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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 28 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Need playoffs or bust

Shoot yeah, Hawaii deserves to be in BCS, I mean look at all the high quality wins from the WAC this year. Hmmm... well maybe not, does it count for anything if the 2nd place WAC team Boise St. lost to the last place PAC 10 team (Washington)?

Who knows, Hawaii may be deserving, and I hope they win their BCS game, assuming they beat Washington.

The big eye sore on BYU's loss column is Tulsa, to me that does not qualify them for a BCS game. I think any at-large should go to either Florida or Kansas.


According to a release by University of Nevada, they asked out of the game with BYU over a year ago. How is it that BYU is just now realizing it?


Nevada is irrelevant for the most part what bothers me is that BYU schedules all of their BCS opponents against the Pac-10. UCLA and Washington in the same season, UCLA and Arizona this year. I cant remember the last time they played a Big 12 team in a non bowl game. I tired of always seeing Pac-10 on our schedule


It sounds like Nevada does not want any part of the "Provo Blue Magic"?

Michigan Cougar Fan

A couple of thoughts. First, no one east of the Mississippi ever talks about BYU. Second, if you play more teams from the ACC, Big East, or SEC, they might start. Third, higher quality opponents will not only help your BCS aspirations, but will also help recruiting (good players want to play good teams). Ultimately, the only way to build a major football program is by playing the best teams. Every Mountain West program should schedule as many non-conference games as possible with BCS schools with good programs.


Hey, open against Utah.

Make it a home and away freeway series.

That way Utah would have two shots at a win, and two BYU bowls.

Unga would be guaranteed two games next year with big numbers.


Interesting how BYU wasn't chicken when they refused to play USU in Logan but now Nevada is chicken.

I am always told that USU is so much below BYU that BYU fans don't even think about USU. This situation has nothing to do with USU but USU keeps being mentioned here.

All of these types of contract come with buy out clauses. Nevada will have to pay the buyout. This kind of stuff happens all the time. Last year BYU bought out USU's contract with Oregon so that USU would play in Provo. That put Oregon in the same situation. BYU didn't have a problem with it then.

Hawaii did have Michigan and Michigan State on their schedule but they backed out just like Nevada just did. So to assume that they went out of their way to have an easy schedule is a completely false assumption. But I wouldn't expect anything different.


BYU is scheduled to play FSU in the next few years anyways. why don't we just bump it up a year. I think we need to play teams from the east of we want BCS attention. Even if it is a lower team from a BCS conference. I hope that BYU and UTAH can make it into the BCS bust every year and have the rivalry game actually mean something every year. Like a conference championship.


Why would Nevada be afraid of BYU? They are playing @ Moussori, @ UNLV, vs. Texas Tech and vs. Grambling State. The reason why they dropped BYU was probably, because of the fact that they would have 3 away games and 1 home game. That makes it difficult for any team and their fans. Their fans want to see games at home. If you have no respect for the WAC or their teams, then what are you complaining about? BYU is a bunch of whining mormons. How does it feel being stiffed? The whole MWC stiffed the WAC back in the day just to from the MWC.

Congrats (a Utes Fan)

How does a scheduling story turn into banter between Utah and BYU fans? As a Utes fan my opnion is the Cougs should put a weak team in. If you look at the three teams that have busted into the BCS they all had one thing in common. The year before they ended with a high ranking. If BYU can win their bowl game they will probably be a top 20 or 15 team. Then next year with the returning players they should start in the top 20. The Utes did that and so did BSU and HI. I would love for BYU to be in the running for a BCS game. Imagine if Utah and BYU both broke into the BCS within 5 years. Maybe we could push our way into the PAC 10.

Hawaii Disaster

Hawaii will get the WAC's 2nd win against a BCS opponent against Washington this Saturday. Then what?

Utah and Boise State both made a statement for non-BCS conferences by winning their break-through games. That was big for those who hate the BCS monopoly and gave us fuel for our arguments that the BCS was nonsense.

Hawaii? One of the worst road teams ever. Gets overtime wins on the road against San Jose State, Lousiana Tech, and squeaks out at Nevada. They whine about why teams won't go to Hawaii but fail to schedule anything outside of the WAC on the road. Is theirs really a forumla for BCS success? Do they really belong?

They have absolutely no hope against LSU in the Sugar Bowl. An LSU drubbing will be the worst thing that can happen for non-BCS schools and could tighten the "strength of schedule" formula in coming years.

I don't think dumbing down your schedule following the Hawaii way will pay off over the long haul. It is not just a matter of getting there, you want to look like you belong when you arrive....

News Flash

The football world that matters (East of the Mississippi) considers the WAC and MWC to be interchangeable, that is assuming they have ever heard of either conference. People know about the Utes due to basketball success and breaking the BCS. Ninety nine percent know nothing about the Cougars or any of the other teams in the MWC. Boise State is well respected due to winning a BCS game. Outside of Boise State people know nothing about the WAC.

Coug Fan from Idaho...

Next Year BYU has a very good chance of winning against UCLA at Home, on the road against an average Washington team, and then a cupcake game against Utah State, and for sure cup cake game against whoever we play for the first game of the season. The only thing I'm worried about for next year is Robert Anae, as our offensive coordinator. He is the WORST! His play calling against Utah cost us three touchdowns. I've never seen a coach so pass happy. I thought when a team can't stop what you do you keep doing it until they prove they can stop you. That was the case with our running game. Utah was gashed all day by our running game, yet Anae just had to keep flinging that football around the field. So as long as Anae is BYU's offensive coordinator, BYU will lose one to two games each year because of shoddy play calling. Show some common sense ANAE!!!!


I love the idea of scheduling Utah an extra game next year....the record at the end of 2008 would then be 4-0 over the last four games against the Yewts, instead of just 3-0!

The travesty in College football is that ANY team has the right to bow out of a game and not keep a schedule. They just have to pay for it. Obviously conference games are required to be made up. (i.e. SDSU) It would be a great time to go to Notre Dame and try and move up the home and home schedule to start again in 08. Also, for those who have shorter memories, Bobby Bowden said he would....watch for the operative word..."Never come to Provo". I can't imagine anything has changed in five years, unless FSU gets a new head coach....
Weber might be a good choice...the yewts have them scheduled for next year...maybe they know something BYU doesn't?? Although, I don't think BYU needs the additional 1500 fans WSU would bring like the Yewts would need them. Let's see, 1500 added to 19000 fans at RES would take them over 20,000 fans! Now I know why they were scheduled!

Re: News Flash

News Flash should get out more. Maybe even talk to people on both sides of the Mississippi before making silly comments. Of course most Easten college football fans view both the WAC and MWC as beneath the ACC, Big East, Big Ten... but even casual eastern college football fans are 1) aware of the difference between the WAC and MWC (even though these games are never on TV in the East) and 2) know the MWC conference was formed from old members of the WAC and is generally thought of as a superior conference. Most seasons Hawaii and Fresno St. would be mid-tier MWC teams, and Boise St. would be a first tier MWC team; but the rest of the WAC is trash and would be at the bottom of the MWC. To say an Eastern college football fan doesn't know the difference is silly. We may not care, and both conferences are largely irrelevent, but why wouldn't we know the difference?


I cant beleive everyone just doesn't get it. You all say that Hawaii doesn't play anyone good on the road. They we supposed to either open the season at USC or Michigan, ESPN wanted them to play at Michigan for television purposes, Michigan backed out and left Hawaii high and dry, by the time Hawaii knew this USC had already scheduled Idaho. Michigan State also pulled out of a game sheduled in Hawaii, therefore making Hawaii schedule 2 DII schools. All three "Powerhouse teams" didn't want anything to do with Hawaii. It worked out well for Michigan though, scheduling App State instead. So stop refering to Hawaii as if they purposely made their schedule soft, it came down to other top 10 teams being to scared to play them. I agree with whoever said that all 3 (if hawaii does) teams that cracked the BCS had something in common. They all ended the previous season ranked and returned the majority of their good players. This really makes it look good for BYU next year. If they win out they will be ranked to start the 2008 season and if they win, they will crack the BCS.

its gonna be hard

well it is going to be hard to find someone who will play in Provo. no one wants to play there. plus whoever ends up playing us will want us to go there first. alot of teams don't realize how good the cougars are when they are clicking. have you looked at who people think BYU will play in Vegas if the don't get a BCS bid? UCLA! playing them twice in one year and again next year? if they were at all any good then it would be worth it but they aren't playing well at all. they haven't played well since losing to UTAH. i say if we try to get pac 10 school we get USC or one of the top teams there that would help us with getting a BCS bid next year.


UCLA! when you bash the bruins, you aren't doing the cougars any favors. Have cougar fans forgotten that the cougars lost to UCLA?? Until the cougars beat them badly and repeatedly the bruins are a quality opponent. UCLA is once again playing this weekend to keep the trojans out of the Rose Bowl. Any opponent from the top half of the PAC-10 is a benefit to the Cougars schedule. Just be thankful they don't have a schedule like the Huskies of Washington... Ohio State, Boise St., Syracuse and the PAC-10 schedule. Next year's schedule for the Huskies includes BYU, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame.

I have no complaints about BYU's BCS opponents. However, I would love to see the non-bcs teams be the likes of Boise St., Hawaii, or other strong teams from the WAC. You can also throw in Notre Dame and Navy. We could maybe trade on of the PAC-10 opponents each year for a BCS team in the East... the cougars have done that before with teams like Boston College, Georgia Tech, Virginia.


Schedule a tough opponent and beat them. That's the MWC's BCS ticket. Once Hawaii gets crushed in a BCS bowl game all the legitimacy Utah and Boise State earned for the MWC and WAC will be gone.


BYU just needs to win with the schedule they have.

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