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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2007 12:00 a.m. MST

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What a difference it makes to quote someone correctly. Collie told Kinahan: "I wouldn't say it was lucky. We executed the play well... Obviously, if you do what's right on and off the field, I think the Lord steps in and plays a part in it." Who in the world would disagree or take offense with this statement? Any reference to being "righteous" totally illudes me in his comment, just like Collie totally illuded his defender for the 1st down. Don't try to modify his words so you can impose yet another layer of self-righteous hate and bitterness onto a program that has really made a "miraculous" turn-around by doing what? Obviously by doing what is right on and off the field is what makes a team successful. To "do what is right" is not just a Primary theme or a cool symbol on a championship ring. It means to train, to work, to condition, to prepare, and then to execute. Go Collie. Go BYU. Go Utah - work it out of your minds.

Utah State Fan

Where's the story? I think people are reading much more into this than they should. There is nothing wrong with Collie giving credit where it's due, and even as a USU fan I don't take exception and think the Lord doesn't love one team as much as another. That's not the point here at all. We all need to remember where our blessings come from, and quit picking on those that honestly give praise where it's due.


Overreacting jealous Ute fans.

What exactly is the news here?

My Two Cents Worth

First, I know that God helps us -- does He help one side win over the other? I don't know if He does in every case, but He heard the prayers of those under Hitler's reign of terror & helped them to ultimately regain their freedom. I also know He heard the prayers of good Germans so I think righteousness (not self-righteousness) does play an important part in prayers being answered.
Thank goodness God is in charge, for as an all-knowing, all-seeing, ever loving Father, He knows when to step in, and when to allow us to experience things for ourselves.
Second, my only objection to Collie's comments was his use of "B.S." to emphasize his point. I'm sure it was said just as it was written, and out of frustration in trying to get his important point across (I've done it, with regrets later!), but it's use distracted from the message.
It helped me realize that I need to be careful, myself, that I don't take away from what important things I could say by slipping into even mock cursing.

Collie Fan

Anonymous is spot on!!

Sorensen needs to get a grip!

Does God care about football? I can't speak for God, but I would venture to guess that he cares a whole heck of a lot more for the student athletes - on both sides of the ball, equally the same. Collie was not suggesting he was "superior" or "holier than thou" because he keeps his nose clean on and off the field. He was simply acknowledging the Lord's hand in his success.

Calling Collie prideful, boastful or self-righteous completely misses the boat. It tells me that there are those who don't know what it's like to give credit where credit is rightfully due. You, that don't understand this concept, need to try it for once. Just try it; give praise to God for what you have received and see if your outlook on life is better! That's all Collie was trying to communicate!


I remember hearing a story about mothers on both sides of a team or battle praying for their side to win -- rather than praying for winning, I've turned to praying for a safe, good game. It makes watching a lot more fun! (Although I must admit I have prayed for a successful touchdown attempt every once in a while :-)!)


You would never hear anything about this outside of Utah. Get a life Utes!!!


I would never question anyone's relationship with the lord. Or the feelings of how they are blessed and how there prayers are answered. To me those things are very sacred and personal and I don't feel comfortable talking about them in a setting other than a spiritual situation.

Collie should not be suprised by the backlash. Football is very emotional and the hatred in rivalries is very high and as much as I like football I would say the hate goes to far.

The bottom line is there are probably many people that do what they feel is right and yet their lives are filled with trials and problemes. SO obviously people get offended when he says if you do what is right everything will be great. For him maybe it has but there are many that have years of struggles before they feel like things work out.

BYU fans and players have to get away from the Republican LDS attitude of my life is great because I'm a good person. If your life isn't you its your fault.

Lay off Collie it was an emotional game and his feelings and beliefs should be honored.

God is watching U!

That's why we pray , we got to pray just to make it today! Give the young man a break , every athlete has a physcological approach or spiritual approach matters not what color. People have died so this guy can make any statements he chooses! There are more important issues like my life so that is why I'm getting off this site, so don't Taze me Bro!

Alabama Cougar

This is insane. Here we are arguing about the comments of a respectable kid. He's a fantastic athlete who strives to live a religion. Why is such person lambasted by many of the people on this blog? It seems that some of these people would respect him more for being a thug involved in criminal activity. God forbid that someone thinks that the God they strive to serve will bless them for so serving.

Stay quiet

Just keep you mouth shut and play the game. Nobody cares about your personal beliefs! Youre a football player not a philosopher!

Picked on

I am shocked to see how many mormons and BYU fans feel that they are so picked on because of their religion. Can anyone not see how Collies comments might be interpreted by others not of the LDS faith? Instead of becoming so defensive, why not try to understand where other people are coming from? Seek first to understand...


Mike Sorenson and the DNews crossed the line. Should never have been written. Terrible journalism!

Missionary tool

I've been all over the country and talked to non-members and recent converts about the LDS Church, and I've never heard one convert say "yeah, I got interested in the gospel because of BYU athletics."

However I've heard quite a few non-members say they will never be members because of the words and actions of BYU athletes and fans.

How many people do you suppose Austin Collie (and those of you rushing to his rescue) have driven away from the gospel with this latest incident?

Missionary tool, my foot.


Austin, it's a good thing you caught the ball. If you dropped it, you would have disappointed 13 million people. (tongue firmly in cheek)


Amen to the wise words of "Initially Speaking"


4th and 18 conversion to win a game is something so rare, God very well could have been a part of. With that said there have been worse things said and done by BYU football players. Lets move on.


i think collie said it best...if he weren't a mormon playing at BYU his comment would have received no attention. that's 100 percent true. if kobe bryant, or peyton manning said that no one would have cared... if anything they would be pleasantly surprised.


How many of you Y detractors really believe Collie intended his comments to convey the message that God cares enough about the outcome of football games to intervene on one team's behalf? Deep down none of us believe that's what he meant. This is one reporter trying to create controversy where really none exists!


Us Mormons are sooooo picked on!! It drives me nuts. If this was any one else, it'd be fine!

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