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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 28 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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just me

The reason Hawaii is ranked high is because of their quarterback who is breaking Ty Detmer's records. That is where the interest is not their schedule.

New horn section

Sounds to me like BYU just needs to get a better band.

Bronco Leaving?

I just got back from Southern California. A local sports channel mentioned UCLA will fire their coach after their upcoming loss to USC this saturday. Bronco Mendenhall was mentioned as a possible candidate to replace him. I don't know if it is being mentioned in the local media here. I know Bronco likes it here but UCLA could pay three times more than BYU plus the nice weather and recruiting pool would be awesome. Any truth to the news?

Woo hoo!! Bring on FSU!

Love to see Bobby and the boys come to Provo.

Torn between a softer schedule that would allow us to go 3-0, but surely no one could criticize our SOS playing UCLA, Washington, and FSU in one season.

Living right

If the people who schedule these games were living right, this wouldn't happen.

Las Vegas Katbacker

Hawaii didn't ask for their schedule. Michigan and Michigan State bought out their play contracts with them. No big school wants to go to Hawaii. They are going with what they can get. They still were looking for a game to finalize the schedule in March (5 months before kickoff).

RE: Bronco leaving?

I heard the same thing.
No question Bronco's stock is rising and schools with $$ will be calling.
Bronco's days at BYU are extremely numbered.
BYU needs to have a plan for when this happens. The bidding war for Kryal Wittingham was embarassing.

I say good for Bronco.


Did they really note the band in that announcement? Geez

Pretty classless that they didn't even mention dropping BYU or their contractual obligation they are ignoring.

BYU should charge Nevada the cost of a sell out at LES. 65k seats at an average of $50 per seat. A three million dollar invoice might be just the wakeup call they need to honor their contract.

At the very least they should call it a forefit and take the win.
Don't expect BYU to play the Wolfpack ever again.

-Living right-

I'd have to agree with you... someone isn't living the way they should. I guess that is why the U of U is so blessed. this has never happened to them before.

good riddance

Let's get a non conf schedule that helps our exposure and recruiting. Play someone from a major conference, especially in the PAC 10 where we recruit heavily and can get a big fan base out to the game. Our kids in CA and AZ rarely get to see BYU play. East Coast appearances are also too rare. BYU is already on the verge of disappearing with the poor TV deal. I went there in the days of McMahon, Young and Bosco. I can't believe 25 years later we are still struggling to improve the quality of this program. We should NEVER EVER consider a WAC team on our schedule...

You are only as good as your competition...

Bronco Staying

Bronco was asked if he would leave by channel 2, and he said basically he would stay as long as he is wanted, and he looks at as something beyond football and has to do with his faith and his family (i'll leave it at that). bronco isn't going anywhere

BCS record

Actually, the WAC is 1-14 against BCS schools. Fresno State beat Kansas State last week.


You know, when you are living life right on and off the field the Lord will step in and play a part. Don't worry he'll bless your program to find a quality opponent to make your BCS hopes great and thus bring glory to the Church through it. Just keep the faith. Go Cougs!

Reality Check

Washington will beat Hawaii and pop that bubble they are living in.

AK Cougar

Next years Great Alaska Shootout had a dropout team. Teams post a $50,000 bond to get in the tourny. The UAA AD says next year maybe he'll collect a $100,000. bond. Maybe BYU needs to collect a no show bond something like $500,000 to $1,000,000 when they schedule these non conference teams. This could put some serious financial obligations to keep their word whether written or not.


Living right! That was one awesome crack in response to Collie's comments... gotta admit, you had me ROFL! As far as nevada not honoring their contract no big deal for BYU. I would just as soon see the cougars play a BCS opponent anyway. In fact, if WAC teams have found the formula for high rankings and BCS bowl games by playing weak opponents, then BYU should drop Utah State and force Nevada to play USU twice next year! That should be weak enough to impress the WAC brass! The only WAC schools that are worthy to be on the schedule with the cougars are Boise St., Hawaii, and possibly Fresno St. In fact MWC... invite Boise St. to join the MWC and let the other WAC schools play Grambling instead of Boise St. That would make more sense based on their "formula."

I would just send a letter to Nevada thanking them for the favor even though it was a classless act. Then I would send a letter to the other MWC schools encouraging then not to ever schedule Nevada as a non-conference opponent. Let them fill their schedule with Grambling, Eastern WA, UVSC, and Elko high school.


They HAVE to schedule up! They owe us big time.

If they play teams from BCS conferences - and more importantly - with better TV deals, we have a shot at seeing the games on Nat'l or even Regional TV!

SJ Bobkins

Recall that a Crowton coached Cougar team already completed BYU's part of the home and home agreement by playing, and getting upset in Reno. I hope Nevada has to pay a fortune to find BYU another home game. They got their win and recognition for beating BYU now they cover with the thought of becoming an opening weekend meal for the Cougs.
Fans don't mind seeing BYU losing a competitive game to a highly regarded team, as long as it's respectable, but to play any more body bag games with Div 1-AA competitors (including in reality, Utah State) creates a big snore and apathy. We have the Eastern Wash and Eastern Illinois games as evidence.
Other MWC teams are at a different point, where a win means more than seeing a good game between decent teams. BYU needs to keep climbing, not sinking down to a less competitive level. Everyone knows what Hawaii does, it's no secret.
BYU Football isn't a charity to help USU stay in Div 1-A, by increasing their home attendance, 10,732 for 2007, 107th in the NCAA Div 1-A, far below the required 15,000.

Play Quality Schools

The only way the Cougars and the MWC to gain national respect is to play and beat BCS schools. Period. If Nevada's too scared, bring on Florida State or whoever. Win or lose, at least BYU's played a quality opponent.

Did I read Bronco right that he might go along with playing cupcakes? I guess the man isn't perfect after all. I DISAGREE COMPLETELY. The main appeal of BYU sports is trying to become visible nationally and showing the Cougars can *compete* with the best. Not always gonna win... but it's never been all about that.

Pollsters aren't impressed with cupcakes, and even IF the Cougs SOMEHOW cupcaked their way into a BCS game, who wants to see them blown out 84-7? I don't! Hawaii will choke in a BCS bowl. Horrible road team + few quality opponents + ramped-up competition = DISASTER.

If BYU's going to *say* they'll play the game the right way, for heck's sakes, *really* play it the right way. SCHEDULE QUALITY. But if Bronco *really* wants only 25,000 in LES for a thrilling 2012 home opener, BYU vs. North Dakota State, that's his choice. He has his free agency. I have mine.

Mike in Austin

A note on BYU and so-called "class"...

How many here are willing to take the bet that, despite the score, BYU will keep Unga in the game until he breaks the freshman rushing record?

I'd say that odds are 2-1

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