, Idaho would trade places with Bowling Green or CMU. Hawaii would replace UNLV in the WAC. BYU would trade places with Wisconsin in the Big Ten.

There would be issues with losing local rivalries and extended travel if most of the conference was far away, plus schedules couldn't be made as far in advance, so there are some things to work out. But don't tell me the current system is anywhere close to perfect.

Oh how Quickly

How come none of you BYU fans can remember when you backed out of a Football game in Logan four years ago? OH ya, because you can only see one side of everything... this is part of College Football. I'm just wondering why you all complain about playing an easier schedule next year than you did this year. Give me a break... if you played in a decent conference you would be a middle of the road program at best.

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