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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 28 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Give me a break

The last people who should be criticizing strength of schedule is the MWC teams. When they consistently schedule and beat BCS teams then they might be able to condemn Hawaii.


BYU needs to enforce the contract by taking immediate legal action against Nevada for serious dollars that they cannot afford without some pain. A deal is a deal. Nevada cannot make as much money playing Grambling in their stadium as they could coming to Provo to play BYU. Perhaps they don't want to play BYU because they are afraid of losing the game more than losing money.

Steve Jarvis

If we must schedule a lower tier school then make it a Utah lower tier school like Weber State or Dixie. I don't want to see another Eastern Washington when we have local small schools that could at least make the game have some meaning.

I'd like to see the Grambling band too. I hope that GU and some of these 'patsies' blow out some of the bigger programs next year like App. ST. did to Michigan this year.

No respect

This is exactly why the MWC and the WAC will never receive respect. You have the likes of Bronco stating that he should find an easier schedule so he can get into the BCS.... Come on....

Try to keep up with the Big East or maybe the ACC. Hopefully one day you can compete with the SEC...

What a joke.


What BCS team has Hawaii beaten away from home?


hmmmmm.... sounds like BYU might want to consider how it fells to be stiffed! BYU didn't want to compete against the Aggies in Logan (Basketball). Let's face it - it's all about winning......


Nevada would do BYU a favor if they could get a good ACC team to play in Provo. I personally would rather see MWC teams play up instead of down.

Football fan

I think it would be great if instead of brining in Eastern Illinois and Easter Washington, BYU would play the local FCS teams such as Weber State and Southern Utah. Sure it would be an easy win, but it would be much more exciting for the local fans.


Give me a break -

You may want you check your facts and compare this years MWC record against BCS schools and to the WAC record against BCS schools. You might be surprised.

BCS Tactics

Hawaii has taught us that a weaker schedule is not necessarily a problem for making a BCS bowl appearance (no disrespect to Hawaii, I'm a fan). This is the climate that we find ourselves in with the BCS. A number of BCS schools use this to their advantage. The BCS has shown us that a glossy win/loss record is more impressive than strength of schedule. Why beat yourself up against mid to upper BCS schools, when you can swim in friendlier waters, and gain national recognition. I'm loving the current rankings mess. It screams for a playoff. Perhaps the evil sith lords (BCS Presidents) will get the message that their system is a flop in determining a national champion.


Here's some facts:
1) Nevada is afraid to play the cougars. (maybe they really do get help from above)
2) BYU down graded its schedule when it re-scheduled Utah State, since they are both in the WAC they could drop the aggies as payback.
3) If we can't replace these games with BCS teams the BCS could be considered in collusion with the WAC and include them in the lawsuit.
4) The Utes were not able to use "That offensive Hakka" or "Those stupid statements by Curtis Brown" as motivation to beat the "Y" but cougs beware Austin Collie's "help from above" statement is the final straw they will not forget and next year they'll be waiting for us. (are the rest of you as scared as I am)


Nevada is obviously afraid of starting the season 0-4, thus they have replaced the BYU game.
We should not stoop to Hawaii's level, by scheduling 2 DII schools, however, we should actively try to schedule the perennial doormats of the big conferences: Duke, Northwestern, Baylor, Minnesota, and Syracuse. Also schedule any WAC team and 1 DII school.
Schedule the doormats for the first 3 non-conference games and then schedule the 4th non-conf game against a decent to upper-level BCS team.

BCS is a nightmare

Hawaii has figured it out. Get the weakest schedule possible, and get in a BC$ bowl. Even if a non-BCS team went undefeated on a tough schedule, they still wouldn't even be considered for the national championship. This year, it's more clear than ever that a playoff system is needed.

Re: Give me a break

The MWC has beaten half the BCS teams it has scheduled, with three losses coming from SDSU alone. The MWC is certainly holding its own against BCS schools. Let's just see if Hawaii can beat an opponent with some raw talent in Washington before we declare Hawaii BCS worthy.

As for Nevada - bock, bock, bock, buh-kock!

I'm pretty sure BYU can't play any FCS teams next year, but I'm OK if Florida State wants to come to Provo. They'll get some serious chapped lips in that dry, September Provo heat.


The Mountain West is 6-7 vs the BCS this year. The WAC is 0-14 . . . yes that's zero wins and fourteen losses. The Mountain West schedules and wins its fair share against the BCS schools. The WAC? The record speaks for itself.


Let's get Hawaii on the schedule so we can see what former BYU QB Jake Bower can do unless he goes to Michigan with Coach Crowton if the LSU coach Les Miles takes Crowton with him...

BSC is Antiquated

Wapiti, thanks for the stats. BCS teams are overrated. They have created a rift in the minds of the nations football fans, that bcs teams are far superior to the mid-majors. There is more parity in football than ever before.

Here's a suggestion. shuffle conference teams each year. Let Michigan play in the MWC and BYU or Utah play in the Big 10, and see if they can compete. We might be shocked in the outcome.

So What!!!

BYU chokes at least two OOC games every year. Nevada backing out just saved BYU that one extra Tulsa like choke. Get a gimme game like Eastern Washington, can't hurt, just look at Hawaii.

Exclude the BCS

The 5 non-bcs conferences should join ranks and exclude the bcs teams from competition. Don't schedule them for any games, and at the end of the season, the 5 non-bcs conferences should stage their own playoff system for a national champion. Move forward without them.

Trying to compete with the bcs, is like tying to hangout and win the admiration of the popular crowd when your a nerd. It's pathetic the way non-bcs schools kiss the butts of the bcs. I'd say, go your own way and develop a better mouse-trap.

Re: Exclude the BCS

I like the idea of excluding BCS schools, lol. Your scenario reminded me of the people that hang out at a popular night club, hopping the bouncers will let them in. Of course its all based on attractiveness. The Big East is filled with former mid-major teams that the BCS allowed into their dance. Those teams are still the same caliber, but now they hang with the more popular crowd. The rest of the teams (mid-majors) sit outside pathetically hopping to be included. Why they just don't leave the dance line, and go hold your own dance. When you no longer have people clamoring to get into the popular night club, it loses much of its appeal.

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