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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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Could agree with Austin Collie more.


Collie was right. While we know that God does not control or care about the outcome of sporting events, we also know that righteous living yields blessings. And once the game begins, God does not suddenly cut off a righteous player from his/her access to those blessings.

In addition, I think we're all mature enough to realize that both BYU and Utah have righteous and unrighteous players on their teams. Neither school has a monopoly on righteousness.

Not a Ute Fan

Why can't we focus on the truly important topic, namely that BYU is better than Utah at football?


Sure I agree with Collie, this is the same guy who was going to put the hurt on Utah when he was a freshman... It is because he is white and morman and lives in utah and goes to byu. No respect, none BYU should be ranked #1 but no respect... It is because he is white and think of all the suppressing that he has had to go through being a mormon and living in utah it is hard life...

Football Fan

If anyone ever listens to Patrick Kinnihan on the radio in the morning with that silly David James, you know that he set up that question. These radio "personalities" are a hoot. David James talks so fast he foams at the mouth. Kinnihan says and does everything contrary to get a rise out of people. The both are so silly I can't stand to listen to them anymore.


Note how Collie specifically said action "on and off the field". If he truly believed that how his actions on the field influenced how the Lord blessed his life he is way off base. This is exactly why so many people believe that BYU and it's players have a "holier than thou" belief.
How a player acts on the field does not influence the Lord so don't say that it does. BYU and its players should be held to a higher stantard and the problem it they don't live up to it.

jim h

So maybe we can identify the people in this world who aren't doing the right things. Perhaps Mr. Collie should visit Primary Childrens' Hospital and talk with some of the parents & kids. Maybe he could clue them into where they went wrong.
Mr. Collie certainly has been blessed, but for him to assume that it's his doin' is arrogant.
Righteous living is no guarantee of wealth, success or winning ballgames. Sometimes the wicked have a pretty good run.
It would be a shame if the LDS church was drifting towards a philosophy of evaluating someone's righteousness through the external trappings of health, wealth, success & winning ballgames.


After re-reading Austin's quote, it still came out wrong as much as I know what he was trying to say. The problem is he implies (with or without wanting to) that he was living right and succeeded, therefore his opponent didn't. His comments beg the question. He will learn to be more careful, like we all need to, in not offending. He had an opportunity to set the record straight, but ending it with "people need to get a life" was not a good way to do it. It appears he is still learning.

His premise is incorrect too. Barry Bonds cheated on his wife, on his taxes, and in baseball with performance enhancing drugs. He was not living right on or off the field and he "obviously" is the all-time home run leader.


We all know that Jim McMahon was righteous on and off the field. I think that is why he was so successful as a Cougar.

Tired of self-righteousness

This is the kind of attitude that I HATE from BYU. What about all the players on the U team that are doing what they are supposed to be doing? They lost so implied I am better than you are. That is what is getting everyone up in arms. If he would have said I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the strength that would have been different.


Does a righteous person respond with Anger even if he did not intentionally mean to provoke it from others?

I can't ever recall a conference talk where a prophet or an apostle talked about how righteous he was. I thought the TEAM won the game.

Does a righteous person use "B.S." in a public interview? Does it stand for Boy Scout?

Does a righteous person condemn others for disagreeing with them and demand they get a life?

Pride comes before the fall. This is for me as much as anyone because I have many failings and faults. I am human and I make mistakes. Its hard for Collie to admit that... Just like me.

Cashing in Righteousness Chips

I guess being humble isnt a core value of the Mendenhall led Cougars. Collie is doing no one a favor (including himself) to come out and say what he did in this article. Why didnt he at least admit that the words came out wrong? Nope, he just tells everyone to get a life.

Collie is the one who invoked God in a heavy handed way into the play. Most (especially Utah) fans wouldve looked at it differently if Collie had stated they had worked hard all year and that hard work paid off on that play. Or better yet, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. No, instead Collie implied because he was living right on and off the field the Lord let him cash in one of his righteousness chips. Many BYU fans have been saying other people like Tony Dungy have invoked God into conversations after big wins but Dungy only thanked God for blessing him for the opportunity to win a Super Bowl not this was my reward for living a Christian life.

Go ahead Cougar fansdefend and dismiss Collies knuckleheaded statement, it proves how blind you are supporting your team.


I am an avid sports fan and came from another state to watch the game. I enjoyed once again this great rivalry. I watched fans making lots of noise on each side before and during the game. I laughed when I heard a Ute alumni make fun of the BYU Honor Code at the tailgate party at Provo High. I was near the Utah bench when one of the players yelled, "Where's your God now?" after Utah scored their touchdown. I am an alumnus of the U of U and find those ridiculing Collie to be ill-informed and intolerant. This seems to be typical of many of those who support the athletics in the Salt Lake basin. The press has now reached a new low for blowing this controversy out of proportion. Mr. Collie is a young man of faith that could be exemplified by a few. Sore losers often react in predictable ways.

Give me a Break

Actually, it wasn't Austin's "rightous living" that got us the win. It was mine. I've never prayed so hard in my life and I know He answered my prayer. Oh, and by the way when did so many people become mind readers. Give the kid a break. He's a good kid and a terific athelete. Talk about self-righteous. I'm sure not one of you who has criticized Collie has ever said anything that could be misconstrued. When Ute fans criticize BYU for being self-righteous it's a little like the "pot calling the kettle black". Give me a break, it's only a game! (Which BYU happened to win thanks to me).


I totally agree with Eric's comment. Austin needs to learn to word things better so as not to offend others. Hopefully he will learn this lesson and be more careful next time.


Can anyone really prove that God doesn't care about football? Maybe He does.

A Bitter, Biter Utah Fan

Austin Collie is a tremendous athlete, and from what I know, he has great character. He has every right to praise God in whichever manner he feels necessary. I don't think that he should have to apologize for his comments, and I applaud him for sticking to them.

I wish that more athletes on this level were as humble as Austin Collie. A young man with his athletic prowess, giving credit to God. It just doesn't happen that often anymore.

Am I bitter, YES I AM BITTER! But not toward anyone with affiliation to BYU (except their dork fans). I am bitter towards our own program. Maybe, just maybe we ought not to put so much into trick plays. Trick plays are for middle tier teams that need a little extra to win the occasional game. We need to solidify our offense.

Another gem of knowledge: Hall is not better than Johnson. However, he plays how he is coached, as did Johnson. We went from McBride to a national contender under Meyer, just to go back to where we were before. Coach Witt is a good coach, he just needs to make offensive changes.

Santa wears red for the Utes!

jim h is right on

great point jim. Austin is just young and nieve. Success or lack thereof is not indication of righteous living. Most people realize that and that is why this is making such a fuss. What he is saying implies that because I am a ute fan or cannot run a 4.4 forty that i'm not living right. It is offensive. The reason BYU won is because collie found a hole in the 2 deep zone and hall got him the ball. what does god have to do with that?

anyone remember...

When Mike Salido crossed himself after scoring a TD for the Cougs in their upset of Miami in Provo back in 90? There was no discussion about Salido's actions at the time. Just as there shouldn't be any about Collie's comments at this time. This is a non-story.

RE: Tired of self-righteousness
Maybe you should look on the positive side. I'm sure the RMs and other LDS faithful (i.e., your head coach) of your beloved Utes believe that God has had a hand in their success. We can probably trace Utah's recent success and competitiveness to recruiting these quality young men. Their faith and hard work has made them successful off the field and it reflects in how they play on the field. This "Holy War" has really almost become 2 Mormon factions battling against each other!

socal oldcoug

After reading almost all of the comments it seems to me that those who took offense at Collie's comments were largely Utah fans.

Hey -- the kid made a statement from his heart that could have been crafted better. I will grant you that. But come on ute fans, get over it, you lost. I understood what he meant to say, and perhaps this world would be a little better if we all really tried to understand what everyone is saying instead of twisting the words to "prove" that one is right or wrong.

A great game. Played hard by both teams.

Better luck next year.

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