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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Former BYU Fan

Growing up as a young LDS boy, I worshipped the BYU Cougars. Then once I got to high school I realized how self-righteous and prideful about half of BYU's students are (only half, I won't make a ridiculous generalization). Really half of them will look down on you if you don't go to BYU. They give you that smug "I'm better than you" look. Their parents think their child is genius because their son goes to BYU. Mr. Collie is in this half I am talking about. He's likely one of those cougars who refers to BYU as "The Lord's School". I hate when BYU fans use that phrase, ridiculous. You make our church look so bad, when you do that! I had a scholarship opportunity to attend BYU (my dream growing up) and turned it down due to this attitude. You're not the Lord's School and the Lord is not going to help you win. My buddy is a BYU fan and said after the game, "I was excited til I heard Collie's comment, no wonder so many people (including Mormons) hate BYU!"

Dear Austin Collie

Quit playing the persecution card. You said something ignorant, be a responsable adult and own it. When you drop the "my God is better than your God" or "my faith is stronger than the faith of my oppenents" or "I'm more righteous than my opponents" take, you're going to take some grief. And deservedly so. And it's not because you're a "white Mormon". You insulted people of all faiths- including your own- along with people who are not religious. That is extremely weak to play the persecution card. Own your ignorant opinion and statement.
Good People Of All Kinds
PS Were you not living right on and off the field in 2004? 52 - 21.


to: jim h is right on:

Collie did not find a hole in a 2 deep defense. Watch the replay, the coverage was not 2 deep. It was man free, McCain bit, Collie took advantage of McCain's mistake.

When Collie was interviewed, he was excited. Could he have worded it better, probably. But, his priorities are better than most college sophomore football players.


I wouldn't call this self righteousness. I would call this sharing the team secrets of success.I admire Austin for not backing down on his comments. He is right - God does bless those who are doing everything they can to live good lives.

CA Cougar

Westernsport wrote that "[Collie's] comments suggest that Heavenly Father loves BYU & helped them convert on 4th down." What Westernsport should have wrote was that this was his interpretation of Collie's comments. I certainly didn't interpret Collie's comments this way. He was simply excited and he praised God for the help that He's given him on the football field. That's my interpretation of Collie's comments. I truly believe that God doesn't care about the outcome of football games, but he does bless his children regardless of which team they're on.

Tongue in Cheek

Does anyone remember the scripture where it says that God does not care about football? And why would BYU not be God's favorite team. It is His Church that owns the school, so it should be His football team. I'm not sure why Austin Collie didn't just point this out. Also, the only reason why BYU ever loses in any sport is just so the Lord can humble them. It will only help to make them work harder and become better!

Go Cougars!

Listen and maybe you'll learn

Collie's original comments should his arrogance, and don't deny that cougar fans. To say "the Lord stepped in" is a lot different than giving thanks to God. Collie's reaction to the comments not only solidify his arrogance, but shows he is ignorant as well. He's ignoring the facts of what he said and isn't being responsible for it.
His ignorance and arrogance remind me of a lot of people on this blog.

Utah stupidity

It's good to be reminded of the silliness I left behind in Utah before coming to Georgia, where high school, college, and professional athletes say things strikingly similar to what Collie said (sometimes even more pointed, and apparently more offensive, as it would seem from some of the responses above), but we just shrug and move on without getting our knickers knotted. God helping your team beat someone else is rather commonplace here. The Georgia God is quite big on sports. It may be compensation for God's failure to preserve the southern lifestyle and secession in that unpleasant affair from 1861 to 1865.

For what it's worth, from the outside, Collie isn't the one looking like an idiot in this affair. The idiots are the ones who are irate because they assume Collie is saying he is more righteous than they, and then, in a lusciously ironic twist, using Collie's statement to justify their own disdain for BYU -- effectively placing their own righteousness above Collie and anything else BYUish. The latest rendition of the ever-popular "My righteousness trumps yours" argument that has been going on since time immemorial beween BYU and Utah. Idiocy. Just shrug and move on, folks.

Freedom of Speech

Since when did Freedom of Speech mean "shut up, and don't criticize a football player?"

Freedom of speech means that when a football player says something dumb, people can point it out. Perhaps the mormons who are offended by the criticism could choose not to be offended, as they have been counseled to do.

God's School?

I don't think God stepped in to help Collie. If I recall, he was in South Bend helping the Irish defeat Stanford.


Assuming that God cares about football, why would God care so much about a sport that consistently keeps millions and millions from going to church on Sunday? Is there any sense to this whole argument?

Weather a team wins or losses makes no significant difference to my day, week, month, or life. The person who advances medicine, or technology makes a significant impact to untold billions.

Sports junkies are just that.

Henry Drummond


I moved here from another state and am simply bewildered by all this. Austin's expression of faith is not particularly to my taste, but does it have to be?

It seems that people in this state are living on a religious powder keg. It never takes much to set things off. It seems like everyone here feels they are persecuted and abused. Maybe we would all be better served by talking to each other rather than at each other.

Sorry for the sermon, but I have found that people in this State are kind and intelligent and caring and giving and forgiving ... just not with each other. I really don't understand why.


How many times have I personally watched a football, basketball, baseball, rugby, or hockey player (once) thank G-- for the results of their hard work?

Mmmm, literally hundreds of times.

And how is this different? Two ways: First, it gets at the heart of the Holy War, the perception BYU is religious and the Utes are heathens. And two, Collie is Mormon.

Truth be told there are probably as many Mormons at Utah as there are at BYU but it is perception that plays here. If this had been a Mormon saying this between say USC and UCLA it would have been far less an issue. But I still think and issue, which gets to the Mormon thing.

In any case, I did not take it that he was saying BYU was chosen by G-- but instead G-- will bless people that work hard.

This is much to do about nothing. It may even show a hint of antithesitic attitudes by the nerds who are making a big deal of it on the radio. Too bad that under any circumstances the mention of G-- causes such problems. If the Utes had won and someone mentioned G--, sincerely good for them.

Big Guy Upstairs

If it's important to you, it's important to me. That's how I've always handled the prayer department. No prayer too trival, but whether I answer or not, well, that's up to me.


What if I apply for a job and do all I can to get that job including live right in order to ask for a blessing? If I get that job am I not right in thanking God for blessing me to get that job? Does that mean he loves me more then he loves the other candidates for the same job? Was Austin unworthy when he got hurt against Tulsa? No. All he is saying is when you work hard and live right you will be blessed.

BYU Grad

Collie was right to recognize God's hand in his performance. Think about how appropriate his comments would seem in any other aspect of life (school, career, family, etc) and you'll realize that he was simply recognizing God's helping hand, which is fitting considering the time of year.

While God does not favor one team over another, He also does not stop blessing righteous players once the game starts and then refuse to give blessings until the game is over. This is not how it works. My point is that there are football players from both Utah and BYU who benefit from righteous living, meaning they receive blessings while they are off the field AND when they are on the field. But God still doesn't care who wins.

apples to apples

For a person to say they are blessed due to their own personal righteousness is one thing. To thank God for their success is something else.

Most athletes you see pointing to the sky are thanking God - not saying they were blessed becaused they deserved it.

It's just like he said

This is obviously about a lot more than football. Austin simply said that he compared it to anything. Anytime we try our best to do what is right God blesses us, I'm a firm believer in that. Was he arrogant in saying he was trying to do what is right? I don't think so. Did he say he was perfect? No, but according to what he said, he is trying his best to do what's right. Anybody can do the same, and sometimes things turn out, and sometimes they don't.

Texas football fan

Get a life, people. Down here in the Bible Belt, players pray before a game to insure that God helps them play their best. I've heard all-conference Big XII QB's "thank God who helped me play me best this game--I give all the thanks to Him for helping me pull this out."

No negative comments like what I've heard here. No "holier than thou" accusations. No arrogance aside. If a player thanks God for helping him play well, isn't that the same as thanking God for helping him win? It's a fine logic point, but let's just move on. Like it or not, Collie thanked God for helping him play well.

Let's talk about other stuff, like how Utah and BYU, both good teams who played a great game, will do in their respective bowls.

Listen to the interview!

It is amazing how people react in this state about any religious comment, or rather reference made to deity. I just listened to Collies complete interview and am amazed that this has become a comment of discussion. If BYU had lost the game and the interviewer had asked Collie the same questions his response about that specific play would still be valid. The comments were not made about winning the game, but about a play. In the bulk of the interview the comments were about one play. Only in the end, long after the comment, did Collie talk about the game as a whole. Listen to the interview!

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